Before I left for Rome, Italy, Nick and I spent the day and night devouring each other's hot bodies. Nick shared those details in chapter 8. We fucked several times, gave each other steamy massages, sucked lots of cock and had numerous orgasms. Nick was so aroused after he found out that Eric had not been disloyal and had given him a very expensive diamond ring. Their love for each other produced the hottest sex possible. They had emptied their balls of gobs of cum.

My dear innocent lover Nick had confused what I had given him during the hours of sex. The potion was not hard drugs but rather a concoction of healthy herbs from the East mixed with brandy. The potion had the effect of the ultimate aphrodisiac for uncontrollable lust and producing a huge supply of semen.

On my long flight to Italy, I was consumed with my love for Nick and was missing him even before the plane took off the runway. My desire for Nick dominated my thoughts. I could hardly wait to arrive at my hotel in Rome to call my lover Nick. I slept most of the way on the long flight and had an erotic dream of Nick being on the flight. In the dream, he took me into the small restroom and fucked the hell out of me filling my ass to the brim with his sticky cum. When I awoke, I had ejaculated a huge load of my cum in my briefs. A hot 22-year-old male attendant, who was serving us in First Class, noticed the cum stain on my pants. I'm sure he also smelled the cum. He approached and said: "Sir, it appears you have soiled your pants. Did you spill a drink? Can I get a wet towel to assist?"

Right. He knew what had happened. I could see the growing of a tent in his hot flight blue pants that fit smug and perfect around his crotch and hot bubble ass. As he became hornier and hornier, he began to rub his crotch. It was late at night in the flight and for some reason, I was the only paying costume in First Class.

I got red faced and a little shy. But I found this hunk so hot. Even thou I had just ejaculated, I felt a stirring in my groin. This flight attendant was beyond description in beauty with his sexy blue eyes, slim muscled body and a smile and look that was undressing me.Oh since I would not see my dear Nick for two weeks and although I knew I should resist the temptation, my cock disagreed and won out. Not only was this a hunk but he smelt delicious as he put out such manly intoxicating flowery odors like an exotic cologne. My flesh was too weak to resist.

"Hi Sir, My name is Eric and you are?"

He reached out his smooth young soft hand and shook mine as he smiled and said: "Hi, I'm Anton. Do you mind if I sat down as my work is completed and you are the only customer in First Class. You look like a hot model. I think I've seen some of your work in magazines on previous flights. I'm from Rome but fly this route often. Man, you are one hot dude."

He took a seat and immediately thrust his leg up against mine and began to push hard into my flesh. Before I could even react, he took a hand, rubbed it over my wet spot and put his fingers up to his nose. He gave me a naughty smile and said: "Eric, this is no drink. You have just blasted a hot load of cum in your pants. This is sweet cum. I love cum. Too bad you did not let me help you with that orgasm."

"Well, Anton, I am madly in love with my lover Nick. I was dreaming of him fucking me and I shot my load. I am so horny all the time for Nick. He is the best sex ever and he is so kind to me. I think I would die if I eve lost him. But we both from time to time get it on with another hot gay guy just like you. You know the weakness of the flesh."

"Wow Eric, does that mean you might suck my cock or let me fuck that incredible bubble ass of yours? The idea of fucking such a hot model has me wild with lust."

I shook my head yes.

Before I could move, Anton had begun to unzip his pants and then unzipped my pants. In a few seconds, we both were free from our pants and briefs. I lowered my head and began to lick his huge cock head and soon was going up and down his slick wet cock shaft. He grabbed the back of my head and forced my mouth further down on his cock as he thrust his big hips forward. As I went wild sucking his very tasty cock, he oozed so much pre-cum. It was so much that I thought he might have shot his load. I sucked him for some five minutes when he pulled off my mouth. He stood up, had me get in the isle, had me lie down on my back, lift my feet up on my chest, he got down and spit on my ass, took a small bottle of lube from his pants and lubed his cock. He was in a hurry as he plunged his huge cock down my ass chute in seconds. Soon he went crazy with lightening speed fucking my ass. I could feel the veins in his cock pulsating and before long he gave me probably the largest load of salty cum ever to enter my ass.

When he was spent, he took his cock out and came up to my face and started to kiss me. I said: "No way!! I might have sex with guys like you but all my kisses are reserved for Nick."

He went to his cart and got what became cum rags as we cleaned up and put our clothes back on. He thanked me but said: I'm into one time fucks. Thanks but I will be after another hot guy like you on the next flight. Good luck on your modeling in Rome."

When I got to my hotel room, I was exhausted from all the fucking and the long flight but I was dying to call my lover Nick. I reached him on the first try.

"Hello, this is Nick."

"Oh Baby, I so miss you. I'm about crazy over the fact I'll be here in Rome two weeks. I need you so much. How are you?"

"Oh Baby Eric, I'm OK. It appears that my modeling is going to be very good but long hours. It appears to be a big deal for me. I so miss you. Baby, I had a hot sucking session with a gorgeous flight attendant on the flight to LA. He was hot and a good suck but not like you. You are the best."

"Nick Baby, what a coincident. After a wet dream about you on the flight to Rome, this gorgeous male flight attendant saw my cum spot on my soiled pants and we had a sucking and fucking session. But I did not let him kiss me. He was unusual in that he only has one session with a guy before going on to another trick."

"Eric Baby lets forget those guys and have hot phone sex right now. Help me get off Baby."

"Nick darling, what are you wearing right now?"

"Oh Baby, I've just got on a pair of hot pink see through briefs laying on the bed watching a gay xxx video thinking of you. My cock is so stone hard. I've got my hand down inside my now wet briefs playing with my wood. I feel pre-cum leaking onto my fingers. Oh fuck, I'm so horny. Tell me what to do? What do you want me to tell you?"

"OH Fuck, Oh Shit, Oh my god Nick, I'm already naked with my cock bobbing up and down as I am flat on my back on this soft bear rug. Yea, I'm putting a big 8-inch black dildo that you gave me for my birthday up my ass right now. Yea shit, It is all the way into my man pussy. Hell, it is rubbing against my prostate. Shit, my ass is packed with this big dildo. Oh I am so horny for you. Baby I'm in heat."

"OH FUCK ERIC, drive that dildo harder and harder into my favorite man pussy. Fuck that ass thinking it is my cock inside my buddies ass. You ass belongs to me. How do you feel?"

Baby, I feel my ass is stuffed with the big dildo from you. Mmmmm, Ahhhhhh, thank you my little whore."

Eric, my cock is so erect, it is stone hard and dripping lots of pre-cum. Help me out."

"Nick darling, take off those briefs, get butt naked, finger that ass and jack off on my favorite cock as you are on all fours on the bed. You know how much I worship your cock. Think of my mouth on that hard cock of yours. Jerk hard and imagine it is my mouth on that gorgeous tool. Go wild masturbating for me."

"OH Eric, I'm so over heating. My cock is so hot and dangling juices onto my fingers. Oh I need you so bad. Make me cum baby."

"Not yet my sweet punkin. I want you to put your feet over your head and suck the tip of your cock. I know how much you like to suck your own cock. Do it for me Baby Doll."

I heard the sound of his sucking his own cock as the phone was next to him. "How is it tasting tonight Baby? Lots of pre-cum right?"

"Eric, Baby, I have my cum on my lips. It taste good. Can I come now?"

"Wait just a minute Nick. Tell me what you want me to be doing when I come at the same time as you. Lets coordinate our ejaculations."

"Eric Baby, take that big dildo out and plump your big cock into a pillow and hump as if it is my ass. Go wild humping until you shoot a load into then pillow for me. I'm now humping a pillow also thinking it is your ass. Lets go until we come."

We could hear each other breathing hard, groaning and moaning. At the same instant, we both cried out I'm coming, I' coming.

When the moaning stopped and we were spent, I asked Nick: "Baby, how was that load?"

As I heard him almost out of breath, he said: "Eric, it was a huge load. You know how much phone sex turns me on. Man, this pillow is stained for ever. How did you do?"

Nick buddy, I too had a monstrous load. You so turned me own. Yea, the pillow is ruined. One last thing Baby, get your mouth down and suck that cum out of the pillow as I do he same. Go for it now."

After eating the big loads, we told each other how much we loved one another and said goodbye until the next day. We called each other every day until I returned to the United Sates two weeks later.

We met in San Francisco and spent two weeks relaxing and having sex several times a day. We took turns sucking cock, rimming each other's ass, fingering those bubble asses, and drove our big cocks deep into those cute assholes. We must have emptied several gallons of sticky salty cum during the two weeks.



Naughty Eric


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