I walked in to the airport terminal and waited for my mother to return from Florida for a visit with my aunt when I saw the most beautiful man on the planet smile at me.Oh let me introduce myself,my name is Michael,I'm a 22 year old gay male with long blond hair blue eyes,and a little on the heavy side but that doesn't stop men from wanting me lol.,Any way there I was standing in the terminal waiting for my mothers flight to arrive when I looked up and saw him.He stood about 6'2",blond hair,the most beautiful blue eyes I've ever seen He was muscular,and looking hot in his camouflage uniform(What can I say,I'm a sucker for a man in and out of uniform.)I was so nervous that I looked around to see f he was looking at someone else,but when he started walking towards me,I knew I was the one he was smiling at.

He stopped in front of me and when he spoke I melted."Hi,my name is Dean and I couldn't help but notice you look at me and was wondering if you would join me for a drink."

I shook his hand and told him my name to which he replied,"Well Michael,what brings a handsome guy like you to the airport?""Just waiting for my mother to return form a visit with my aunt in Florida."I responded. "Oh what time does er flight arrive?"I had to look at the screen before I could answer."Noon."was my reply."Prefect" he said,"That gives us plenty of time to get to know each other a little better."At first I was reluctant but when he smiled I lost all doubts."Great."I said,"shall we go to the bar here?'Sure,lead the way."he replied.

I lead him to the bar that was inside the airport and ordered two beers.We sat and talked about the weather and about where he was from.He told me he was from Rochester but was visiting family in Buffalo.I told him that I was born and raised here and if he wanted me to I would show him around."It's a date." he said.

After a couple of beers I had to piss like a race horse.(Sorry but beer's are like coffee,they both go right through me lol)I walked to the bath room and  was unaware that he was following me..I walked to a urinal and proceeded to unzip my pants when he wrapped his arms around me and kissed my neck saying"Lets go into one of the stalls so I can help you."

Not one to be a slut and have sex with a guy I just met,I was a bit hesitant until I turned around and saw the most beautiful cock I have ever laid eyes on.It had to be at least 11 inches long and 6 inches around.I don't know if it was the beer or if I was so horny but I had to have it.Without saying a word I grabbed his dick and pulled him into the handy capped stall and dropped to my knees and stared at it stroking it while licking my lips.

"Go ahead baby."he said,"Put it in your mouth,you know you want to.".As I looked up into his blue eyes I wrapped my lips around his cock and proceeded to try to deep throat him.It took a while but I was able to suck his cock with out gagging.After a while I built up a slow but steady rhythm,"Oh yeah babe,suck that dick,suck it down your fucking throat "

After a minute,I remembered why I came in there so I reluctantly pulled his cock from my mouth,stood up,dropped my pants.(I was commando so I wasn't wearing any underwear.)Sat on the john and resumed my expert cock sucking.(His words not mine.)He grabbed my head and just started to thrust in and out of my mouth.I just grabbed his amazingly tight,muscular ass,and held on for dear life as he used and abused my throat.As he did so,I was thinking this guy knew exactly what he was doing,but I didn't care.All I cared about was getting face fucked and swallowing his load.He kept thrusting as I squeezed his hot muscular ass,and moaning the whole time."OH FUCK YEAH BABE,TAKE THAT DICK,TAKE IT ALL BITCH!"he screamed.I did what I was told and loved every minute of it.After what seemed like hours he  said,"OH FUCK,I'M CUMMING!"and blew a huge load into my waiting mouth.It was so big that I couldn't swallow it all and some ran down my chin.He pulled out and said,"That was amazing babe,what are you doing tonight?"I told him I was free all week because I was on vacation from work but that I was going to take my mother to dinner..He looked sad when I said that so I told him we could meet after that."Where are you staying?"I asked."The Adams Mark hotel down town." he answered,"Room 201."I wrote it down on my hand and when we returned to the bar wrote my cell number on a napkin and gave it to him."Great.I'll call you later,thanks for the blow job babe."Can't wait to fuck you later,I want that sweet ass."With that he walked away,leaving me to watch him walk and wonder what he had in store for me later that night.


Hope you liked it.It's my first story and I will write more for you and continue this story.

Feel free to comment and give suggestions on how to improve my writing.

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Magic Mike

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