As I watched Dean walk out of sight,I heard my mother's flight number being called and went to meet her at the gate when she got off the plain.As soon as we saw each other we hugged and made our way to baggage claim to retrieve her luggage.We then walked to my car,and as I placed her suitcase in the trunk,I asked where she wanted to go for dinner,of course she said her usual,"Anywhere is fine with me."so I drove to my favorite restaurant,Salvators Italian Gardens where we had a nice dinner and a mother son chat.The whole time my thoughts drifted toward the thought of Dean and his MONSTER cock.What I did int the men's room of that airport bar I had never done before and the thought of me actually doing it turned me on,and I found my cock getting hard.After we were done with our meal our waiter,who's name was Drake,asked us if we would like any dessert.My mother and I both said yes and he gave us the dessert menu,The whole time he stood there taking our orders I kept stealing glances at his amazing ass in his tight uniform pants,thinking,"If only you were on the menu".What can I say,I love a man in any uniform,especially if the pants are tight.

After we finished dessert,I paid our bill,and drove my mother home.We said our good byes and I headed for the Adams Mark to meet up with Dean.I went up to the desk and asked for the floor that Dean's room was on and headed for the elevator not knowing what was in store for me when I arrived.I knocked on the door and Dean answered wearing a tank top and a pair of skin tight vinyl shorts that looked painted on.When I saw him my heart stopped and I just stared,he looked like a Greek god,and he could see my cock bulging through my pants."You just gonna stand there or are you coming in?" he asked.As I entered he closed and locked the door and grabbed me from behind kissing my neck saying,"You ready to get fucked baby?"All I could do was moan as I felt his hot lips on my neck and hie massive bulge against my ass."Feel that?",'that's what you do to me babe."he said.I replied,"Take me,I'm yours to use."He turned me around and we kissed passionately,I moaned as I slid my hands down to his incredibly hot,tight bubble butt.He removed my shirt and then my pants.He smiled when he saw that I wasn't wearing underwear.(Side note,I never do.)

After more kissing I ripped off his tank top and exposing his eight pack abs,bulging pecks,and huge biceps,GOD he was fucking hot.He pushed me onto the bed and said,"Want my cock babe?"Yes."as all I could say as I reached up and undid the snap and fly releasing the monster from it's cage.Licking my lips I eagerly engulfed his giant dick.I later found out my earlier tuition was correct.He was 11"long and 6"around.I took it all and he moaned saying,"God babe can you suck dick."What can I say,I've been told I'm the best cock sucker on the planet.Guys LOVE my blow jobs almost as much as I love giving them.Yes I'm a cock whore lol,After about a minute or so he pulled me off his cock and said,"Fuck that shit babe,I want that sweet ass now.He lifted my legs,dropped to his knees and began to give me the rimming of a lifetime,god was he good with his tongue.I moaned and squirmed the whole time,begging him not to stop."You like that baby?"he asked,"Fuck yeah,eat my ass."I said."He replied saying,"With pleasure,gotta lube you up for digger here."(Yes,he named his dick "Digger")

After an hour,(Seemed like it anyway)He stood,grabbed the lube from his bag,put some on his hand,then on his cock,then my ass and slowly entered my ass stopping every inch so I could get used to his size.After he was all in he asked,"You ready?"Yes,fuck me,fuck me hard baby,use my hole."I said.He proceeded to fuck me slow at first then built up a steady rhythm."GOD you're tight babe"he said as he began to pound my hole to oblivion."OH GOD  BABE YOU'RE SO FUCKING BIG DEAN,FUCK ME MAKE ME YOUR BITCH"

He did just that too,fucking the hell out of me.The harder he fucked me the louder I screamed."FUCK YOUR BITCH,FUCK HIS PUSSY HARD!"He repeatedly commented how tight I was as he pounded my ass like there was no tomorrow.With is cock still in my ass,he flipped me over and fucked my doggy style(My second favorite position.)fucking me as hard as he could.I felt his thrust and started speaking incoherently,to turned on to speak clearly.As he fucked me to oblivion,I felt my balls tighten,a tell tale sign I was about to cum.I blew a huge load all over the bed and squeezed his cock with my ass muscles which sent him over the edge,blowing a huge load of his seed deep into my ass."FUCK,FUCK,OH SHIT!"he screamed as he bred my ass.We collapsed in a heap onto the bed drenched in sweat  and reeking of sex."I think I need a shower,care to join me babe?"he asked."Only if I can suck that cock again."was my reply."Why do you think I want you to join me babe?"was his answer.With that we headed for the bathroom to shower together,and for another round of amazing sex.

To be continued...

There it is,part two of my fictional story.Hope you enjoyed it.Feel free to comment on it and drop me a line at my email address.PLEASE don't be to rude?Thanks

I Love Gay Men.


Magic Mike


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