My family slave - Chapter 5 – Toilet weekend.

Please try and read something or everything of my non-erotic novel in: in English or in Spanish.

This is my piggest chapter so far. Hope you enjoy this toilet weekend.

When I came home I found them both waiting for me naked in the living-room. Seb spoke.

-Hello, slave. Now go to your room, leave your clothes there and next go to the bathroom to get in the bathtub where you will spend this weekend. But remember that if at any moment you want to stop, you can have a shower and get out. You can even go to sleep to your old bedroom since I will be pleasing your boyfriend tonight, and he will please me tomorrow. I hope you have some fun, but if you don’t, you needn’t stay in the bathtub. And we will call you only slave this weekend and you may call us only master Nat or master Seb.

-I want to be my family’s toilet, master Seb –I told him-. It is a dream for me. Do not worry and please, give me a very dirty slave weekend.

So I finally went to my bedroom, left all my clothes in there and returned naked. I was already heading to the bathroom when both my masters spoke at the same time.

-Kiss us first.

So I kissed my brother boyfriend who returned the kiss with so much love that I almost cried. Then I kissed my father.

-This is our blessing, Rob. Now when you are in the bathtub we will only call you slave. Go there and have fun –my brother, master and boyfriend told me.

I finally entered the bathtub where I knew very well I would spend the whole weekend. It was a wonderful sensation to be in there waiting for them, not knowing when they would start to use me. But soon I saw master Nat coming in. He started to piss on my body. It was the first time I was being bathed with piss and I smiled to my master desiring to have a very dirty body soon. He was speaking to me as he was pissing.

-Remember I love you and I will kiss you many times, but I know you also want to be our slave and it is a dream for you to be your family’s toilet. It will not be easy for me to call you slave once and again and use you, but I will take care of your slave side. Now, be good and open your mouth.

Then he started to fart. Finally he did four times and next he turned and ordered me to blow him.

-Thank you, Master Nat –I told him, and with no more words I started to lick his balls. When I finally started to suck his wonderful cock I started to perceive the smell of piss I had on me. It was so hot pleasing my master brother knowing I had begun to get dirty. In that moment Master Seb came in and told me to go on all fours.

-I have to piss but I will piss in your ass. I don’t want to stain your Master Nat’s body.

It was the first time somebody was pissing inside my little ass. I loved the sensation just as I loved knowing I had already shown them I was a pleasing incestuous slave and I would never say no to their dicks having fun at my mouth or ass. Master Nat came in my mouth and Master Seb continued fucking me and pissing in my ass for five more minutes as my brother spat on my dirty body. Finally my father spilled his juice too and I took some of his cum from my ass with my fingers and ate it.

-Finally you will have lunch.

They brought me a dish with a lot of fish and I ate it there in the bathtub while those two dirty naked men were watching me. My father started to piss on my body, dirtying it a little more as I was eating. They told me to take all the time in the world to eat; they didn’t want me to choke. But I finished soon and then Master Seb said he was gonna take a dump on his slave son’s body. He thought I would not like to taste his shit as a dessert now but I implored him to shit in my mouth. I was aroused at the smell of his crap and wanted to be shat in my stomach, and finally he dared shit in my mouth. Noticing I was moaning he shat two turds in my mouth for me to eat and two more turds on my body. I was ordered to lick his shitted arse for a long while, and of course my father farted many times as I was licking the shit in his ass. Later he told me now I should brush my teeth and as I would stain the floor with excrements I should mop it later before I returned to the bathtub. I did all this and they left me alone again. I did it for the first time, though I would do that many times that weekend. As nobody would blow me this weekend and I would not fuck anyone, I started to wank. I was so horny that I needed to cum. I was about to cum when Master Nat entered again and ordered me to lick his dirty feet, which I did and of course I blasted my load in that moment on my dirty chest. Then he said he was gonna give me his Friday shit, and soon I could see his perfect ass with shit coming out of it to my chest. He even shat on my dick and told me to turn and shat on my back, still too clean for a toilet like me.

-When you need to piss or shit, slave, you won’t use the toilet but do it on yourself too, but you must get out and wipe your arse. We don’t want to stain our dicks with your shit and we have the intention to fuck you many times. Now be a good while licking my shitted arse, slave.

I was so happy I was pleasing them and tasting them every now and then. I hoped they gave me toilet weekends often and I said this to Master Nat.

-We shall see, slave –he answered.

Then he left and I was alone for two hours and I started a new masturbation picking some of their shit on my body and eating it. I knew very well where my father had shat and where my brother had and I could recognize whose shit I was eating. I finally came, went out again and brushed my teeth, just in time because both of them returned and ordered me to lick their four stinking feet. I asked them if I could shit on myself at the same time. They said I could and there I was: licking four dirty feet and shitting on my body. They felt no disgust at the smell of shit I was getting. After a while Master Seb ordered me to lick his dirty pits and jerk myself off. I did and of course came again on my chest with the aroma of my father’s pits. And then I saw Master Seb was filling me with his puke. He tried to stain every single part of my body and finally told me to open my mouth and even puked a bit inside. It was so hot to swallow more and more of my family’s excrements.

They were out for a couple of hours as I madly jacked off once and again. I was surprised of the fact I could cum now many times a day and I spent the weekend wanking when I was not being used. They both returned later and first Master Nat puked a long while in every part of my body and ordered me to open my mouth and he vomited in my stomach too. They told me to get out and brush my teeth and while I was doing it, Master Nat began to fuck me. When I finally finished I entered the bathtub again and as I desired, Master Seb let his dirty cock in my mouth so I would blow him again. I was pleasing both cocks at the same time. I knew I would never get tired of pleasing my family’s dicks. Master Nat didn’t piss in my ass but he took a long time to cum. Master Seb was quicker and soon I could taste again the cum that made me. There I stayed for more than a quarter of an hour awaiting Master Nat’s cum in my ass and all the time eating his gob. Now he kissed me a long while and sometimes stopped and spat. Then he blasted his load in my ass and blew his nose in my mouth. He promised he would fill my body with his snot soon.

-It is time for dinner, slave. There is a lot of fried fish today and we hope you don’t mind eating fish again.

-I don’t mind being all day eating fish and excrements, Master Seb.

They brought me a new dish with fried fish and I ate again in their presence. They told me they both will fuck me again before my father took my boyfriend to bed tonight. I was fucked by my father first and then by my brother. Hearing me moan constantly they felt calmed enough to use me for sex once and again. Finally Master Nat came in my ass and they kissed me goodnight repeating they would go to bed together now. I was so glad my father and my master brother boyfriend would begin having sex together and I could sleep for the first time in my life in a bathtub full of excrements. Everything aroused me and I had to wank three times that Friday night before I was able to go to sleep in such an unusual place, in such unusual conditions. Never had I been that dirty but I hoped I could even get dirtier the rest of that weekend.

I was surprised that Master Seb took my breakfast to the bathroom first thing on Saturday morning.

-This smell is wonderful for me, Master Seb. But I hope you feel no disgust at my smell.

-Be calm, slave. We like seeing and smelling you so dirty and so happy. Kiss me.

I kissed him and continued my breakfast as Master Seb pissed on my body for the first time that Saturday.

-Now I will fuck you.

He did and told me.

-Unfortunately I won’t be home till three. I have some things to do that I cannot postpone with some friends of mine. You will be all morning with Master Nat. I know he will make you happier.

Then he came in my ass and kissed me goodbye. But less than a minute later, I saw my master brother coming to me with the last book I had started to read in his hands.

-I want to piss, slave, open your mouth.

I did and as he was pissing he told me. The longest stream of piss I’ve ever drunk. He said he had been holding his stream all the time I was pleasing Dad. I am unable to calculate the time, but if ever I have been drinking piss for five minutes it was my brother’s pee that Saturday morning. His first morning piss had a different piggier taste which I also enjoyed.

-I can’t believe I have such hot man as a father. He pleased my whole body last night and told me I could finally do the same to him tonight. I am so moved. I hope you don’t mind seeing one of your masters crying.

-You know I love you, even though I only call you Master Nat this weekend and I know how you have always desired him and how sweet he is. I love to hear that you were happy in bed last night.

-He told me once and again that now he only wants to have sex with his incestuous children and we have thought of something but we want to know your sincere opinion. Remember the free man you are and say what you think. We have thought every Monday night you’ll go to bed with him, and every Tuesday night it will be my turn to sleep and have sex with him, and we will have from Wednesday night to Sunday night.

-That is a perfect solution. I want it to be like that, Master Nat.

-One other thing: do you have a really important class at college on Monday?

-I don’t. Why do you ask?

-We don’t want you to attend on Monday. Even if you have three thorough showers, you might smell of excrements and we don’t want that. So you won’t go to college on Monday. And after now if you want to repeat, we could, but only sometimes, give you toilet Fridays. You can have as many showers as you need the two following days and smell clean for college on Mondays. But in case you want to repeat, next toilet Friday will be next week, the 22nd.

I agreed to all he was saying. Then he told me.

-You are our slave and toilet this weekend but we also want you to live the usual things you like most. Three days ago you started a short novel and said to me that you were really enjoying the plot and the characters. You are so dirty that of course you won’t be allowed to have a book in your hands this weekend, but I will be here all morning reading it aloud for you. I am sure I can finish it this morning. Sometimes I will piss you and every now and then I will spit on your body. The moment we have finished the whole book, I will fuck you and give you my Saturday shit.

So there I was all morning with the man I love, only my master now, being so sweet as to read that novel to me. I could enjoy Meredith Sacks’ adventures till she finally found a man who loved her. Master Nat spat on me every two paragraphs, more or less, and pissed on my body or in my mouth four times that morning, before we finally heard Master Seb coming back. He took long to come. We supposed he was taking his clothes off first and then preparing my lunch. Finally he came in, kissed me and said I could start eating. It was pork chops and scrambled eggs now.

-First, I will shit our slave, Dad.

And Master Nat started to give me his Saturday shit. I ate a lot knowing I would like eating shit more than eating pork chops and eggs. Then he told me they would fuck me as I was eating. So I ate on all fours, with my mouth on the plate with no cutlery. Master Nat was first. It was a short fucking now. They had intended to fuck me for a short time so they could both cum in my ass before I finished lunch. Soon it was Master Seb’s turn and of course he blasted hi load in my ass too and I still had some lunch to finish. I was then five minutes telling Seb what Master Nat had told me of going to bed with him every Monday and of having toilet Fridays now and then. They kissed me and left me alone again and of course I started wanking. Even the increasingly stronger smell of excrements I could perceive on my body aroused me. I also spat, pissed, shat and puked on my dirty body as I was wanking and I spilled my juice twice before they entered again.

They told me they would both rain puke on my body at the same time. It was wonderful the smell of their puke as it was falling on my dirty body, which now really smelled as a sewer, but I wanted to make it dirtier and pissed on my chest too and I also puked on my body later. The moment I finished I opened my mouth and ate some puke of either of them. It was probably the dirtiest moment of that Saturday but once they had finished vomiting, Master Seb gave me his shit. He said he still couldn’t believe he had such a dirty son but added he really liked me and the smell was wonderful. I opened my mouth so I could eat again some of my father’s crap and of course I was constantly farted. Then Master Nat blew his nose on my body and they told me I had not had enough yet and both would fuck me.

I cannot remember how many times I was fucked that Saturday but they were all day coming to the bathroom, ordering me to go on all fours and fucking me. But before dinner they came again and my mouth recently brushed, they said I had to suck their cocks and lick their asses, pits and feet. So I was for more than an hour and a half pleasing both their bodies, as I was rained some spit. I even shat myself in those moments. I was in heaven with the perfume of my family’s bodies. After this orgy of smells I was brought dinner and I ate some meat again. Then they kissed me and reminded me they would sleep together again and now my brother would be allowed to finally please my father. Of course I wanked three times again that night, picking excrements from my body and eating them. I finally fell asleep and awaited Sunday.

At eight in the morning they came both together to the bathroom with breakfast and said they had to piss and I started that dirty Sunday. Master Nat first told me that at eight p.m. he would enter the bathtub with me and he was going to wash me completely and added he would like to be called only Nat again the moment he was in the bathtub with me. I agreed and told him I loved him again. Then my brother asked me if I really wanted to see his father and his brother having sex together. I answered I would really be moved. And then both my masters started to 69 there close to the bathtub. I was moved seeing how much all of us liked one another and it was poignant to finally see my master brother pleasing my master father. I knew how he desired that. I jerked myself off watching again how my family’s dicks would always have somebody pleasing them. It all started to be natural for us three. My father blasted his load first and then it was my brother and last it was me. I was crying seeing the pleasure they had just had with each other and said I wanted to see them always so happy.

They told me then that today would be a shorter toilet day and they were going to shit me now. Thankfully I was shat three big turds by Master Seb and four foul smelling turds by Master Nat. I pissed myself and then I shat on my body my whole crap again. They left me and returned two hours later ordering me to blow them. I always enjoyed my family’s cum and sucking their cocks once and again was wonderful.

Soon I was brought lunch. It was spinach now. I was fond of vegetables. I was not used when I ate this time. I got used to eating with a filthy smell surrounding me. But they both stayed in the bathroom, fortunately showing no disgust. After lunch I brushed my teeth because my masters told me it was licking time again. So I was for an hour licking feet and pits and after this Master Nat puked me saying it would be the last time this toilet weekend. My father came to puke on my body three hours later, ordering me to puke myself first. I did and then he told me to open my mouth. He puked in there most of his vomit, which of course dirtied my face a lot more and finally left some puke on my body too. I was ordered to blow him next and later my other master. They sometimes came into the bathroom to piss me a little. And finally toilet weekend ended. It was eight and I was told to brush my teeth and then to have a thorough shower. Master Nat entered then and I kissed him and hugged him.

-I cannot love you more, Nat, my love. I thank you so much for this toilet slave weekend. I only ask you to give it to me more often.

-I am so happy you are so happy. You know, Rob, this has not been easy for Dad and me. But when hours were passing and we saw how glad you were we felt more admiration for you. And of course we have never felt any disgust at your smell.

-Let me say thank you again, Nat. I love you.

-Now I will start to wash you, my love.

Oh how tender he was. It took him almost an hour to make me clean but he was stopping everywhere with no hurry and a lot of tenderness. He started at the hair on my head and next he cleaned my ears, even inside, and licked them sweetly afterwards. He cleaned every spot of my face kissing me once and again and next he started with my dirty body as naturally as if he had always been a sewer cleaner. He was a long time cleaning my dirty crack and a longer time in my balls and my cock. Once they were clean he started cleaning my lower body and at the same time he started to jack me off. I had to cum with so much sweetness. I was really crying when I finally came. It took him five more minutes to clean my dirty legs and feet but finally he kissed my again clean feet. I was ready to get out of the bathtub. Now the three of us were going to have a naked dinner again. I finally left that wonderful room of pleasure, the bathroom, and went to the kitchen. It was my favourite meal now, a long dish with cauliflower and I had hardly sat and Seb, not master Seb now, started to jack me off. He stopped sometimes my lunch to kiss me and thank me for the wonderful weekend I had given him and said he loved pleasing his son and using him; he loved that state of things and really admired and appreciated me. I had to cry again seeing now my father’s tenderness. When I finally busted my load I finished dinner and went to bed with my brother again.

-Do I smell, Nat?

-Even if you smelled, I would gladly go and have sex with you. You think you have some smell on you but believe me: you smell clean. Nevertheless, tomorrow you won’t go to college; neither will I and you will have as many as three showers so nobody can perceive any smell on you. Now, Rob, let me show you again how much I love you. Let’s go to bed.

I was never my brother’s slave in bed and I did not want to, to be honest. It was so sweet we could do whatever we preferred as lovers do. I blew him and was blown, I fucked him and he fucked me. Every night it was the same erotic battle. We always shot our loads many times and finally kissed and hugged for minutes. We still do.

The following day I had three showers. I could return to college on Tuesday. I began to be my father’s lover in bed. Everything was just as good as with my brother. He had turned bisexual with his incestuous children. I also got used to sleeping alone on Tuesdays, knowing that my father and my brother were having sex and wanking as I imagined those two hot men having sex. I started to have toilet Fridays but it soon started to be once every three months or less. But I really enjoyed being a whole day in the bathtub sleeping with my whole family’s excrements, even mine.

Two years later, my neighbours next door moved and put their house up for sale. My father then surprised us by buying the flat and giving it to us. He told us that way we could become an independent couple and live next to their father in case we still wished this incestuous family to go on. This situation would be natural for neighbours. We could live together as far as we didn’t find a girlfriend and it would be natural to enter our father’s house and even sleeping there sometimes. Who would suspect the three of us had sex and slept together some nights? Every day at about nine p.m. we came into our father’s house to have dinner together and of course I was still his slave then and my brother’s. Later we returned to our house and enjoyed our state of brother boyfriends again. We have lived like this for ten years, always being my father’s slave and lover and being sure that Nat is the man of my life and I will always love him till I am too old.


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