What a year it has been for Dean and I,it started out with me giving Dean a world class blow job in an airport men's room,and ended up with us falling in love and moving in together.As I sit at home getting everything ready for our first anniversary,my cell phone rings,It's Dean telling me he will be a little late as he has some extra work he wants to do at his job as an office manager at a local medical clinic.I hang up and dial Salvatore's to let them know we will be late.As I finish getting ready there is a knock at the door,I answer it and it is a delivery man with a dozen long stem red roses.I take them from him and give him a tip,what I see is almost to good to be true.It's the guy from the pictures in Deans bag,I finally see with my own eyes just how gorgeous he really is.He is about 6"2 200 pounds,all muscle and the bluest eyes I've ever seen.I tip him and he congratulates me on my anniversary.As he walks away i can't help but stare at his amazing ass,My favorite,hot,round and juicy.i put the roses in water after trimming the stems and head out the door to meat Dean at his office.

                               I arrive at his office and see only one car there and it's not Deans.We were suppose to meet here,and take his car.I wonder where he is I thought to my self.No sooner did that thought pop into my head when Deans assistant came running up to me with a note from Dean telling me to meet him at Salvatore's.I left the parking lot and headed over there wondering why he didn't call then I remembered that Salvatore's was part of the surprise.Apparently he found out about it,I'll have to have a long talk with my mother when this night is over.I get to the restaurant and Dean is waiting for me at the door in a rented tuxedo,GOD but he is gorgeous.He looks up and sees me but the look on his face was less than pleased.I ask "What's wrong babe?"Nothing."was his reply,Now I'm beginning to think that I wasn't the man he was expecting but I shook that thought away,nothing was going to ruin this magical night for me,or so I thought.

                             All through dinner Dean kept acting strange,looking at his watch,and then the door,as if he was expecting something,or some one.I was going to ask again what was wrong but I decided not to press the issue any further.After dinner we headed home in separate cars,Dean in the lead and me following.We went into the apartment and started kissing when Dean phone began buzzing,"You gonna answer that babe?" I asked,he answered,"Yeah?.....Okay I'll be right there."Sorry babe,duty calls,I'll make it up to you.I promise."With that,he was out the door.I was a bit upset but got over it when I saw the Roses on the counter.I remembered that I didn't read the card so I walked over to it and began to read,"My dearest Dean.Not a moment goes by that I don't think about you and that amazing cock.Can't wait to see you tonight,Meet me at Salvatore's at 7:00 Love Tyler."Who in the actual fuck is Tyler,and why is he sending roses to my boyfriend?Now I began to get suspicious,Is Dean cheating on me and if so could it be with Tyler?That was when my world began to crumble,That moment is when My life fell apart.

                            Dean came home around three in the morning and went right to bed,not even a kiss for his boyfriend of a year.I just chalked it up to him being tired and quickly fell asleep.The next day I awoke to Dean sucking my cock,Now I knew what he meant by making it up to me.GOD could he suck dick. He expertly swallowed my now rock hard cock and pinched my nipples,as I ran my fingers through his shoulder length blond hair as he swallowed my cock the only way he knew how.GOD WAS HE GOOD."Oh Dean babe yes don't stop,suck it,suck my cock."I moaned as he bobbed up and down slowly."Yeah you like that baby,you like the way I suck your dick?"he asked as he licked and kissed the head."Fuck yeah babe.don't stop.I'm almost there."I said."Nah,I want that ass babe,you ready for Digger?"Yes I said as he rammed it hard and began to fuck me stupid.OH GOD DEAN FUCK ME FUCK ME HARD,GIVE ME THAT COCK BABY,OH GOD FUCK MEEEEEEEEE!?The louder I screamed,the harder he fucked me"God babe,you're so tight."In and out,fast and hard.GOD what a feeling,getting fucked like it was the last time we would ever fuck.Little did I know that that WOULD be the last time we would ever fuck.In hard,out fast.I was in heaven and he was my god.I love him and he loved me,or so I thought.Finally he announced that he was going to shoot and shoot he did,flooding my ass with a huge load of his cum.I didn't think he would ever stop.When he pulled out he said that he was going to get ready for work and headed for the bathroom.Then came out got dressed and left with out so much as an I love you or see you later.

                                   I decided to surprise him at his office and treat him to lunch.So I got dressed and headed to his office where I would pick him up and take him to lunch.When I arrived,I got the surprise of my life,Walking out of the building arm and arm was my boyfriend and the mystery man.I hid so they wouldn't see me and followed them to our apartment building.I parked out of site and waited for a couple of minutes.then went up to my apartment.When I entered There was Dean on the couch with his cock,the cock of me dreams pounding another mans ass."WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE DEAN,WHO THE HELL IS THIS?"I screamed in a rage.When he looked up he said,"Babe I can explain."Oh I bet you could."I retorted."Hi I'm Tyler,you must be Mike.""I DONN'T GIVE A FUCK WHO YOU ARE,WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING WITH MY BOYFRIEND?"I shouted,Looking at Dean I asked I THOUGHT YOU LOVED ME,WHO IS THIS AND WHY ARE YOU FUCKING HIM?"Dean looked like he was about to cry and said,"I didn't want you to find out this way babe,I DO love you but I'm not in love with you.This is Tyler my ex,I'm sorry but I still love him."I looked at him in total shock and anger.I just stormed out of the apartment and went for a drive.I wound up at the one place where I knew I would be alone.My father's crypt.I went there every time I wanted to be alone and think

                              I just sat there and cried til I could cry no more,them a familiar voice called to me.I looked up and saw my mother."What's wrong baby,what happened?" she asked."Dean dumped me mom,he was cheating on me with his ex the whole time."I just laid my head on her shoulder and cried like I always did when I was little,only this time there was nothing she could to to heal my wounded heart.The man I loved,whom I thought loved me was leaving me for his ex.I was crushed.Then I heard Dean,"There you are,hi Mrs Philips,can I talk to Mike alone for a minute?"he asked,"Sure."She got up and walked outside and left me alone with the one guy I didn't want to be alone with right now."Babe,I didn't want to hurt you but I'm still in love with Tyler?"I hope we can still be friends.""FUCK YOU DEAN!I yelled as I slapped him,"You said you loved me,wanted to spend the rest of your life with me,you fucking lied to me."The whole time we were together you were fucking him."I'm sorry babe."was all he could say"DON'T CALL ME BABE,YOU LOST THE RIGHT TO CALL ME THAT WHEN YOU FUCKED TYLER!"GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME,YOU MAKE ME SICK!"I said as I stormed out of the cemetery."Mike wait,please?"He called after me but I kept on walking to my car ,got in and sped away.Never looking back.I needed time to think.I went to the only place I knew,Salvatore's.I haven't seen Dean since that day and I hope I never will.I have a great new boyfriend in Drake.(Yes THAT Drake)and I've never been happier.

The End

I hope you liked it.Not a lot of sex in this chapter but that was the point.I wanted the one to focus on the mystery man.Any feed back good or bad will be GREATLY appreciated.

MichaelD <3


Magic Mike

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