After I left the cemetery,I drove to the one place I knew I needed to go.Salvatore's.I pulled into the parking lot and parked.Walked in and headed for the bar.Sat down at the bar and Abe,the gorgeous 28 year old blond bar tender and old fuck buddy asked "Usual Mike?""Yes and make it a double"I responded.Abe could see I was upset and had been crying and asked if I was okay."No,I just found my boyfriend,Dean the man I loved for a year with his cock up another guy's ass.He dumped me for his ex."He replied,"Damn babe,(He always called me babe.)so sorry to hear that.Drinks are on the house"I downed my scotch and Abe poured another.While I drank myself stupid,I heard a familiar voice behind me,"Couldn't help but over hear you Mike,I'm so sorry that happened to you."I turned around and there stood Drake,the gorgeous waiter I fantasized about when I was alone,wearing a pair of skin tight leather jeans and a button down shirt open to mid chest and I immediately melted.GOD he was hot as fuck."You're not working tonight?"I asked,"No,I'm on vacation as of now,may I join you?"Sure I replied.He sat next to me and then said that we should get a table and led me to an empty one in the back of the bar.I followed staring at he amazing bubble butt as it jiggled with each step he took.GOD how I wanted to rip those pants off and bury my face in his sweet,sexy ass. 

                                      We sat,talked and drank for what seemed like hours before he asked if I would like to go to his place for a nightcap."Yes,I'd like that Drake."I said and we left,with him driving as I was feeling no pain after umpteen scotches.We got to his house(Yes house)and after he let me in he grabbed me from behind saying,"GOD how I want you babe."He then turned me around and kissed me passionately.I did the only thing I could,I gave in to my urges and grabbed that sweet,juicy ass and grouped it moaning in to his kiss,hoping we would wind up fucking the night away.I then remembered that he had a girlfriend or at least thought he did."Wait Drake what about your girlfriend?"I asked,He then told me that he was gay and single and had been pining for me since he waited on my mother and I the year before.I looked right at him and said with a grin,"Kiss me again babe."As we kissed,my hands slid down between us and grabbed his crotch,and to my surprise,it felt even bigger than Dean's 11" monster.

Drake moaned as I rubbed his ever hardening cock."Please babe,I need you?"He begged as I removed his shirt ans sucked his nipples,slowly made my way down his muscled chest and 8 pack abs,paying particular attention to the dark little treasure trail that led down to the biggest dick I have ever seen in my life.Looking up into his eyes I smiled and he said"It's 13" long and 7 around babe.",I looked at him puzzled,"I knew you were going to ask so I thought I'd tell you before you asked me,now suck my dick."I wrapped my lips around him and did what I do best,suck dick like a pro.He then grabbed my head and began to thrust in and out fast and hard.(Just the way I like it,rough.)I moaned as Drake punished my throat with every violent thrust of his cock.I wanted this since the first day I saw him and there I was,on my knees in front of my new boyfriend,getting face fucked by his Godzilla sized dick,and loving every minute of it.(Told you I was a slut).I pulled away from his beautiful monster just long enough to beg,"Will you fuck me Drake.please?I need you inside me baby?",then went back to sucking that magnificent cock."You're not leaving till I breed your sweet,tight man cunt babe,I own that now,it's mine."came his reply.With that he lifted me off my knees and led me to the bed room.As we walked into the room my phone buzzed,thinking it was my mother I answered.Turned out to be the one person I never expected to hear from again.It was Dean and I finally had the chance I had been waiting for,I finally got to say my final good bye to the man who destroyed my life.

To be continued........

I finally got over my writers block and started the sequel to "A Soldier To Love."Hope you enjoyed it and thanks for  being so patient.A special thanks goes out to Richard Adams,Naughty Eric and A Wiliams for inspiring,and encouraging me to follow my dreams.If you haven't already,you should check out their stories.I'm sure you'll enjoy them as much as I do.           

MagicMike. :)


Magic Mike

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