My family slave - Chapter 3 – In bed with Nat.

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The first time I had a cock in my arse was painful but I was enjoying the pain and I kept on enjoying my father’s dick in my mouth. I had to talk to reassure Nat and ask him please to go on till he blasted his load in my ass.

-Now it hurts a bit less, Master Nat. Oh, please continue, cum in my ass but take your time and I would even like master Seb’s cock to fuck me next.

But I had to say something more.

-Now, master Nat, it doesn’t hurt me at all. The pleasure of having my brother’s cock in my ass in beyond description. Please Seb, you sweet man. I want you to be next and cum again.

That was too much for my father. He suddenly came in my mouth and said he had not had any time to tell me. I drank my father’s semen and praised the taste later, telling him “Oh, daddy, I am so glad I am making you cum once and again. Now you must have fun in my ass.”

But at that moment Nat erupted in my ass. One of the greatest sensations of that day was feeling semen in my ass. Nat told me he had to piss me again and then dad would fuck me and I should piss him again. So I said nothing and opened my mouth so my brother’s dick could comfortably piss in there. I was rained again that wonderful yellow river and Nat really believed now I loved the taste. Then he invited my father to fuck me now and Seb was not shy and soon I could feel his dick inside me. At the same time Nat took my cock in his mouth and ordered me to piss, which I did now gladly knowing my hot brother loved the taste of piss. Then as my father fucked me I started to hear his words.

-I think you really like pleasing your family erotically, Rob. But listen to me, and you too, Nat. Not even once you must allow your father or your brother to make something to you that you don’t like. You will be our slave only if this is clear enough for you. Either of us can order you a blowjob for instance. You may have a headache or not feeling like blowing us or whatever. If you say no, it will mean no. We can never go beyond your limits or your desire. This incestuous family would only make sense as long as the three of us are having fun. I mean the three. I think that is BDSM: the master or mistress must have fun, but also the slave. You have to please us, Rob, but never forget we have to please you too. You are our son and brother and we would specially be sweet to you every day. And if you don’t like something, be brave and tell us and that won’t be repeated. It is very funny to have a slave; it may be very funny for you to have two masters and it may be funnier for you to know that they are your brother and your father, so we can go on with this incestuous family but always being sweet to one another and stopping when one of the three feels uncomfortable.

All this time my father’s cock was pleasing my now gay ass. I loved to hear his common sense and I nodded, but didn’t speak because Nat’s mouth was in my mouth all the time. My brother was a sex machine and never stopped stroking my cock or my balls, even my nipples or pits, all my face, everything but my arse, which was occupied now. After five minutes of feeling the pleasure of being gay and incestuous with my father’s dick in my ass and my brother’s entire tenderness all over my body, Seb Friars had to finally fill my ass with his cum. I was glad I had made them both cum in my mouth and in my ass.

-Now, slave, listen to me again –my father told me-. You can make dinner every day and coffee in the morning, but later both my children will be at University. As I come home from work earlier, I will always prepare lunch. We can have dinner now. As I know you want to serve us, you could prepare hamburgers for the three of us and then we shall eat. Let us go now to the kitchen and we can dine naked.

So I started to prepare the three hamburgers, naked in front of my father and my brother, just as I wanted to always be after now, but Nat spoke then.

-I also want to ask Dad for permission, but I want to know what my brother could think. Please, Rob, be very sincere now. I would love to take you to bed tonight. I want to sleep with you and have some more sex.

-You have my permission, Nat, of course. Enjoy yourself and make your brother happier. But say what you want now, Rob.

-Master Nat: I am your slave now, and as your slave it is heaven for me that you are asking me that. But being honest, I want to go to bed with you, not only because I am your slave but because I will always desire to have sex with you.

-Good, Rob, but you must understand this now: you will be my slave all day but not in bed. When we are in bed I just want us both to have sex and I want to make you know the gay pleasures you still don’t know: I want to blow you, I want you to fuck a man, and even take you to g-spot.

-Nat, should it not be me who takes his family to g-spot first?

-I want you to know this great pleasure and if you finally think you would like to give such great pleasure to your family, tomorrow you can. But tonight in bed you must know what pleasure it is to be pleased by a man. So I beg you please to call me only Nat when we go to bed.

The three hamburgers were ready and I put them on the table. My father then mentioned he would eat later when both his children had eaten. He was sitting in the middle; Nat was on his left and I was on his right and unexpectedly he grasped both our cocks and started to jack both his children off.

-Now eat. I will eat when both of you have finished and have cum.

-Then Dad –Nat said-, it should be our three cocks that are having fun at the same time. I don’t need two hands to eat, so I would like to jack you off.

-Well, Nat, you can now.

And soon his left hand was on my daddy’s cock too. I couldn’t believe it: I was the slave but everyone wanted to please everyone. And my father wasn’t gay. But it was obvious the three of us were having fun. It is a highly recommendable experience to be wanked as you are eating. I had pleased both but both wanted me to have all possible fun and they were willing to give me hot experiences. My sweet father’s hand was on my cock and on my brother’s and he said he would jack off both his children every day, for he was enjoying not only Nat’s hand on his dick but his hand on ours. In addition he was touching our bodies so we could touch his body and have fun, for he knew Nat was gay and desired him and at that time he guessed I was gay too. Nat and I could hardly finish our dinners this way but soon I told my father I was cumming and he said I could but I should stain his hand; I did and then he came on the floor and Nat was the third one. Now my father told me to eat all three cums and I did: first my father’s cum, for he had been chronologically my first master; then I ate my brother’s and then mine. Then my father started to eat and we remained there watching him, but all the time touching one another. When he had also finished his hamburger, Nat asked me to come to bed with him but first my father said.

-Now have all the fun you can have. You know that you can have sex before me whenever you want and you can also have sex in private and then tell me or not, as you prefer. But first, I want to kiss both your mouths. It will be my blessing so my children know Dad finds it all ok.

He beckoned me to him and ardently kissed my mouth for a while. Then he did the same to Nat and they were kissing for a long time.

-Now come to bed with me, my hot brother. It is your time for pleasure. And please call me Nat now.

-You are so hot, Nat. Hope you have fun now too.

He asked me to be first to enter our bed and I chose the left side. Then he came in. it is an impossible to describe pleasure to feel my brother’s naked body touching mine. With no words, he started kissing me and we were like this for five minutes while at the same time he touched all my body. I was on fire. Then when I wasn’t expecting it, he started licking my balls and soon my cock was in my brother’s mouth. Having a man blowing me was such a great experience that I couldn’t help but moaning very loud and Nat liked to feel the pleasure he was giving me. I was not his slave now and had to allow him. Then I knew for certain I would always prefer a man blowing you. He was so sweet. Even during the blowjob he never stopped touching me and my whole skin stood on end. I knew I was cumming soon and asked my brother if he would like to swallow my jizz. He said he would and I instantly filled my brother’s mouth with my semen. And I had to tell him that had been my best orgasm ever.

Now he began to lick my pits and my feet. I was discovering sensations. Never before had I been licked balls, pits or feet. When he was in my pits, he asked me not to go to the shower the entire week. I promised I would not, for I was not his slave now, but I would be again and I wanted my master to give me orders so I could please him and I wanted him to enjoy my perfume as I had previously enjoyed his. He was at least five minutes in each of my pits, and now he started with my feet. Again more than five minutes in each of my feet. I think there was not a single pore he didn’t lick. I was on fire again even though I had already blasted my load. All that time I could only say thank you and thank you, oh thank you, Nat. But finally he asked me to turn. He was going to please my ass now.

I thought I could not have a greater pleasure that day but I was wrong. He was a long while groping my ass erotically and then he dared sniff my crack and praised the smell, but he asked me not to wash anything in a week, but my arse every day. Then he started to work my greatest pleasure with his tongue. He really liked the taste and was rock hard hearing my moans and saying once and again I was the man he had always desired to have sex with. My moans were increasingly louder as I was feeling the greatest possible pleasure. My brother’s tongue knew how to move to be an ocean of bliss. At times he talked to ask me if I was having enough fun and I had to sincerely answer that I had thought such pleasure was impossible. “Have fun, you hot man”, he said. I was reaching paradise and he never got tired. He really liked my ass. I think it took him about 50 minutes to make me reach g-spot. I suddenly felt a convulsion, like a volcano erupting, and I couldn’t even talk as I was cumming. He looked at me with a shining face and then said something I was not expecting:

-Rob, I’m falling in love with you.

My first reaction was instant. I embraced Nat fondly and kissed him for a couple of minutes. Then I had to talk.

-Never could I have so much sexual pleasure as I am having with my brother. And you are so sweet with me. I want to fall in love with you now, but I promise I may come to your bed every night if you wish. I will be your slave during the day and if you want, I can be your boyfriend all day and only your boyfriend in bed. Now I surrender to you, and I’m yours, Nat.

-And I’m yours, Rob.

-We belong to each other now. I don’t need a woman at this time of my life, and I really prefer to live with you as your partner and share my life with you. I only ask you please to let me be your slave during the day and if you don’t want to beat me, ok, I understand, but please order me things every day.

-Will you do everything I ask you?

-I will, Nat.

-Then I want you to know that I even want to eat your shit.

-Nat, I am your slave and boyfriend. I want you to have every possible pleasure I can give you. But I am still waiting for you to answer me that we are really a couple now.

-We are as far as you want to be my partner. I think we should have to tell our father in the morning.

-Of course, Nat. He’s the only person who can now we are a couple and I think he will understand and bless us.

-Now, Rob, you have to fuck me.

-Whatever you ask me, my sweet boyfriend. I swear I will put my soul into it now, cause I know you desire your brother and boyfriend’s cock in your arse.

I didn’t hesitate and soon my dick was wriggling in Nat’s wonderful ass. I grasped his dick at the same time and with my other hand I was a long time caressing his chest and his face, going down slowly to his neck and then I kissed him ardently. I thought I had been fucking men for years as I was enjoying the pleasure to fuck an ass and my brother’s desire was teaching me how to move. We never stopped kissing but I also had to talk.

-Nat, as your boyfriend you have to let me blow you in bed too. And to please you.

-Now we will always sleep together and after tomorrow night, we can do anything we want. I can blow you and you can blow me; I can fuck you and you can fuck me, and so on. You will be my slave during the day because I know my boyfriend has also some masochistic needs I will take care of, but in the night, we are a standard couple.

-Good, my darling.

-My darling?

-Of course I will use sweet names for my boyfriend now.

Nat was crying and I began to cry out of joy then.

-I know we are engaged now, but it is still difficult for me to assimilate –Nat said.

-I will make you believe that this sensation we are feeling is true, my darling. I think I have to cum, Nat. I love fucking my brother.

-Cum whenever you have to. You will fuck me every day now.

And as he was saying “now”, I filled my brother’s beautiful ass with my cum and he stained the sheets cumming again. But I was sure of what I was going to say now.

-Nat, listen to me now. This has been the most important day of my life and when I was not expecting something new today, still one more thing I had to feel. I want you to be quite sure of the truth of what I am going to say. Look at me, Nat: I am also in love with you now. So, I want to share my life with you, my love. I was made for you.

-You thought you could not feel something new and I can’t believe I still had to become the happiest man on Earth.

-Let us kiss now.

We were passionately kissing and caressing for almost half an hour, two joyful men who had discovered happiness that night. After that time we remembered that we should get some sleep and tried, but it was not easy. We were both looking forward to tell our Dad the next day and we both agreed that we could go on having sex with that hot man, Sebastian Friars. But I think after an hour and a half of sweetly living our first night as a couple, we fell asleep. In the morning I woke up when Nat was already awake. He kissed me and told me he was waiting for me to wake up in order to kiss me. We were like this for a couple of minutes and then I suggested putting our clothes on and going to breakfast.

-I think we needn’t, my love –said Nat-. I think Dad will go to the kitchen totally nude, and even if he doesn’t, now none of this family needs to ever have any clothes on.

So we went to breakfast naked and our dad was there sitting comfortably naked too. When he saw our happy faces, he congratulated us for the wonderful night, he guessed, we had just had. Then I said nothing but approached Nat’s mouth to mine and kissed him.

-Dad, my brother and I are now engaged –I said.

-Congratulations to both. I won’t say now what I was going to say.

-Please, Dad, say what you want –Nat told him.

-Last night in bed I have been wanking for more than an hour thinking of what happened here yesterday and I thought I wanted this pleasure to last for years but I had to go further. Your taking your brother to bed, Nat, made me think I wanted to do the same and I should try every gay experience with both of you. So I wanted to take Rob to bed tonight and be fucked by him; I wanted to blow him and everything. And tomorrow night I intended to go to bed with you, Nat, and please you too.

-Dad –said Nat-, Rob and I want to have sex with you every day. We will never be jealous if the third man is you. I will miss my boyfriend tonight in bed but I want you to go to bed with him and please him. But please be sure you want to have gay sex with us. Rob and I can give each other everything we need now; he’s even promised that I can taste his shit.

-And I can taste his shit.

-I will try anything, even shit –my father said-, with both of you. Don’t worry about me.

And then we finished breakfast and put our clothes back on. Then my father put his fireman uniform on again, kissed us and left. Nat and I went to college. Both are faculties were close. I spent the morning thinking that I would soon be back home where I would be again a slave for both my father and my brother, I would have sex with my brother boyfriend again and tonight I would go to bed with my father. I could hardly concentrate on my studies but somehow I managed. At 2, an hour after my brother finished his classes, I started to walk back home. When I finally arrived I found both of them sitting naked on the couch waiting for me and asked me again if I still wanted to be their slave. When I said of course, Nat told me they wanted me to blow both of them and then take them both to g-spot. I started my slave hours again and I still had two masters: today, I would be in heaven again.


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