My family slave - Chapter 4 – My family’s dirt.

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Nat told me I had blown him first yesterday and now I should start blowing Dad. My father then told me.

-But first, you must take your clothes off, slave.

So I undressed before them and took my clothes to my room. When I came back, with no single word and no hesitation, I knelt before my father and started licking his balls. I was like this for a couple of minutes cause I knew he liked it and it made him really hard. Then I was pleasing his entire dick slowly before I started sucking. Now Seb knew how I liked having a dick in my mouth and enjoyed the fact that I really enjoyed being his slave. I was as horny as I had been the day before. Then he spoke.

-Have you thought, slave, that I am now your boyfriend’s father so I had also become your father-in-law?

-My father, my father-in-law, my master and my lover, Dad. I like all that.

-Good, go on, slave, you are wonderful.

Yesterday I had learnt to drive men crazy with blowjobs and I knew how to move my tongue to please him and have him in a continuous state of arousal. He told me later that I was so good that I made him cum in just four minutes. He told me now to please my boyfriend’s cock.

Nat was now my brother, my master and my boyfriend. I still hadn’t had any opportunity to blow the man I loved after I knew I loved him, but now I wanted to please his three personalities and be at the same time his incestuous brother, his slave and his boyfriend. So I had to be really good at blowing him. That dick was very special for me and I had to increase my power of pleasing. He moaned once and again. Of course I moved to his balls to lick them every so often and then I returned to his delicious rod. I even said “I love you” from time to time and later Nat would tell me I had given him his best blowjob ever. He unexpectedly pissed in my mouth and of course I drank and said nothing. I wanted drinking piss to be usual. I loved that flavour. Nat knew how to make me on fire as I was pleasing him. He even started to slap my ass now. Incredibly this made me be even better. I would never get tired of working his pleasure. This time he could hold his orgasm for twenty minutes, twenty minutes I had been in the most scented corner of the universe, formerly savouring his piss and finally his cum, which were my nephews and of course the children my boyfriend could never give me. His face was luminous and just then my father spoke:

-Of course it should be your boyfriend the first man you take to g-spot. Now lick his ass and drive that man crazy. Last night you knew that pleasure and now you can return it.

I started at once groping his glorious buttocks. In that moment he was lying on the couch. I took some time just touching him but I finally dared to sniff his crack. Nat assured me he had washed it and even lathered it up for he knew this moment would come. I started to lick and immediately I had to tell him I loved the taste and I could be hours pleasing him now if necessary. He said “good” and asked me to continue. Though nobody had told me I was good enough to reach his prostate and I stayed there. There was no shit, of course, but it had a somewhat pungent odour. I loved it and decided to remain there, pleasing the most private area of his hot body. Minutes were passing and I never got tired. His moans were now louder, clearly showing I was driving him crazy. He also told me “oh, my love, you are so good. I love you.” This encouragement was all I needed to become a real sex machine for my brother’s pleasure. Finally I was pleasing his arse for three quarters of an hour and at last he told me he was cumming. Seeing his face in that moment even increased the love I felt for him. I told him I could do that every day but he said “only once a month, my love, and I also have to please you with it once a month.” “As you want, my love.”I answered. Then he reminded me now I had to do the same to my father.

-It is your turn now, Seb –I told him-. I am so happy I can please you once and again. Now it is my other master’s ass that I must please

It was even better than yesterday. Since I came home I had not stopped pleasing both my masters. I had been the first to be given that wonderful pleasure and now all my family should know. My father told me he already knew that pleasure but it was new and splendid to have his incestuous son’s tongue now pleasing his entire body. I still hadn’t pleased that part, and now I could say when I saw him cumming I had satisfied his entire gorgeous body. My father’s newly washed and lathered ass also drove me crazy and of course I was soon in his prostate where I decided to stay. An ass always smells like an ass, even when recently washed and there was a lasting smell of shit there that I also enjoyed. It took me longer to make him cum, about an hour and ten minutes but I was in no hurry to end. I only wished they had planned more things so his slave could be working their pleasure all day. I didn’t want to miss my father’s face as he was cumming. Seb became a cuter man in those moments too. After cumming, both of them kissed my mouth and I remained in the living room with Nat as my father said he needed to take a dump and went to the toilet.

I was alone with my master boyfriend but he told me now he only wished to show me his love and embraced me strongly and kissed me. It was an endless kiss that we also spent touching each other everywhere. We were like this for ten minutes when we saw my father coming back. He had something to say:

-Well, slave. Your brother and I have been talking a lot before you came home. Maybe we could give you some instructions for this weekend, but first we need to know how you would like certain things. I have just taken a dump, and I had wiped my ass, but I haven’t flushed. My shit is now on the toilet. I know Nat wants to eat your shit and he has told me that also mine. And you can try and see if you would like it too. I suggest you –but I interrupted.

-Order me, Dad. You needn’t suggest me.

-First your other master and me have to see what you like. We won’t force you to do anything. I suggest both of you come now to the toilet and see and smell what I have shat. I must admit I have tasted my own shit a couple of times, cause I wanted to know the taste of something I was feeding some girls, and I am sure I can taste it again. So you will come, see and smell my shit and then, in case either of you wants to taste it, you will tell me. I will be the first to taste my shit before you. And then if you really want, you can eat all the shit you want. So, come with me to the toilet.

We went to the toilet as excited as if we were going to an excursion to the country. Finally we were in the bathroom. I noticed that Nat was hard as soon as he saw and smelt my father’s crap. And I could not believe I was so aroused at the sight of all the wonderful brown heap of shit. I knew immediately I wanted to eat. My father saw we both had a boner and asked if we really wanted to eat. We answered in unison we did want, and he took one of his fingers to his poop, stained it with that mess, took the crap to his mouth and ate that shit with no show of disgust. Nat suggested we both could try that shit together, knelt on the floor, stuck his mouth in the toilet and started to eat and said he would eat all the crap he saw there unless I wanted to eat with him. I said nothing, knelt too, stuck my face in there and shared the poop with my brother. The moment my father’s shit was in my mouth I couldn’t help it and blasted my load. My brother congratulated me and said he and I could eat all the crap together. So we became two real pigs who ate it all as we saw my father was jacking off seeing what both his pig children were doing. When we were about to eat the last morsel of that wonderful shit, we saw my father was cumming. Of course I ate that cum. Then my father asked us whether we felt like shitting too. Both of us said we had to. Then he said now I should be the one who shat and he and Nat would eat all my shit, and then it would be Nat’s turn. He flushed then so as not to mix the flavours. He mentioned then that they had intended to give me a toilet weekend and previously I had to taste it all. This idea drove me crazy and after Seb had flushed, I started to shit and wasn’t shy knowing that my father and my brother wanted to eat my crap next. Of course Nat ordered me to piss in his mouth. I did and started taking a dump at the same time. I could see both of them started wanking at the smell of my shit. When I finished my master father asked me to taste my shit first. I did and I also found it delicious. Then I had to see, me the slave, how both my masters knelt and shared my whole crap together, neither shy nor disgusted, and I saw they didn’t leave a morsel of my shit and ate it all. I was told to wipe my ass and they flushed again. Next I was told to wash my arse first, and my father reminded me he was gonna lick my ass for a long time tonight. I washed my ass thoroughly then and I saw my father even stuck his tongue in my crack and licked it for half a minute and he assured me he would be for hours if necessary with his tongue in my ass tonight. Now it would be Nat’s turn. It was so hot to see him there squatting as he pissed my stomach, shitting carelessly for he knew perfectly well I would like the taste. It was an orgy of shit. Of course when he finished, he stood up, and straight away my father knelt to savour his eldest son’s shit. I did the same, and shared Nat’s poop with Seb. As the first previous two moments, none of Nat’s shit remained in the toilet. All of it was either in my stomach or in my father’s. He wiped his ass and my father flushed later.

-Now, if you really want a toilet weekend, you must try puke. I suggest all of us can puke in the same order.

We both agreed and then my father started to puke. I could not believe it but seeing him puke was so sexy. I was immediately attracted by his stream of vomit and the smell and had no doubt I would eat it too. It had shit in it, and it was a dark brown. Nat was in heaven. When he finished Seb was first to taste his puke, got a boner out of it, and told us to eat all we wanted. My brother and I became two real pigs and never hesitated. Of course, all that wonderful stream of puke ended up in our stomachs. New flush and now it was my turn.

Well, I did not want my masters to eat my excrements but I knew I had no chance. Those two hot men wouldn’t allow me to be their toilet unless they could eat my things too. I started to puke, without even taking my fingers to my mouth. I could perceive the boners those two pig men had. They wanted to become swine and of course I tasted my puke, a lighter brown now and with shit in it. I loved the taste and later I could see how they both knelt down and with no hesitation started to eat my whole vomit. They ate it as if they were drinking milk. I knew Nat had done that sometimes but not my father and I was astonished seeing him enjoying all those pig moments. When my whole puke was in their stomachs Seb flushed. We were awaiting Nat’s puke now.

It was surprising but my brother’s puke preserved some of its yellow colour, despite all the shit he had previously eaten. This new colour told me my master brother’s puke would have a different taste. After he had finished puking and had tasted his own vomit, my father and I knelt at once and started to enjoy that wonderful heap of vomit, it was the largest amount of us three, and of course we ate it all. After it was all eaten, last flush and Seb, Nat and I kissed the three together with very dirty mouths but none seemed to care.

-There are more things. Now both my children will fart in my mouth, next we would fart in yours, and last you and I will fart in Nat’s mouth.

It was an orgy of three very pig men. None felt any disgust at the taste of farts and all of us farted all of us.

-Now it is time to spit. Open your mouths –my father told both his children and he was a long time spitting in both our mouths. The more pig things we swallowed, the more we wanted. Finally he said Nat would be next and he had no shame in spitting in his father’s mouth or in that of his brother. I knew now it was my turn and was with no shyness now spitting both their pig’s mouths for five minutes, knowing well the three of us had degraded and enjoyed that pig orgy we were having.

-There’s one more thing we want you to taste. Only your brother has snot. We will both pick his nostrils now and eat some and if we happen to like it he will finally blow his nose in our mouths.

It was said and done. My father said the same I said after tasting for the first time some snot. It was delicious and of course both of us told Nat to wipe his nose in our mouths later. His left nostril was for me and his right one for Seb. Later Nat and I picked my father’s nose. I was luckier and found a booger inside and ate it. Delicious too. And last I had to see how both of them picked my nostrils. I had neither snot nor boogers, but they tasted my nose too. Later my father told us we should brush our teeth now and later return to the living room. We did and later, in that room my master father said he would fuck me now for later in bed it would be him who would be fucked.

-And as I am fucking you, I will explain what we mean by having a toilet weekend, but of course you can say no, or even say yes but having your own limits.

Then my father thrust his wonderful cock again in my ass and Nat started to touch me and kiss me. It was heaven. Finally Seb Friars spoke.

-Tomorrow it is Friday. Remember that I will go to bed with you tonight and I want to take your boyfriend to bed on Friday night and Saturday night. If you agree in what we have planned, tomorrow when you come back home, you will take all your clothes off and enter the bathtub. You will spend all the weekend there, even to sleep, till Sunday at 8 p.m. when you will have a shower and go to bed again with your boyfriend. You will even have your meals in the bathroom and we will take in there what you will eat. As this house has two bathrooms, if we had any visit and wanted to use the toilet, we will take them to the other one. The whole weekend your master boyfriend and I will enter the bathroom once and again, and we will do everything on your body, and if you want, also in your mouth. You will be covered in all our excrements the whole weekend and if you want, you can also eat. But you will have to brush your teeth a lot of times if you do, for any moment you will have to blow us, lick our asses, pits or feet or we will order you to go on all fours and we will fuck you. This weekend at least, we won’t blow you or you won’t fuck us: you will just be all the time our sex toy and toilet and only that.

I asked Nat to stop kissing me then, for I wanted to talk.

-What you have planned is wonderful for me. I can’t believe I will be so happy this weekend. It is perfect for a slave. Oh, please, Nat; please Seb, I want to be your sex toy and toilet this weekend and spend the hours in the bathtub full of excrements and pleasing you. It is an incestuous slave’s dream.

-Then we will give you an incestuous toilet slave weekend. And now I am finally cumming in your arse.

He did and then my father told me.

-I know you can hardly cook. I will teach you. For tonight you can prepare pizza for us three and remember that when all of us have finished dinner, I will take you to bed and please you.

Once the pizzas were ready we sat again naked to dinner, but my brother said he would eat later, for he was hungry for a quite different thing and said now he would blow me again, or else he would have no chance today of blowing the man he loved.

-Ok, Nat, my love. You know I will never tell you not to. You love me and my cock is yours forever.

He licked my balls and I felt again how good my brother was when sucking and I was sure he had never been so good, because my cock was very special for him. It is a wonderful experience to be blown as you are eating, and I ate moaning all the time and saying thank you or I love you Nat. When after ten minutes I finally came in his mouth, he started to eat and my father and I waited for him. Then I stood up to do the washing up and finally I heard that hot man, my father saying.

-Now come with me to my bedroom. It is your time for pleasure and believe I really want to be gay with both my children. I kissed Nat’s mouth and went to my father’s room. I hoped he liked gay sex.

He did not hesitate and once I was in my father’s bed he started to kiss me for minutes, covering my naked body with his naked body and touching me all over. After ten minutes of gay heaven, he told me to turn. He would start pleasing my ass. Once I turned, as he saw I was still shy he reminded me he had already tasted my shit and my farts and now my ass was clean and he really wanted to please me. So I said nothing and allowed him. It took him shorter than last night to my brother but even so it was half an hour of pleasure and I felt increasingly calmed seeing it was not only me who moaned. He was really enjoying the taste of his youngest son’s arse and moaned too. So I let him continue and he was also driving me crazy. Finally I told him I had to cum and he was delighted seeing my face and I was delighted seeing how a non gay man enjoyed pleasing one of his male children. Now he told me he was going to please my pits.

He was in my pits for about a quarter of an hour. I had to tell him my brother had asked me to smell a lot and to go to the shower only once a week but my father moaned and repeated he was starting to enjoy man scent, at least mine, and said he was really glad he could taste my flavours. Then he went to my feet and was five minutes in each. I could see he was as aroused as Nat had been the night before. I allowed him to be there as long as he wished for I knew now would come the most difficult moments with my cock and I couldn’t help but being really scared. But my father surprised me unexpectedly when not saying a single word he started to lick his son’s balls, and soon he had my dick in his mouth and I saw he was enjoying it. He told me now he wanted to suck cocks but so far he had enough with both his children’s dicks. He was so good that I told him I was cumming soon and he told me I could cum whenever I pleased, but in his mouth. He wanted to taste his grandchildren. That thought made me cum and soon I was filling my father’s mouth and stomach with grandchildren. Next he told me I had just cum and he could wait for me to recover a little and then I had to fuck him. I said “oh, Dad, are you sure?” and his answer was turning so I could see his gorgeous buttocks and told me to fuck him when I were ready. Well, I did not want to, but I knew I had to, and watching my father’s wonderful ass exposed there awaiting me to fuck him, made me on fire and soon I was rock hard and had to try. I told him to please tell me what he was feeling or I could take my cock out at once.

So I was fucking my father just as I had fucked my brother last night. My father said it hurt him a bit but less than he had expected and told me to go on. I was looking forward for a minute to come when it didn’t hurt him, but I continued. In just five minutes he told me it was a wonderful sensation and he wanted my dick in his arse every so often. I told him I still wanted to be his slave and then he told me about frequency.

-Then, Rob, we can do this: your brother and you will fuck me once a week and both of us will fuck our pleasing slave every day, do you like it?

-Yes, Dad. It’s wonderful. This way I will feel I am still my family slave.

-Now it has to be Nat who tells you his frequency but he loves you and I suspect he would like you to fuck him every day.

My father was almost yelling now and I was enjoying the sensation so much that I came suddenly in Seb’s ass. He asked me if I had enjoyed his pleasing father and he assured me again he would please Nat just the same tomorrow night and allow Nat to please him on Saturday night. He told me now he knew he wanted to have incestuous gay sex every day and hugged me. Soon we were kissing passionately. I was so grateful to that man who far from getting shocked about incest had given me the best moments of my life and thanks to him I had even fallen in love with my brother. When I asked him whether he would allow me now to please him a while, he told me.

-Today you have blown me, taken me to g-spot, I have fucked you, you have eaten my piss, my shit, my puke and everything. So I think you cannot complain, Rob. Now I don’t want anything else than sleeping with you.

So I understood and though it took us both a couple of hours to fall asleep, finally we were able.

Next morning I could feel my father’s sweat next to mine and I really enjoyed again that first morning kiss. He told me to get out of the bed and said he would piss again, and I had to also taste his first morning piss. I opened my mouth and was really surprised by the taste. When he finally finished pissing my mouth I told him it had a pigger taste, but after now, the pigger the better.

Of course it had become a habit in this family to have breakfast all three together totally nude. I was expecting it, but I was moved again. My boyfriend finished his coffee first and next started to blow me. Seb was jacking off, enjoying again the fact that both his children loved each other and were having sex together again. When I came in Nat’s mouth, Seb came on the floor and of course asked me to drink his cum. I did and soon all of us put our clothes back on and went to our respective duties.

I was all the morning awaiting this afternoon when I would become my family’s toilet. So much I desired it that there came a moment when unexpectedly I creamed my pants. Classes finished after all and I started to return home knowing very well I would have now a toilet weekend and the bathtub of the largest bathroom would be my room, even to eat and sleep.


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