Shortly after moving to Las Vegas I went back home to visit family and drop off a vehicle I borrowed from my parents and pick up my car. The wife wasn't able to come because she had just started a new job, so I was on my own and ready to have some fun. I posted an ad on the Albuquerque Craigslist looking for some action with the dates I would be coming through, both times. The day prior to me leaving I got a few responses but only one had caught my eye.

It read, "23 Hispanic college student, 7.5" uncut, DDF looking to get my dick wet". Attached was a picture of his cock limp and hard. I had never been with a Hispanic guy before so I figured why not. I emailed him back to setup a time a place to meet him. After a little back and forth I was to meet him at his place around 9pm the next night. I was told to wear something slutty and be ready to service his meaty cock.

I left early the next day headed to Albuquerque and stopped by an adult store on the way out of Las Vegas. I picked up some lube, condoms, a pink/black lace halter top with attached garters, black thigh highs, black lace panties and a cock like butt plug then back on the road. After a several hours of driving I pulled off into a rest stop. I reached over and grabbed the bag with my new lingerie and toy. In the parking lot I removed my clothes and carefully put on the lingerie I had bought the before putting on the panties I lubed the plug and popped him in my hungry lil hole.

After getting dressed I put my boy clothes back on and continued to Albuquerque. I finally arrived at the hotel around 6pm and checked in. Unpacking the car I turned on my laptop and plugged in my hard drive for a little tranny porn before I had to meet Carlos at 9. I laid on the bed in my lingerie for the next couple of hours watching porn and fucking myself with the cock plug. My cock was leaking pre-cum like crazy in my panties but I wasn't about to play with myself, at least not until I was allowed to.

Finally, 8pm had come around so I got off the bed, took a shower, put my lingerie back on and plugged myself. Putting my boy clothes back on I jumped in the car about 30 minutes till and drove to the address he gave me. I drove around a little looking for a parking place and finally found one. I got out of the car and walked to his door but before I knocked Carlos opened the door and said "Come In". He shut the door and locked it behind me. He was a fairly attractive man roughly 5'7" short hair wearing boxers.

I stood there a little nervous as I always am initially while he looked me over then slapped my ass causing a slight moan. Carlos chuckled and ordered me to strip. I thought damn, he seems to be very assertive for a younger man and did as I was told. I left my clothes at the door and he led me into a room in the back that had a lamp and a mattress with covers. He laid down on the mattress and I kneeled between his legs.

"Well slut, it isn't going to suck itself" Carlos said. I reached for his waist band and began pulling his boxers down. He was about 4" limp and a lot of foreskin, I was in heaven getting ready to have my first uncut cock. I took his cock in my mouth and sucked him for all I was worth. I took his cock out of my mouth and licked and sucked his smooth balls with his cock on my face. He would reach down every now and then to grab his cock and slap me with it.

After a while of sucking his cock nice he had me get in the 69 position, pulled my panties to the side and tapped the plug. "Looks like this little slut wants a cock in her pussy, does the slut want a cock in her pussy?" he asked. I moaned and looked back begging him to fuck me. He removed the plug and popped it back in fucking me with the toy like a mad man. Uncontrollable moans came from my mouth vibrating his cock as he furiously fucked me with my plug while spanking my ass.

He completely ignored my cock as he fucked my pussy so I started reaching back to play with myself and of course him while he used my hole. I had just grabbed it when he stopped, moved my hand away and pulled my cock backwards causing excruciating pain. He let go, spanked my ass, replaced the plug and my panties then told me to stand. I quickly stood, looking down as if I was in trouble when he stood up in front of me. His massive 7.5" uncut cock sticking straight out in all its glory while my 5"cut cock was still hiding in its panty prison.

I glance up when Carlos pulls my panties down to my knees. He grabs my cock and puts it on top of his then looks at me. "Whose cock is bigger slut" he says. "You are Sir" I replied. "Then why the hell do you think you can touch yourself when you are taking care of my needs, that's why I brought you over here right slut, to take care of me" he yelled at me. "I am so sorry Sir, I will not touch it again unless you allow me to" Carlos let go of our cocks and told me to hide my pathetic excuse of a cock and continue servicing his needs.

I pulled my panties back up and dropped to my knees. He continued punishing me, slapping my face with his cock then throat fucking me, gagging me like a worthless slut. This only went on for a few minutes when he laid back down. I quickly continued sucking his cock and playing with his balls. I looked up at him and asked him if he would like to fuck me to which he replied "No slut, I don't fuck faggots I just like them giving me blow jobs now finish me off and you can fuck yourself late."

I was a little disappointed but the thought that he only had me dress up to come over and suck his cock was also very hot. I was being used as a total cock sucking whore and seemed to love it so much. I continued worshiping his cock for a while when he said he was about to cum. He pushed me off him stood up and ordered me up too. He pulled the front of my panties and beat off into them, shooting load after load of his creamy juice into my panties all over my little cock. When he was finished he let go of my panties and pushed me to my knees to clean him up.

"That's a little present for you to play with yourself later slut, make sure none of it goes to waste." I stood up, got dressed at the door and left. When I got back to the hotel I couldn't get undressed fast enough. My panties where soiled with his huge load of cum. I grabbed my cock covered in his cum and beat off until finally shooting my own load in my panties too. After getting off, I cleaned my hand and scooped the rest from my cock and panties eating every last drop I could find and finally sucking what I could from my soiled panties.

After resting a little I cleaned up the room, packed my lingerie and toy in a special bag and went to sleep. I awoke the next morning still hornier than ever and headed out arriving at my parents' house later that night.



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