My second time with a man was a long time after my first. I ended up curving my cravings with phone sex and online chatting. That is when I really learned of my desire to wear women's lingerie. I had this one guy who I was chatting with online who wanted to do phone sex but he wanted me to wear panties. Well I know I could have lied about wearing them but of course I am submissive in nature when it comes to cock. I went to the laundry and put on a pair of my wife's thongs and he called me verbally using and abusing me like a two dollar whore. I loved every second of the phone sex and have been doing it ever since as much as I can anyways. That's when I happened upon the Adult Friend Finder site and signed up for a free profile.

Four years later I met this guy, John who was 29, on AFF who really liked my profile and pictures of me wearing my wife's panties. He lived in Fort Worth and I was planning a trip to Wichita Falls in a couple of months. We talked through email over the next couple of months talking about how he wanted me to come over and be his bitch, in panties of course.

I finally got the news that I was going to the school. I emailed John and let him know I would be in his area in about a week. He emailed me back a couple of days later with his number and told me to call when I was there. I arrived at the school the next week on a Sunday. I started school Monday and got out early that Friday around noon. After I got back to my room, I stripped, took a shower and shaved my tight boipussy till it was baby smooth.

I grabbed the panties I brought with me, a pair of pink multicolor satin thongs that tie on the sides placed them in my bag and headed home. A few hours later I arrived at my house. I went out the first night to the local Adult Video Store in hopes for some action but found nothing. Sunday morning came around, I got up and took a nice warm bath. I didn't put on the thongs as my parents were in the other room and could have walked in at an inopportune time.

I loaded my stuff in the car and said bye as I headed back to Wichita Falls. As I was getting closer to Fort Worth I pulled my cell out and called John when I was about 20 minutes away from Dallas. Unfortunately I didn't get an answer but left a message asking him to call back. About an hour went by and no call from John, I figured he changed his mind or something so I headed out of Fort Worth.

Roughly 15 minutes out of Fort Worth he calls me, "Hey slut, you still up for some cock" to which I replied "Yes Sir, I just left Fort Worth but give me about 20-30 minutes and I will call you back as soon as I get closer." John told me to make sure my panties where on before I arrived at his place and hung up the phone.

I was about 5-10 minutes away from his exit when I pulled into a mall parking lot. I found the most secluded part of the lot and pulled my pants down, pulled the panties out of my bag and put them on tucking my little clit between my legs. I sat there for a moment, lit a cigarette and called John back as I drove back on the highway. "Hello Sir, I am about to reach your exit, can you tell me where to go from there" he replied "After you get off turn right, head down to the gas station and I live in the apartment complex across the street."

I hung the phone up and headed to his place. Unable to find his exact apartment I called him back, this time he just walked out to the street and waved. I crossed the road and pulled up where he was standing. John was about 5'10", stocky, short brown hair and I later saw his cock was about 7" and average thickness. I stepped out of the car and followed him to his place.

As soon as we entered he took over and ordered me to strip. I pulled my shirt off, then my shoes and socks and finally dropped my pants. I stood there in nothing but my thong as he walked around me, slapped my ass then grabbed my clit through the thongs. "What a small cock you have slut but a nice ass, I look forward to warring it out" to which I replied "Thank you Sir" and followed him to the living room where he was watching a football game.

He had me take his clothes off releasing a 5" semi hard man cock then laid down on the couch. "What are you waiting for slut work that mouth on my cock." Kneeling on the floor beside the couch I licked the tip of his cock then took him in my mouth. I looked up every now and then to see his face but he wasn't paying any attention to me sucking his cock just kept watching the game. His cock was growing hard and bigger in my mouth, and I have to admit I really loved the idea that my mouth was pleasing his cock.

John: Get your ass up here and ride my cock now slut!

I stood up ready to take my panties off but he told me to leave them on. I straddled him on the couch as instructed in the reverse cowgirl position, pulled the thong to the side while he held his cock at the entrance of my hungry cunt. Lowering down I slowly took him in my pussy with nothing but my spit as lube. I have to admit he wasn't as big as my first but it hurt like hell.

He grabbed my hips as his cock got deeper and slammed me down on him. Letting out a moan I ground my ass into him and started riding him like a bitch in heat. Every time I went down he would slap my ass, I rode him for another few minutes until he pushed me off.

John: Clean your pussy off my dick bitch

I didn't say a word quickly cleaning his cock as ordered until he told me to get on the couch as he wanted me to suck him while he ate my pussy. I got in the 69 position sucking his cock for all it was worth while he ate me out. The moaning on his cock must have really got to him because he stopped eating me out and pushed me off the couch. Again he ordered me to ride him this time cowgirl style.

I straddled his cock again this time taking him a little easier. Bouncing up and down he took my clit in his hand and started playing with it but only for a moment. He released my cock, grabbed my hips again and slammed me up and down on his hard rod. Feeling as though he was ready to explode I rode a little faster but little did I know he wasn't done yet.

John: Get off bitch and suck me some more, show me how much you want that cock

I jump off again sucking my pussy juices off his cock. Licking his balls while slowly jacking him off. Then all of a sudden he stands up, my hand still on his stiff pole. I release my hand as he bends down, grabbing my arms to lift me up. He turns me around and pushes me on the couch, pulling my legs we walks to the side of the couch and lifts my ass up on the armrest. He spits on his hand, rubs his cock and positions it to my waiting hole.

Without thinking I begged him to fuck me and that was all it took. He rammed his cock in me, his balls hitting my ass with each stroke. I continued to beg for him, harder harder please fuck me. He fucked me hard and fast for a few more minutes then pulled out and shot his hot sticky load on my clit. He ordered me to clean up the cum, so scoop by scoop I took the cum and ate every last drop.

When I was finished, he took my clitty in his hand and jacked me off. This only took at most a minute as I was so worked up. This load went all over my chest and again I was told to clean up. John started walking to the bathroom and asked if I wanted to get cleaned up before I left.

I joined him in the shower where he had me suck his cock before washing it. Then out of the blue he turned me around, lifted my right leg and proceeded to shove his cock back in my well used cunt. I kept thinking that he couldn't cum again right? How wrong I was, he pounded me even harder than before it seemed this time calling me names while spanking my ass. A good 15 minutes of him pounding me hard, really using me for his pleasure and he finally pulled out and shot his second load on my back.

Letting me go he turns to get a washcloth and lathers up the starts washing my back and down to my ass. After I was finished being washed, I took the washcloth and did the same although I spent my time around his gorgeous cock that really fucked me good. We dried off and I got dressed walking out the door. The whole drive back to school I played with my clitty cumming once more this time in my panties before I got back to my room.



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