Dean get's up from the bed after fucking me into oblivion,"God we're a mess,I'm going to jump in the shower,care to join me babe?he asks,"Only if I can suck that incredible cock "I reply as I walk towards him."Why do you think I want you to Join me?"He retorts.I smile at him as I grab his dick and lead him to the bathroom to take a shower.We enter the bath room and I am amazed at how big it is.There is a double sink with a marble counter top and the sinks look as though they were hand crafted.The faucets are made of polished brass the tile is a European style and the mirror was framed with what looked like oak or ash.then I turned around and saw the shower stall and whistled.It was big enough for three people.Good I thought,plenty of room to fuck the sweet ass of this hot hunk of humanity I was about to shower with.I know.I'm a slut lol.

I sat on the toilet as Dean prepared the shower watching him the whole time.He grabbed a towel from under the sinks and then bent over in front of me to put it on the floor and lust over took me I slid to my knees and began to rim him out.His hole was just too inviting to ignore.'Oh god babe,can't you wait?"he asked as I ate his delicious ass."Fuck no." was my answer.I spread his cheeks further and continued my rim job as he moaned and groaned his approval.He then reached back and grabbed my hair and pulled my face into his ass."YEAH BITCH,EAT THAT ASS,EAT IT."he screamed.I moaned as my tongue went deeper into his hot little hole."Come on mike babe,fuck me with that hot wet tongue!"he demanded,pulling my hair.I pushed him away just long enough to reply,"Delicious ass babe."To which he said,"Shut up and eat me."I could have done that all night but I had to have that cock in my mouth and I wasn't leaving till I swallowed his load again.By then the water was just the right temperature so we entered the stall and kissed passionately,my hands going directly to his mammoth manhood,and his going for my still sore ass.He broke the kiss and looked in to my eyes saying."Want my dick babe?"Yes" I answered,his reply was,"Then get on your knees like a good little slut."I did as I was told never taking my eyes off of his as I engulfed his 11"cock in one gulp."OH FUCK BABE YOU'RE GOOD,SUCK MY COCK,SUCK IT DOWN YOUR FUCKING THROAT! He then grabbed my head and began thrusting in and out,slowly at first but speeding up after the third thrust,abusing my throat as if to were my ass."YEAH TAKE IT BITCH,TAKE MY COCK!"he screamed.All I could do was grab his amazing ass and hold on for dear life as he face fucked me like the slut that I was.

"COME ON BITCH,SUCK THAT DICK!"All I could do was gag and moan as he abused my throat.I was his bitch and I loved every minute of it.Finally I decided it was time for him to cum so I slipped two fingers into his hole and he screamed that he was going to cum saying"OH FUCK BITCH,SUCK MY DICK,I'M CUMMING,FUCK.FUCK SHIT!With that,he blew a huge load into my waiting mouth.It was so big in fact that I couldn't swallow it fast enough and some ran down my chin onto my chest.I pulled his cock out of my mouth,and not one to waist any cum,wiped my chest and chin and licked my hand and his cock clean.(Yes I'm a cum whore.) He lifted me to a standing position,and bent me over saying"Come on slut I want that ass NOW."With out warning he rammed his cock balls deep into my surprised hole and started fucking me in earnest,never letting up."Like that bitch?"he asked as he fucked me even harder than before.All I could respond with was gibberish as he abused my hole the same way he abused my throat."HRMMNGOFUSHHRMMMM!"The sound of his hips slapping into my ass reverberated off the walls as he violently fucked my tight hole with reckless abandon,treating me like the slut that I was.GOD I loved this stud.In and out,in and out,harder and harder with each thrust of his magnificent cock."GOD DAMN BITCH YOU'RE TIGHT!"Again,I responded with gibberish,"HRMMNGOFUSHHRMMMM!"

"Push back bitch,fuck me with that sweet ass.".I did what I was told,pushing back onto his cock fucking him with my man cunt,squeezing it with my ass muscles,milking him like a maiden milks a cow.My breathing became erratic and my balls tightened as I blew my load all over the shower walls,again squeezing his cock as I did so,sending him over the edge.With a loud bellow,e emptied his seed into my waiting hole,flooding it with his cum,some escaping and running down my leg.With out another word we soaped each other up rinsed ff and exited the stall to dry off and retire to the room."How long will you be in town babe?"I asked."Another week or so,why?" he replied.I walked over to the door with him in tow,saying,"You have my number,call me stud"With that we kissed each other good bye and I left his room,thoroughly fucked and walking like I was an injured athlete.GOD I'm such a slut.As I left the hotel I was hoping that this was the beginning of a long and happy relationship.I would find out later that I couldn't be more wrong.


Well there it is,Chapter 3 completed.Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.As always,feel free to place comments below and to my email address.

Love you all



Magic Mike

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