I moved to the great city of Las Vegas in mid-summer of 2012. Being in a new place is always a challenge but finding a man or men who like using a married cross-dressing slut seems even harder. As funny as this seems, I have been unsuccessful in finding cock on my AFF site so when the wife planned a summer trip to her parents I decided to try Craigslist. Yeah I know, Craigslist is not really the place I wanted to go but I needed cock and the toys where just not doing it anymore.

I placed an ad on Craigslist the day before the wife was leaving hoping to get something setup since she was only going to be gone a few days. I received many replies but most of them were duds except for this one guy Kevin. He is an Asian American, 36 years old, recently divorced, smooth, 5'6" tall with black hair and a 6.5" cut cock. He told me I could come to his place Saturday night, wear the slutiest thing I had under plain clothes, and bring lube and a toy for him to use on me. He gave me his address to an apartment complex off east Sahara and told me to call when I arrived.

That Saturday evening I took a nice long bath, fucked myself in the tub using my dildo, shaved and got dressed. I wore a pair of black thigh highs with lace trim top, black garters, multicolored pink G-string, purple and white checkered skirt that barely covered my ass with a matching top that tied around my neck. I grabbed my medium butt plug inserting in my tight pussy and proceeded to put on my regular clothes. Grabbing my dildo and a bottle of lube I left the house, hopped in the car and plugged his address in the navigation.

I arrived at the apartments around 9pm or so and drove around looking for a place to park. Not being able to find a place I thought I could park I almost left when Kevin called "Was that you that just passed the front?" I replied "Yes Sir, was that you at the front office area?" "Yes, pull around back and I will meet you there." I drove around back and found a decent space, grabbed my stuff and locked the car. Walking through the complex I ran into Kevin, he seemed like a nice guy until we got into his apartment.

Locking the door behind us he ordered me to strip my clothes so he could get a look at me. Taking the dildo and lube from my pockets I removed my clothes leaving them at the front door. He has a couch sitting straight across from his big screen TV and on the TV is a she-male porno.

As soon I was down to my lingerie, I dropped to my knees and started taking is cock. Feeling him grow in my mouth was very pleasing, knowing I gave him this hard on. Now rock hard, he started face fucking me like a mad man, pulling out and rubbing his sloppy wet cock on my face before shoving it back in. Pulling out again he takes a seat on the couch, I crawl between his legs as he watches the porno on TV. Licking and sucking every inch from his balls to his cock until he was finally ready to fuck me.

Having me lay on the comforter on the floor, he grabs my dildo, lubes it up and removes the plug from my cunt then slowly working the dildo in and out of me while I continuing to take care of his cock. Pulling the dildo out, he lifts my legs and plows into me like a freight train pumping like he hasn't had a piece of ass in years. Fucking me only a few minutes he pulls out and shoves his cock back down my throat.

From what I can tell, this went on for about 20-30 minutes before he grabs a chair from his dining room area and sets it in the living room. Pulling me up and placing me on the chair with my ass hanging off he roughly pumped his cock back in. Taking full advantage of my open and abused pussy, he grabs my hips and continues plowing his cock balls deep. All I could do is moan like a bitch in heat as he pounded away at me like his fuck toy. He continued for several minutes at this pace before pulling out and sitting down on the couch.

I quickly took this as my queue to get off the chair and service his engorged member with my dirty mouth. Carefully getting off the chair, I dropped to my knees and crawled between his legs. Without a word he grabbed the back of my head and shoved his cock in my mouth, forcing me to gag as he face fucked me. Finally removing his hand he allowed me to worship his cock and balls rubbing my hands up and down his shaft as I tended to his low hanging orbs. He ordered me to lick his taint and as I did he rubbed his cock all over my face while calling me all the names in the book. Little did he know how much being called names like that really gets me going even more. The more names he called me the hornier and sluttier I became until I finally came back up for his cock and he pushed me away.

I knew my place and as I was now laying on my back on the floor, I lifted my legs and spread my cheeks allowing his easy access to what he really wanted. Lowering himself from the couch, he knelt between my legs aligning the tip to my used cunt and shoved it balls deep. The feeling of being fucked hard and deep with his balls slapping my ass was so exhilarating I started begging him to fuck me harder and harder. I needed his cum so badly, I pleaded for him to shoot his load to give me that thick hot load of his manly juice. Everything together must have been more than he could take as he pulled out and shot several huge spurts all over my chest.

Finally spent, he brought his cock to me to clean for him and told me that I could cum now too. I took my little clit in my hand but was told to wait. Kevin got up, grabbed the dildo, lubed it up and started fucking me. After the dildo was in he allowed me to start pumping. Needless to say this only took seconds at most and I shot my load all over my chest even catching a couple of spurts on my chin. I laid there for a few minutes cleaning the cum up before getting up and taking a shower and walking back to my car a little bow legged.



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