I left Deans hotel room after a night of amazing,earth shattering sex and headed home.All I kept thinking about though was the letter's I found and the pictures I saw of Dean with his arm around another guy.Who was he,an army buddy,a cousin,maybe just an old friend.I put it out of my mind for the night but it crept back in when I tried to sleep.

                                   I was beginning to have second thoughts about my budding relationship with the sexiest man I had ever laid eyes on.I decided to talk to Dean about it at some point in the coming months.As I pulled into my drive way,my phone rang,it was Dean."Hey baby,I was wondering if you wanted to go to dinner with me tomorrow night,my treat?"He asked."You bet your sweet,sexy ass I would."came my response."Great,I'll pick you up around 7."he said,"Sounds good to me"I replied.I gave him my address and headed into the house where my mother was waiting for me."Where the hell were you young man?" she asked,I told her I went out with some friends and lost track of the time."Sorry mom."I said.She replied with the usual motherly"Next time call when you're going to be late,I was worried sick"

                               With that over with I went up stairs and got ready for bed,still thinking about the mysterious man in those photos with Dean and tossed and turned till I finally fell asleep.I awoke with a start after a dream I had where I found Dean with the man in the photo fucking him violently and couldn't get back to sleep so I decided to go for a jog.While on that run I bumped into(literally)a man who looked familiar,but I couldn't quite place where I had seen him before.We both said excuse me and went our separate ways.It was after he ran in the opposite direction that I realized the it was the guy in the photos I found in Deans bag.I had to know who he was so I decided to ask Dean at dinner that evening.That would turn out to be a mistake that I would later regret.

                              Dean was there to pick me up at 7 on the dot.When I got into the car we exchanged greetings and kissed."Where do you want to go?" he asked.I told him about my favorite place to eat and we headed to Salvatore's and had a great time eating,talking,and laughing,and you guessed it Drake,the GORGEOUS waiter served us,and I could not keep my eyes off of his ass.GOD was he hot.All through dinner I was thinking about what I was going to say when Dean interrupted my thoughts."Babe,is there something wrong?"No." I said lying."Why?"Well you've been preoccupied all night,tell me what's bothering you."Well he cornered me so I just asked him flat out,"Well,when you were in the bath room before our fuck fest,I saw some pictures in your room and I was wondering who the guy was with you in them?"I saw his expression go from concern to anger in less than a minute.He looked so angry I thought he was going to hit me.Instead he just said,"You had no right going through my things,How could you?"I'm sorry I just wanted to know more about you,I should have just asked,I'm sorry babe"He calmed down and asked Drake for our bill,saying,"I think I should take you home now."I knew right then and there that I screwed up.

                            Dean took me home and before I got out of the car he grabbed my arm and said,"I'll pick you up tomorrow morning and we will go sight seeing.I replied,"No I'll meet you at your hotel and we can go from there,okay?"Sure he said and Kissed me passionately on thee lips as if to say,"I forgive you."When he pulled away he spoke the three words I've been wanting to here since I sucked his cock in the airport men's room,"I love you."I replied,"I love you to."It was then I knew that he was the one I had been waiting for my entire adult life.

                             The next day I was up early getting ready for our sight seeing date,I dressed and drove to his hotel and went up to his room.I knocked on his door but got no answer,I remembered that he gave me his extra key card so I let my self in and saw him in bed sleeping.I got undressed and slipped into bed with him ad kissed him lightly on his cheek,saying,"Morning sleepy head."He smiled and kissed me back and grabbed my ass saying,"Lets skip our planed date and just fuck,I'm horny."With that i slipped under the sheet and wrapped my lips around his soft 11"cock and did what I do best,Bobbing up and down his hardening cock."OH GOD BABE,YOU REALLY KNOW HOW TO SUCK DICK DON'T YOU?"I moaned as I expertly mad oral love to his massive cock."FUCK BABE,FUCK!"he screamed as I suck his engorged manhood like a slut in heat."DON'T STOP BABE,DON'T STOP!"I had no intentions of stopping,I wasn't leaving that room till we fucked.I wanted that cock.I was going to own him,he was mine and no one else's.

                              I reached up and pinched his nipples and he let out a yelp of pain and pleasure as I swallowed that amazing dick like a pro.His breath became a bit shallow,a sure sign he was about to flood my mouth with his spunk.Sure enough he blew his load and flooded my mouth,only this time I was able to swallow every drop.GOD how I love that cock.After cleaning his cock I looked up and with an shit eating grin said,"Fuck me."I threw the sheet off,straddled his waist and guided the love missile to my waiting hole and rode him fast then slow,torturing  him the only way I knew how.I was a total wanton slut and he was my stud.I wanted nothing more than to spend the rest of my life riding that cock.

                            He then grabbed my hips and,without pulling out flipped me over on to my back saying"Is this what you want slut,you wanna be my bitch?"I threw my head back and screamed,"YES,YES,OH MY GOD YES,FUCK ME DEAN FUCK ME,MAKE ME YOUR BITCH!"
With that his thrusts became a violent blur,the only sounds that could be heard were his hips slapping against my ass and my screams of ecstasy.GOD,could that man fuck.All I could do was wrap my legs around his incredible ass and hold on for dear life as Dean abused my hole.."COME ON BITCH,TAKE IT,TAKE MY BIG COCK!"he demanded."YES BABE,FUCK YOUR BITCH,FUCK HIS PUSSY HARD,OH MY GOD DEAN FUCK MEEEEEEEEE!FUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKKKK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!The louder I creamed,the harder he fucked me.I was a total slut,and I belonged to him,He owned me and I didn't care,all I cared about was getting that fuck tool between his well muscled thighs."FUCK,I'M SO CLOSE BABE"he screamed as he pounded my ass."YES DEAN,BREED ME,BREED MY HOLE,MAKE IT YOURS!?I begged.With that he let loose with another huge load into my ass with a bellow,and collapsed on top of me,both of us out of breath. We laid like that breathing hard,sweaty and reeking of sex.GOD what a turn on.but instead of showering we both drifted off to sleep in each other's arms and very much in love.I knew we would be happy together.I would later find out just who the mystery man was,and it would literally tear us apart.




Magic Mike

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