I had gone to bed after a wild time with Nick and I teaming up with my model agent manager with me taking both their cocks up my ass. I had helped dress Nick for a continued night out in Vegas.

I was both tired and had a sore ass from all that cock up my ass. I had fallen asleep on my stomach with my hands spread across the bed. Also I was naked with no cover. I don't know what time it was when I was awaken by this hot body laying on top of me and I felt some big hard object invading my ass. When I managed to wake up, I smelt my lovers unique manly smells. I knew it was horny Nick going after his night cap with the use of his cock in its favorite place, my ass.

Soon he used his hands to lock onto my wrists so I could not move my hands and I felt his big cock slowly driving deep into my inner ass. He smelt of liquor and other men's cologne. I had never seen him so silent, wild and rough as he began to thrust his cock all the way to its base as he went deep inside me. He would pull out and shoved it hard back into my inner ass. He began to grunt and sound very determined to fuck me harder and harder as well as grumpy.

I finally managed to say: "Baby, wow, you cock is rock hard and it seems to be bigger than ever. Oh shit, man, you are fucking the hell out of my sore ass. Holy fuck, you must be so horny. What happened tonight? Did some dudes make you this horny? Yea, it feels so good but why don't you talk to me. Give it to me, baby. Shit, you are bouncing your body up and down on my back. Man this is rough sex. Talk to me baby."

Nick ignored my request as he went crazy fucking my man pussy. I soon felt our bodies reeking with hot smells of sweat. I had never been so dominated by a man. It was as if he was high on something. Although I was so puzzled by his actions, I admit that I had never been more aroused or hot for a man's body on top of me and his cock up my ass. For the longest time, he used his gorgeous cock to explore ever inch of my ass. He seemed determined to split my prostate wide open as he used his cock to drill into this special g-spot. He started moaning, grunting, rapid breathing and spitting all over my neck and the back of my head. This was unbelievable sex.

My cock grew to its full erection. I began to hump the sheets, drive my cock deep into the fabric as I experienced chills up and down my body. Soon my crotch was wet with sweat and an unusual amount of leaking pre-cum. I felt like as if I had died and gone to paradise. We both lost total as the bed rocked back and forth while we moved all over the bed.

After some wonderful sexy 15 minutes of pure flesh against flesh, I felt my ass began to pucker and clamp down hard on that gorgeous cock of Nicks. I actually felt the big veins in his cock swell, the tip of his cock widen in my ass and his hot balls moved tight up against my ass. When he yelled: "OH holy fuck!!!" I knew he was going to feed me his huge load of liquid. Man, was I ever correct. He erupted with what seemed like a volcanic blast of the hottest thick cum deep inside my man pussy. This caused my cock to shoot my first squirt of my seed onto the sheets. The smell and feel of wet cum filled the air with an aroma proper for a bath house full of cocks spraying their semen all over the bath house tile floor. It was so incredibly hot and sexy.

When we were both spent, Nick pulled out and went over on his back as I turned on my back. I looked at him and was frightened to see what I thought was anger on his face rather than the after glow of the best ever sex.

I demanded to know what was happening when I said: "OK Nick, once again you seem so distant or upset. What is going on?"

He paused for the longest time and then shared with me what the other tenant of the adjoining penthouse had said plus what he had heard about my manager and his contract. Nick started: "Eric, I ran into the tenant of the other penthouse and he told me you would dump me inn a year or two fro a younger stud. That you had a history of doing this. I was crushed. I also was told that my $100,000 contract to model with you was a fake from your manager. I have never felt that as a poor not too cute of a guy that this dream could not be true. My self confidence is crushed. I find you the most gorgeous man in my life and I can't seem to keep my hands off of you. Your ass is the most incredible place my cock has ever been."

I took Nick in my arms as I saw tears in his eyes and began: "Now, Nick I must have told you at least a thousand times, I love you more than any person I've ever met. You are my hot buddy boy. Your problem is that you have almost zero self confidence. Tomorrow we are going to settle this once and far all and I'll prove my unconditional love for you. Those guys tonight were evil and full of lies and I can prove it. Now come here baby and let me hold you in my arms and lets go to sleep. Man, you smell so sweet and I can feel that cum all over us. You're my honey bunny."

Soon Nick was fast asleep and I held him very tight. He seemed now so relaxed. Man, I love this dude. He is so cute and wonderful. As we were face to face, I could feel his hot breath on my face and that lovely smell of his manly odors. I laid awake to just breath him in to me.

The next morning I took Nick to a buffet breakfast. Afterward I took him to the office of the building's CEO and shared what the other penthouse tenant had told Nick. The manger became very anger and said: "Nick, don't be a fool. We have started the process to void that guys lease. He is going t be out of here. You are the tenth couple he has lied to and in five of those cases because of his lies, the couples broke up. He is also being sued by two couples. He has some weird enjoyment in causing trouble. He is really weird. You are such a great couple. I personally know how much Eric loves you and would do anything for you. Again don't be a fool and loose what you have."

I had never seen such a ray of sunshine of Nick's face as he grabbed my hand and said to the CEO: "Sir, you have no idea how happy you just made me. Thanks so much."

Nick took my face in his hands and parted my lips with his sexy tongue and gave me the most deep French kisses. I felt our cocks grow hard in front of the CEO.

Then I said to Nick: "We're not finished. I have an appointment for us with my model agent manager. Lets go."

When we got to Pete's Office, I said: "Pete, now tell Nick how you have set up his payments for his $1000,000 contract."

"You bet Eric. Nick here is the copy of your first two months salary that has been deposited electronically in a checking account that I opened for you. Each month's salary after the payroll deductions will be electronically deposited in your account. Someone has lied to you. I think it was someone who wanted you out of the way so they could apply for your position as one of my models. You have lots to learn about how devious and underhanded some people are in competing for these prestigious and well-paying jobs.

"Oh Eric, can you ever forgive me for not trusting you. I'm so sorry. I love you so much. Can you ever forgive me for falling for those sick lies?"

"Baby you are already forgiven. Now I had our manager Pete to purchase a gift for me to you. Pete show him."

"Nick, open this special box. This gift i from your lover Eric."

As Nick opened the small box, I could see that his hands were shaking.

"Oh my god, it is so beautiful. A diamond ring. I've never had anything this special. Thanks you Eric."

He grabbed my crotch and put one hand behind my neck and pulled me into his face and kissed me as he drove his growing cock into my crotch.

Pete said: "Nick that is a special minted diamond ring made for you. It cost Eric $75,000. I guess you now know how much he loves you."

Nick broke out into tears as I placed the ring on his finger.

"Pete thanks for helping my lover purchase this ring. Can we have the day off? I want to go back to the penthouse and show Eric how much I love him with a day of the wildest sex he has ever had. I'm about to have an orgasm right here."

"Yea, man I wish you two a day of a seamy sex.

We stopped by an adult sex store and purchased some hot sex toys, two really steamy xxx gay adult DVD's and stored up on lots of special scented lubes. It was going to be an all-day wild sex acts just between Nick and Eric with Nick showing Eric sex moves and erotic steamy mind blowing orgasm. How many orgasms can they produced in 24 hours?

When they got back to the Penthouse, Eric said: "Nick, please never distrust me again. You now know how much I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Show me ever sex game and move you want. I am as hard as a steel rod right now. I'm yours baby. Give it to me. Look how hard you are. Man, your big cock is about to split those tight pants off of you. What is that wet ring in your crotch pant's area. I bet it is a cum ring."



Naughty Eric


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