About 3 years after I was fucked by the man in Fort Worth, I moved to Florida. I was still a member on the AFF site and was emailed by a man in his late 30's. His name was Eric and he wanted me to come over and pleasure him like a dirty slut. I had started riding a motorcycle and decided to set something up with him figuring I could get away for a little telling the wife I was going on a bike ride. Unfortunately he didn't want me wearing any panties, all he wanted is to use me.

I got dressed, put my helmet and jacket on then headed out the door telling the wife I would be back in a couple of hours. I drove down to Wal-Mart and called him. He told me to follow Caramel Drive to Hart Street and he would be on the left. He said there was a Ford pickup I could park next to. I finally found the truck he was talking about and parked my bike beside it. He met me at the 7 foot tall wooden gate that surrounded the mobile home he lived in.

He stood roughly 5'8" with a decent swimmers type body. As we walked inside Eric gave my ass a little slap coming in behind me leaving the front door open as I sat my riding gear down beside a chair. Eric took a seat on this old brown couch and the next thing I knew another guy came out from the back of the mobile home. He introduced himself as Andrew the top of their relationship, he was 5'10" with a big belly, and said I was his present to Eric. A little shocked I shook his hand and he sat beside Eric on the couch.

Eric: Why did you come here today?

Me: To be your slut Sir.

Eric: Then strip bitch and let us see what we are working with

I was really nervous as I have only been with a couple of guys at this point and never 2 guys at the same time.

Me: Would it be ok to close the door Sir?

Eric: Don't worry about the door bitch and strip now!

With a very dominant tone I quickly entered the submissive role and shed my clothes to not upset him more. As I was removing my clothes Eric and Andrew had done the same. They sat on the couch naked, Eric with a thin 7"cut cock and Andrew with a 5"cut cock but almost as thick as a coke can.

Eric: Get down on all fours and crawl to our cocks bitch

I dropped to the ground and crawled like a sexy slut to their cocks, bouncing from Eric's to Andrew's cock. Barely able to take much of Andrews as I could barely open my mouth around his head. Back and forth from one to the other sucking, gagging and slobbering all over their cocks for 20 minutes or so then Andrew just got up and walked off. I focused my full attention on Eric's cock, worshiping his manhood and making sweet love to his shiny pre cum leaking head.

Paying attention to Eric I was fully caught off-guard when Andrew returned and poured a generous amount of cold lube to my ass. Taking my head off Eric I turned then moaned as Andrew put one of his fat fingers in me. Grabbing my head, Eric brought me back to his hard-on.

Andrew: Damn Eric, this bitch has one tight ass. You are going to love fucking this slut.

All I could do was moan on Eric's cock as he finger fucked me, thinking Eric was getting first dibs on fucking me but found out I was wrong. As Andrew withdrew his finger he was quick to replace it with his very thick cock. It took him several minutes of pushing and working his fingers but finally opened me up enough to get the head in. Moaning like an in heat whore, mostly due to pain, I continued working on Eric as his partner fucked me like a rabid dog.

Eric: Well, maybe I should have fucked you first seeing's how you are really tight. At least you would have been able to take him a little easier huh slut.

Andrew fucked me for what seemed like hours but really was only a few minutes and with one final thrust he plowed into me slapping my ass as he filled me up with his seed. He held his cock in me until he went limp and slid out. I could feel the cum as it slowly started working its way out of my now gapping cunt.

Andrew: Now your lubed and opened enough Eric can really fuck you like the slut you are

I knew that was my cue, I quickly got up and facing Eric I straddled his cock and took him to the hilt. Riding his cock like a cowgirl, moaning like the bitch I was he took his hands on my hips and slammed me down every time I went up. I could tell at this pace he wasn't going to last long and he knew it too. Slamming me down once more he held me firmly planted on his cock.

Eric: Get up, turn around and sit slowly on my cock

My legs were weak but I stood up shaking, turned around, bent over grabbing his cock and sat back down. Now reverse cowgirl, I slowly rode him again while he spanked my ass. Andrew now standing in front of me rubbed his limp cock on my face and like magic my mouth opened for him. Cleaning his cock while riding his partner.

Finally removing his cock from my mouth he gets down on his knees. Now, when I am with a man or men my pleasure comes from servicing them not from them sucking me or even jacking me off. Never the less, Andrew deepthroats me. From this point it doesn't take long as I'm riding a cock and now getting sucked off. I ended up cumming in most likely record time and no sooner than me cumming Eric shoots his massive load deep in my cunt.

Eric: You are tight slut even after Andrew fucked you, put your hand under that ass as I pull out so you can taste what real men taste like.

Placing my hand to catch both of their cum from running out of my worn out pussy they show me to the bathroom. Sitting on the toilet they watch as I licked the dirty cum from my ass. They allowed me to do a quick clean up, handed me my clothes and showed me out. That was the first and last time I ever had a threesome but not for a lack of trying. I have since fantasized about having 2,3 and even 4 men using me as a filthy fucktoy. Maybe one of these days that might actually happen.



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