My family slave - Chapter 1 – Becoming my father’s slave.

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-Are you not too old to still allow your brother to beat you and humiliate you? –My father, Sebastian Friars, asked me. He was a fireman. Eight years ago he was a widower and he lived alone with his two children: my brother Nat, 25; and me, Rob, 21. I was beginning University, studying Mathematics and Nat was finishing Geology-. I will have to talk to him.

-Please don’t, Dad –I told him.

-Don’t you want me to speak with Nat so he does not beat you anymore?

-Oh, fuck, Dad, I will have to finally tell you.

-Tell me anything, Rob.

-Well, Dad. I am a masochist and I like my brother beating or humiliating me. Now you know. –I was quite blushing then.

-Be quiet, Rob. I had no idea, but well, I prefer my children to live their lives the way they want to live it. In fact, I must confess I am a sadistic man and I have spent years having slave girls at my service. But sorry to ask you: are you gay?

-I don’t think I am, Dad. But it is pleasant to feel my brother likes beating me, and well, if you don’t mind me saying so… -I was shy and was not sure to go on.

-Tell me whatever thing you like, Rob.

-Well, I must admit sometimes I’ve cummed on my trousers after Nat has beaten me and I have sometimes jacked off remembering his humiliations. But I don’t think I am gay. It turns me on to get some pain from my brother. And he’s got a boner every time he beats me, so I have sometimes thought he might be gay and dominant.

-So one of my children might be gay and as sadistic as his father is, and my other child is a masochist. Well, Rob. Nothing to object. If you like him beating you, he may continue, as far as it is pleasant for both.

-I sometimes think I am an extreme masochist, Dad. I’ve had no mistress yet, but I would. I would like a girl to take all my rights. A girl who could even castrate me and make me live imprisoned, with no clothes and no rights. So if one day you do not see me anymore, it will mean I am the complete slave for someone.

-That really worries me, Rob.

-I know, Dad, but I want to live like that. Well, if a girl wanted to fuck me with a dildo, I have no right to say no; that’s the way I wanna live; or even if she brings a man to fuck me. I have even heard there are people used as toilets. Well, if my mistress wanted to shit in my mouth, I would have no chance but to allow her.

-I have shat in many girls’ mouths. I have done more things: pissed them, puked them, farted them, spat them…

-Yes, Dad, I would do that too. I’m sorry to tell you that if Nat is gay and wanted to fuck me, I would have no alternative than giving him my ass so he can have some fun.

-Rob, I am not shocked at that idea. Live as a masochist but enjoy life. I think you should first understand this concept: do anything you can repeat. Well, imagine a girl fucks you; imagine even that Nat is fucking you. You might like it or not. But it is a possibility of something you can do and you can repeat. You can be fucked over and over again. Imagine now a girl shits in your mouth. Well, if you don’t like it, you can stop. But in case you like it, you can repeat that too. But if a mistress did castrate you, even if it is a pleasant sensation, she can’t do that to you a second time and what’s more: you won’t cum again. Can you see? Well, I am not priggish and I’d rather my children have sex with each other than seeing you make something silly, which will mark all your future sexual life. If you are a masochist and enjoy certain things, who am I, who have been with so many masochistic girls, to tell you not to be the one you really feel? So, would you have sex with your brother?

-You are a very open-minded man, Dad. I’d love to please him. I would even blow him or give him any sexual pleasure he asked me. In fact, Dad, I would gladly be his slave if he wanted any. And I must confess I would please you too. You have a wonderful body. I wouldn’t mind to be my family slave, Dad, and that way maybe I am not so extreme.

-I stink, Rob. In fact, my slaves like my man scent and that’s why. It’s not easy to find dirty women but I have met three.

-Did you ever have a male slave?

-I’ve never had one. I think I am not gay.

-Dad, I will be too bold now. The same things I said before I repeat now so you know them. I would be fucked by you. I know I am not a hot chick but you would have a new hole to fuck. I would blow you or do anything you ask me. I would even eat your shit or anything you would like me to eat. You just have to desire it, but I am available. It would be so funny to please my father too.

-Let’s talk of the same if you want, but something different. Would you like to serve me?

-I would do anything, Dad. Oh, please let me be your slave.

-I think we should talk to Nat too. He must know what his brother and his father have been talking about. But he told us today he would come back at about nine and it is only six. I wonder if you would really like to serve me now.

-Please, Dad. Even if what you desire now is to fuck your son.

-It’s not that. I would like us to go to the kitchen where you will make coffee for you and me. But as a slave, you should be naked before your master. I want to see first how you find yourself. You can take all your clothes off and take them to your room. We would be comfortably chatting there and you would be without your clothes. And if we can after now, and provided you find everything ok, you could at least have a nudist coffee with me every day. If we feel the key, which will mean your brother is coming home; you will go to your bedroom and put on your clothes again. Do you like it?

-Dad, I like it but I can assure you I can do much more. Please call me slave. And how should I call you?

-You can call me master or Sir, but also Dad or even Seb, as your emotions and arousal make you call me. I see you have a boner right now. How do you find yourself for that?

-Splendid, Dad. All my life I have desired to be a slave and now I can be. Be brave, Dad. I really want to please you.

-Let’s go to the kitchen, slave.

How it aroused me to hear my father calling me slave. I had to please him so he would like to continue every day what we had already started. There I was, with a huge erection, in the kitchen, waiting for instructions from my hot master. I even asked him where I should start.

-Take all your clothes off here; then leave them in your bedroom, come back and prepare coffee.

I was horny as hell as I started to take off my clothes. I didn’t blush. I wanted to be naked as a slave before my father and master. I was not shy even when pulling down my boxers. I had one of the greatest erections of my life. My father asked me how I was feeling. I said being someone’s slave is what I had wanted to be all my life. Then he asked me to take all my clothes to my bedroom, come back and start to prepare coffee. I didn’t take long in my room and soon came back. My father beckoned me to him and I approached. Suddenly and unexpectedly he kissed my mouth. I tried to stop him.

-Dad, you are not gay.

-Neither are you, that I know of. I see you happy so far and I have to show you I like seeing you like that. You are brave and I want to be brave too. So, I’m sorry to say I will keep on kissing you. Now you can make coffee, Rob.

I was making coffee totally nude and getting fond of my father. I asked him please to tell me something about his sexual life. I wanted to know what pleased him. After becoming a widower, he had spent at least three years without sex. Then he had begun having sex but loving no one and one day a woman told him he was sweaty and loved the way he smelled. So it had all started. This girl, Cynthia, had been just his lover but she cheated him and he started to do the same with other girls. He was slowly feeling attracted by submissive and pig girls and he soon entered BDSM, which he would never leave later. He used to dominate them, being tender at the same time, of which I was sure about, and never stopped being a pig. He had told me all that when coffee was finally ready.

-You can put both coffees on the table. I will drink it now and you will be second. I can see you like this situation, so I will let you be absolutely free right now. If you really desire it, you can take my clothes off, and you can touch anything you want of my body. If you feel uncomfortable, you will stop; but if you really like it, don’t be shy and touch your father erotically, knowing that it is not my pleasure I am thinking about, but yours. So, please be sure you like what you will do.

So I started what I was dying to do. I began caressing the contour of his lips and as I expected, my father kissed my mouth again. I didn’t mind now. I began to appreciate the lips of that hot man, my father, knowing he really liked now to kiss his son. I began to learn to touch a man. As we were kissing I gently stroked his ears, his forehead, and his nose.

-Dad, don’t kiss me now. I will begin to undress you.

I took off his shirt as fondly as if I had always been his lover. I even liked the strong smell of sweat of his pits. Well, let him smell as he wished: he could find a new girl who also liked his smell. I had to tell my father as I started groping his chest: “Dad, I even like your smell now. Hope you are enjoying my hand on your naked skin.” And he answered he loved to see my boner as I was groping and undressing him. I licked his nipples for a while. I did not have much sexual experience and it was the first time I was touching a man, but some standard sex I had had, and I tried to remember how some girls had touched me to please my master now. I knew I wanted to please him after today every day, and I should show him I desired to. Fortunately my boner was speaking for me.

Going on with my lust I began to stroke my father’s crotch as I started to take off his shoes and socks. I even smelled my fingers later enjoying the stench his shoes and socks left on them. Always stroking his crotch, more and more aroused and perfectly noticing he was increasingly harder as I wished, I licked and even kissed both his feet. I really enjoyed the stinking taste of them. Then I was a good while caressing his manhood, even letting my fingers inside his sex, and finally I dared pull down his trousers. I could finally see and enjoy my father’s dick and I was eagerly touching it before I finally dared pull down his boxers. I took them to my nose and sniffed his piss stains. I asked him please to stand up and turn, so I could see my father’s ass. I finally saw his glorious buttocks. I was shy to touch his ass, knowing well it was my father’s altar, and while he could have fun with my arse, I could not be permitted to use it, except watching and touching it.

-Did you really like it so far, Rob?

-I love it, Dad. I want to go as far as you ask me to. Please let me satisfy you.

-Take my clothes to your room too. If Nat suddenly opened the door with his key I would enter your room and get dressed. Come back now.

I was back immediately. My father then finished his coffee and asked me to kiss him again.

-As I really see you still have a boner, slave, we can go a bit further. Now you can sit and have your coffee and if you really feel like, you can jack your father off and make me cum.

I sat down, took a sip and right away I started stroking my father’s balls, pleading him to allow me now to make him cum. I wanted my boner to be all the time visible for him as I finally jacked him off and asked him please to let his slave please him every day and more than once, if he wished.

-Certainly we should have to tell Nat. if he doesn’t want to participate, he might at least leave his father and his brother have some fun together. I can see you are really enjoying this and you could be often naked before me. But as I see you are having fun, I want you to have more fun yet and you too should cum. So I would like you to jerk yourself off as you are wanking me. I will cum on your hand and you will taste it later, and if you really like the taste of my cum, you will cum next.

So I started calmly to wank before my father and at the same time jacking him off and all the time touching his whole hot body and hearing how he moaned. So my pleasure was greater, he kissed me once and again. I understood my father and I were perfectly matched and I wanted this intimacy to be every day. I knew then that my natural state was being naked before my father, pleasing his cock and his entire body. I was having so much fun that I could hardly notice some moisture on my hand, a substance with a whitish colour that was filling it and was the product of my father’s pleasure. I didn’t hesitate and took my stained hand to my lips to savour that substance which could be my unborn brothers. I licked it and swallowed some, enjoying the flavour and asking my master please to let me satisfy him every day.

-You can.

Then I cummed too.

-Have you really enjoyed, Rob?

-I certainly have, Dad. Please let it be just the beginning of something tender between father and son, between master and slave.

-You may come with me now to your room. I will put on my clothes back on now. But I have thought you’d better continue naked. When Nat gets home, I think it is preferable he finds you naked and we will tell him what has happened here this afternoon. I think he is open-minded and will understand us. Come with me.

I was with my father and master in my room as he put his clothes on. Then he kissed me there again and told me to go with him to the couch where we would wait for Nat kissing, caressing and touching.


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