Chapter 2 – Becoming my brother’s slave.

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So in the living-room we were waiting for the arrival of my brother Nat. I knew he was an open-minded man and I really believed he would not get shocked at seeing his brother totally nude when he came home. My father and I were together in the couch, kissing and caressing. He had his clothes on but I was stark naked as a slave should be. After some minutes my father asked me something.

-I have to piss, Rob, and I really wonder if you would like to drink it.

-Yes, Dad, please, piss in my mouth.

-I hope it does not disgust you. I can start and you will make a gesture with your hand asking me to stop or to go on. I can go to the toilet and finish, or finish in your stomach, as you prefer. At least, you can have a taste of my dirty cock. You will tell me. You can be my slave naked before me and jacking me off. You needn’t go further. Shall I piss you?

-Dad, please, piss my stomach.

-So, open your mouth. I will stick my cock in there.

Then my father’s cock was indeed inside my mouth. I was horny as hell with his taste and had to tell him I really liked it. I was wondering if I could be gay with them. Wonderful taste. But so aroused I was thinking of the taste of my father’s dick that I was forgetting he was gonna piss and suddenly a stream of my father’s pee started to fall into my throat. I couldn’t believe it but the first taste of man’s piss drove me crazy. I wanted to be my father’s urinal once and again. Of course I told him with my hand that he could go on, and he was then three minutes pissing my stomach. When he finished I asked him please to piss in my mouth as many times he desired and asked him please to sooner or later allow me to suck his tasty cock. But now we should wait for Nat’s arrival. We were tenderly kissing and caressing for one more hour. My father even pissed me one more time. I also needed to piss later. I stood up and of course pissed in the toilet. I had hardly had any time to sit again when we heard the key in the door. Nat had come back.

-What the fuck? –he said when he noticed I was there comfortably sitting on the couch totally nude.

-Sit down, Nat –My father said. He then sat on an armchair left of the couch-. I will explain you now why your brother is naked, but first I want to ask you something. I really like you, my son, and I will like you just as much whatever answer you give me. So the question is: are you gay, Nat?

-Oh, my God. One comes home one evening and finds his brother totally nude and his father asking me if I am gay.

-Well, you can answer me. Nothing will happen, believe me.

-I’m gay, Dad –he was frightened now.

-Come here and hug me, Nat.

My father then gave him a big hug and calmed him down telling him once and again he really liked him.

-I think Rob should put his clothes back on, Dad.

-Do you have a hard on with his nudity?

-Difficult questions go on. Well, Dad, think whatever you want, but I have wanked over Rob for years and I will always have a boner with his nudity.

-I don’t care you like watching your brother naked. In fact, I will explain now why he is like that. He and I have had a curious conversation this afternoon which had led your brother to even please me sexually. But let Rob say something too.

-In fact, Nat, I want to be your slave, daddy’s slave and yours, but first of all I wanna thank you for repeatedly beating and humiliating me. And I wanna ask you to go on. I love it when you beat me.

-Your brother and I have had a conversation this afternoon in which I have known with some fear that he considers himself an extreme masochist and he has told me extreme things he would like for himself, but I don’t like him to be so extreme. I must confess I have been a sadistic man for years and have had three women slaves. Well, maybe I tell you but I don’t think you would like to know what a pig your father is.

-You can’t be pigger than me, Dad. You can tell me.

-I’ve used women’s mouths as toilets and I always stink for them.

-And I have used men’s mouths as toilets and I stink, even right now.

-And would you like to do that to me, Nat?

-I’ve thought about it many times, Rob. When wanking over you, you have even eaten my shit.

-I wish I could.

-Well, Nat, first let me tell you what has happened here this afternoon. Rob has even jacked me off and drank my piss.

My father was then for a quarter of an hour summarizing him our previous conversation in the living room and our coffee later in the kitchen, when I was naked and undressed him and jacked him off as I was jerking myself off. He even told him he had pissed twice in my mouth as we were waiting for him.

-So I want to ask you permission –my father said to my brother- to keep using your brother as my slave. If he is my slave, he must be naked before me, has at least to jack me off and drink my piss and he has to serve me. And I think he would like to ask you some things.

-Nat, please, I would like to be your slave too. I can sexually please you the way you desire. You can even fuck me and…

-Even before me –my father interrupted me.

-Or I can be your personal toilet. Or please you and serve you anyway you like.

-Are you seriously asking me to be your master, Rob?

-Please, Nat. I would like to call you master Nat and be at your service. I would like to be my family slave and be your slave. You can even beat me. Oh, please do, I beg you.

-I could be your master. But I really like you, Rob. And I don’t want to beat you now I know how brave and tender you are.

-Never forget, Nat, he is your brother, even if he became your slave. We could both make him finish his studies and become a good mathematician. He could serve us in the afternoons but he should go to college every morning. I want him to enjoy his slave life with us, knowing he can stop this madness whenever he feels uncomfortable. We won’t follow social rules. The three of us can have some fun with this and at the same time be tender with one another. It is obvious this is pleasant for Rob. It is pleasant for me because I know that by doing this I am making your brother happier. And it can be pleasant for you, cause you like your brother and now you can have sex with him, with that hot man you have so often wanked over. So you can even use him and so far you can give him next to me a slave life. If you really want you can use him right now. But so you feel absolutely comfortable to use him, I will take my clothes off now and in a while the three of us could be happily naked together. For your brother being naked is after now an obligation. But you and I can be naked whenever we want.

-Dad, you’d better not take your clothes off or you will have to see how your elder son also has a boner with you. You also have a sexy body. I have never wanked over you, but I could after today.

-You can have a boner with me as your brother has, why not?

-I may desire blowing you, Dad, or your cock in my ass.

-That may be possible or not. You can blow me only if I am willing to blow you. I can fuck you if you previously fuck me. Or else, nothing will happen. And I would also have to please Rob. But come here, Nat. I’ve already kissed Rob and now I am going to kiss you.

-You don’t have to, dad, please. You are not gay.

-My fun will be different now. I wanna be tender with both my children. Kiss me, Nat.

And then they had an endless kiss. My father even stroked Nat’s crotch, very hard at the moment and asked his son to touch him if he felt like. Nat was not shy and stroked my father’s cock now while with his other hand he started to touch my cock. I must admit I liked the way Nat touched. It was obvious that the three of us were horny. Then my father started to take off his clothes telling both his children that they could touch him once and again. When he had only taken off his shirt, he kissed me again and touched my cock. Then he took off his shoes and socks and I could perfectly see Nat was harder with my father’s smell. He wasn’t shy now either and he took off his trousers and briefs. I already knew Sebastian Friars’ cock but Nat didn’t and he now was absolutely horny and wanted to touch it, but my father stopped him telling him he could touch his cock when he was naked too and he could do the same with his son’s dick.

-I really want to use our slave now, but I don’t know where to begin.

-I suggest you then you can order him to undress you and he can jack you off later.

-Do you feel like pissing, master Nat? –I asked my brother.

-I have just pissed in the bar downstairs, but I will have to piss again soon.

-Then, please, master Nat, let me take your clothes off and then you can piss in my mouth before I jack you off. I love the taste of piss.

-I will if you piss in my mouth too when you feel like pissing.

-But I don’t want to piss you, master Nat.

-You will have to if you want to be my slave. Either you are willing to piss me or I won’t piss you. I love the taste of piss and wanna taste yours and even dad’s.

-You will piss Rob and the next time you have to piss, you will piss your father or I won’t and Rob has to do the same: your first pee will be for Nat but the second time you have to piss it will be for me. We will all be piss drinkers and none of us will go to the toilet today.

I had no chance but to accept this situation and asked permission to my brother to start undressing him and touching him. He said ok and all the time with one of my hands on his crotch, making it even harder, I started to touch everything of his face. Unexpectedly he kissed me too and told me “go on, you hot and brave man. You are driving me crazy.”

-Do you like it?

-You seem to have been touching men all your life. You can go on, if it is pleasant for you.

I stroked his crotch hectically and then I could see that in that precise moment my father started jacking off, driving crazy both Nat and me. I was fast now with his shoes and socks and then I drove my brother’s crotch crazy before removing his trousers and boxers. My brother’s nudity aroused me. He was hard as stone. I asked him please to piss me before I jacked him off. He said ok and asked me to take his cock in my mouth, which I did, and very soon he started to pee. I loved the flavour too and started to wank so he could see I was having a lot of fun with his pee. He was then calmly using my mouth as urinal for a couple of minutes. When he finished I started to jack him off asking him to let me savour his piss all night, but he stopped my hand and reminded me I should piss him now or else he wouldn’t allow me to jack him off. I had to finally do it. Nat then put his mouth in my cock and ordered me to piss. I felt bad at the beginning but I could see he started to madly masturbate in that moment and even moaned as he was drinking. Then I knew he was also a piss drinker as I was now and wanted to please him with my pee too and wasn’t shy anymore and filled his mouth with a long stream. He thanked me when I ended and said: “you can jack me off now.”

It was wonderful to see how my father was also wanking as he saw his two children having sex. My brother’s cock was being masturbated and I asked master Nat permission to jerk myself too so our three cocks could be having fun at the same time. He told me I could, and I was for only two minutes jacking Nat off for he blasted his load very soon on my hand. I tasted his cum then and came too and it was a pleasure to see my father was cumming again. I asked master Nat to tell me how I could please him now.

-Ok, slave, my feet really stink. But I want to see if you are able to lick them. Do it.

-I am your slave, master Nat. Be sure I will lick them. Just tell me if it is pleasant for you.

And with no more words I was pleasing his right foot for five minutes and his left foot for other five minutes. He really liked it. I even enjoyed the scent and asked him please to let me give him that pleasure every day. Then he asked me to lick his pits.

It was such an unexpected pleasure Nat’s man scent that it was the first time in my life that was happening to me, fortunately when I was in his left pit, the second one I was pleasing. Not touching myself, the unexpected flavor made me cum and I suddenly stained the floor.

-My smell is much stronger –my father then said-, but I think that first of all our slave should lick my feet and my pits too. Soon you will have your brother back, Nat. Come here and lick my feet, slave.

I did. I was becoming an expert but it was true that the stronger the smell the more I liked it. I felt absolutely gay and hoped I could please those two hot men every day. I really enjoyed giving sex to my family. And I knew now I would always love the smell of sweat, especially of my father and my brother. He looked quite pleased with the way I was having fun that day, and he felt proud that he could be pleasing his son. Then finally he asked me to lick his pits. I knew I was going to cum with this stronger smell and did not even touch myself. I wanted to cum again like that: not having a hand on my cock. I went to his second pit soon for I knew I was cumming and in fact it only took me half a minute to cum. Now I had cum twice with my father and twice with my brother. I couldn’t believe I could cum so many times a day and knew I could still cum many more times that first incestuous slavery day. So I thanked them both and asked them for more sexual pleasure; all I could do for them I would do. They should enjoy as much as I was enjoying. Soon master Nat ordered me to give him a blowjob. I knelt on the floor near the armchair and started licking his balls. He repeatedly moaned and I took longer there. Now I could. I swallowed my brother’s cock at once. Finally I was permitted. I had to drive him crazy now.

It is impossible to describe how I was enjoying my first blowjob. The fact that it was an incestuous sucking even made me hornier. I knew I would like to suck cocks the rest of my life, and even as I knew I shouldn’t talk now, I couldn’t help but asking my brother please to let me blow him every day now and invited my father to be next. He said it would be ok and I continued blowing Nat knowing I would blow my father next. The taste of my brother’s dick was great, so great that I couldn’t help it and started to jerk myself off again after having asked master Nat’s permission. I knew he was horny as hell seeing his brother wanking as he blew him and he had to cum very soon. Of course it was in my mouth. Then he kissed me sweetly and I cummed for the fifth time and he mentioned then he had to pee and asked my father if he really desired it.

-Do you also feel like pissing, Rob?

-I have to, Dad.

-Then we would do this. You will be first to piss my mouth. I’ve pissed many people and I really want to try piss now and know why it drives so many people crazy. You will piss in my mouth. Then it will be Nat’s turn and then I can piss you, Nat. Then, slave, you will blow me. Now, Rob, let me taste your cock and piss me.

I knew my cock was clean and was not frightened when I saw that my father seemed to like the taste. I was shy to piss. I knew both Nat and I were already piss drinkers but I didn’t know what my father could think of the taste. Nevertheless I finally took courage and started to pee. My sweet father started again to jack off as a signal that he wanted to drink all my pee. I could not believe it but we three had become piss drinkers. All of us liked that taste. So my stream was a longer stream now, knowing my father also liked it. Once I finished, he asked Nat to be next and calmed him telling him he had just seen him drinking piss and he had enjoyed it and wanted more. Then my brother’s dick was now inside my father’s mouth and he was pissing him for almost four minutes. Now it was my father who would piss my brother. Nat prepared himself to enjoy again his family’s pee. He was used to drinking piss and he swallowed my father’s hot urine gladly. Now we had all pissed everyone. And I finally heard my father ordering me to blow him, as I was expecting.

I knelt on the floor and started licking his balls. Then I was in a hurry to taste my father’s manhood and really wanted him to cum in my mouth now. He moaned as a madman praising me and saying he did not remember having been given a better blowjob before.

-Thank you for this, Seb –I finally dared to call him-. I want both of you to remember I would not be so extreme as far as I can be my family slave.

I was still sucking my father’s dirty and tasty dick when I heard Nat talk.

-You really seem to have been born to be an incestuous slave. I really like to see your shining face having fun with us. So I would dare ask you: Rob, would you like to please both our cocks at the same time?

-I’d love to, master Nat. Do you want me to blow the two of you together?

-It’s not that. I have to sincerely ask you: would you really like to be fucked?

-Please, master Nat. I’m really enjoying having gay sex today. So sooner or later, I will be fucked by a man, you can be sure. But if you really like me, don’t let any other cock to be the first in my ass. I would really like it to be either my father’s cock or my brother’s cock the first to fuck me.

-Then I will fuck you but you will tell me if you really can stand the pain. If you tell me you don’t like it, I will take it out at once. I really like you, Rob, and I want to please you, not to rape you.

-Come on, master Nat, be brave and fuck me now. Oh, how I desire your dick in my ass.

Then he was brave and I could notice for the first time in my life a cock inside my ass. It was painful but I was a masochist and enjoyed it. There I was now: sucking my father’s dick and having my brother’s cock in my arse.


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