I would like to start this with a little about myself. I got married when I was 20 years old and had never really been with a guy or even thought about it. I joined the Air Force a few months later and went to boot camp. Upon graduating we moved to our first duty station and roughly 6 months later I took leave so we could visit family in Texas. That is when and where I had my first cock. This story is true with the exceptions of names for obvious reasons. Please let me know what you think. I hope you enjoy as much as I loved reliving this moment and all the ones to come.

It all started a few months after I turned 21, me and my wife went back home to East Texas to visit family when we decided to visit an Adult Video Store they had just built in my home town. A few days after that visit she went to spend a week with her family a few hours south. I went out the night she left heading back to the Adult Video Store and looked around for a while at all the video's and toys they had in the store. There were about four people in the store including myself when I noticed an older man, who I later found out was 52, looking at me while I scouted all the video's from straight, gay and even transsexual porn. A little weird out, I waited until he left and then checked out. As I got into my car I noticed another someone sitting in their car and when I pulled out the car seemed to be following me. As I got to the stop light he was still behind me, I decided to pull off thinking if he followed me then we would have gotten into some kind of fight or something. I pulled into the parking lot next to a Red Lobster and he had not followed me. I decided to use the opportunity to hide the porn I bought so the wife wouldn't notice when a car pulled in right beside me. It was the older man from the store, for name sake I will call him Tom, he rolled his window down and started talking to me.

Tom: Hey there, what are you doing?

Me: Just putting some things away in the trunk. Can I help you?

Tom: I remember seeing you at the store and wanted to ask you a question.

Me: Okay, what did you want?

Tom: I was wondering if you wanted to come over and watch a movie.

Well, I was extremely nervous thinking to myself. For some reason or another when I watch a porno I seem to get very engrossed in the show and don't seem to notice anything else going on. I politely agreed with Tom's request and followed him to his place. We pulled up about 15 minutes later to his place in a mobile home park with a sign in the front yard that his daughter was a cheerleader at one of the local schools. I followed him inside and he asked if I wanted a drink. I grabbed a coke and followed him to his movie room to the right of the living area. I took a seat in one of the chairs and he popped in a straight porno flick on his big screen TV. As we sat there watching the movie for a few minutes, he stood from his chair, walked over to me and put his hand on my crotch. At first I jumped, but he said to just relax.

Tom: Relax, has your wife ever given you a blow job?

Me: Well, she has once.

Tom: Tell you what, pull down your pants and I will give you the best blowjob you have ever had.

I started unbuckling my belt, button and pulled the zipper down. He grabbed the top of my pants as I lifted up and pulled my underwear and pants down to my ankles. Then in one shot took every inch of my rock hard 5" cut cock in his mouth but only sucking on me for a few minutes before taking his mouth away and sitting back in his chair.

Tom: So, what did you think?

Me: That was amazing, I have never had a blowjob that good before.

Tom: Have you ever been with a man before?

I told him about one time with one of my neighbors when I was younger who use to come over and bring porn with him. When we watched it I would usually be glued to the TV and he would pull his 7"cock out and stick it in my mouth and then one night we were watching Friday The 13th when he pulled my underwear down and tried pushing the head of his cock in my ass but couldn't get it in. After my little story he asked if I would like to return the favor and suck his cock. Without a word I stood up and started pulling up my clothes but he stopped me and told me to just take the all the way off. I guess that's when I discovered my submissive side as I took off my shoes and socks then taking my pants and underwear off he pointed to the ground.

Tom: Get on all fours and crawl to me.

Me: Yes Sir.

I dropped to the ground crawling between his legs. He took his hands in mine and had me take his clothes off. I unbuttoned his pants then down went his zipper, pulling his pants down just as he did mine only a few minutes prior. As his cock was released was its prison all I could do was stare and think, "Oh my god, it's so thick". All of a sudden it was like I was meant to suck his massive member. He was roughly 6" soft and as thick as a bottle of Tylenol as I wrapped my small hands around his cock. I started licking it like a lollipop from his big hairy balls to the tip of this magnificent piece of meat. Taking his cock in my mouth was a challenge since he was so thick, I stretched my mouth as far as I could go only getting about half in my mouth. After a few minutes he was hard as a rock and might I add very big at least 9" and thick like a Red Bull.

Tom: Damn, you can really suck a cock. You sure you only did it that once?

Me: Coming up for air, "Yes Sir, just the once"

Thinking all I was going to do was finish him off with a blowjob, he had other plans already in motion. He placed his hand on the back of my head and started throat fucking me, gagging me hard while calling me names such as faggot, whore, slut then releasing me and filling my mouth with his balls as his cock was laying and slapping my face. I admit, I really loved being called names and the humiliation of having his huge cock laying on my face and slapping me while I serviced his balls.

Tom: Stand up whore!

I stood as quick as I could. Now here I am standing in front of this man, old enough to be my father, with my hands at my sides and a raging hard on. He stands from his chair and grabs my cock in his hands pulling me to him. He places my cock on top of his and proceeds to humiliate me about having a small cock. Teasing me that I have a good for nothing oversized clit and that would be the last time anyone touches it until he says so. With that he slaps my hard cock, pushes me down from my shoulders and continues to slap me with his massive tool.

Tom: Beg me for this cock bitch!

Me: Please Sir, please give me your massive meat. I want to suck on your cock so bad Sir.

Tom: Will you do anything for a real man's cock slut?

Me: Yes Sir, anything you want just please feed me that gorgeous cock.

Of course I agreed to an anything for his cock, it was so unbelievably hot. I wanted him to slap me with it, lay it on my face while I serviced his balls and of course I wanted him to fuck my face again. I didn't really think of what was meant by anything so I went with it. He continued using my mouth and face as he saw fit for another 20 minutes then with one more slap he pushed me on my back.

Tom: Turn over on slut, head down and ass up!

Me: Yes Sir

I turn over with my head planted on the floor and my ass high up in the air. I felt him pour some lube on my tight puckered ass as he rubbed his finger around my bud. Looking between my legs I could see his massive meat as he started rubbing the lube up and down his thick shaft. He moved up behind me and ordered me to spread my cheeks. I obeyed, reaching back with both hands grabbing my cheeks and spreading them leaving my tight asshole exposed for his viewing pleasure. I felt his cock land between my cheeks as he rubbed up and down my crack. Each time his cock head rubbed past my hole I moved a little.

Me: Sir, please don't put that cock in my ass. I don't think I can take something that big.

Tom: Shut up slut, I will take it slow at first and get you use to my cock before I end up plowing you hard. From now on you will refer to your ass as your pussy or cunt, you got that whore.

Me: Yes Sir.

With that I felt a slight pressure at the entrance of my pussy. His thick mushroom head was pushing itself inside my tight cunt. It felt as if he was splitting me in two and then with a pop he was finally in. The pain was overwhelming as he held his cock in place telling me to relax. He started pushing more, opening my pussy even more as his thick shaft slowly entered me. I was moaning like a bitch in heat it hurt so badly and finally he stopped, I could feel his balls as they touched mine.

Tom: All in slut.

Me: It hurts so bad Sir, please pull it out please

I begged him to pull his cock out and he gave a little chuckle. He removed my hands from my cheeks and slapped both cheeks with is cock buried to the hilt in my cunt causing me to let out a little cry. He spanked me a few more times making me cry even more and causing my ass to burn. I continued to beg him to please remove his cock from my pussy and after a few minutes he did just that. The pain had seemed to subside as I felt him pull his cock out of me, but he never really had any intentions of staying out. He pulled out to the head and slowly started pushing back in this time though it was more pleasure than pain. Slowly he started fucking me in and out and spanking my ass just like the girl in the video on his big screen.

Tom: Reach back and spread your cheeks bitch, I want to get a good look at your worn out pussy.

I do as I'm told and spread my cheeks as he starts pulling out of me. As his cock finally escapes my pussy I fell so empty but he seems to be enjoying his handy work.

Tom: Damn your pussy really opened up for my cock. I bet that pussy is really hungry for some more of my thick man meat huh slut.

Me: Yes Sir, please fill my pussy back up with your cock. I feel so empty without you in me.

He takes his cock and slaps my gaping cunt a few times until I beg him to fuck me. Pleading with him until he pushes back in me. Finally he pops his head back in making me moan as if he was fucking a horny schoolgirl. Keeping just his head in, he spanks both cheeks and pulls back out then popping the head back in.

Me: Please Sir Stop teasing me, fill me up with your cock. I need you deep in my pussy Sir please.

Tom: Show me how much you want my cock deep in your cunt whore and I will give it to you just like you deserve.

I finally caught on when he pulled out and popped back in me a couple more times. I started rocking back and forth taking more and more of his cock in me until he was finally balls deep again. I thought I had him right where I wanted and started grinding on his cock moving my ass around on with him deep in me. Without warning he slapped my ass again causing a little scream from me while he told me to work that pussy on his thick cock. While I was working my pussy on him I reached down to play with my cock hoping to get a little more satisfaction.

Tom: What the fuck do you think you are doing slut?

Me: Fucking you Sir, just like I thought you wanted me to.

Tom: No slut not that, are you playing with that pathetic little clit of yours?

Me: Yes Sir

Tom: I told you that you were not allowed to play with that unless I said so, isn't that right faggot?

Me: Yes Sir, I'm sorry Sir

Tom: You will be sorry, remove your hand from that clit now and spread your cheeks!

I quickly removed my hand and pulled my cheeks apart. He pulled his cock out and quickly pushed back in making me whimper and moan. Balls deep in me he picked up the pace, and started really fucking me calling me a dirty cock whore while giving my pussy a hard rough pounding. This went on for a few minutes until finally he pulled out again. Standing up he told me to roll over on my back. He got back down and shoved his cock in my mouth.

Tom: Clean that pussy off my cock slut and make sure you get it nice a sloppy wet for your cunt I did as I was ordered to and sucked his cock for all it was worth gagging like a whore all over his cock. The spit was almost overwhelming, his cock glistening from the TV and spit hanging down from his cock. Pulling his cock from my mouth he slapped my face a few times and rubbed his enormous cock all over my face, teasing my lips with his mushroom head. With his cock sloppy wet he moved back to my now sore pussy, lifting my legs to his shoulders he placed the head at the entrance of my cunt.

Tom: Ready to feel like a real whore

Me: Yes Sir, please make me feel like a whore. Fuck me with that big dick Sir.

In one dominant thrust he was back in me, I could feel his hairy balls as they tapped my ass. Then like he was a kid again he started ramming in and out of me so hard as if he was fucking the school's slut. I loved the feeling of this man taking my pussy and using it to get him off. I wanted to please him, submit to whatever he wanted. Then without warning he emptied his huge load deep in me. The sensation of his cum breeding my pussy was so hot, he kept his cock in me until he started going limp. As his cock started to slip from my worn out cunt he told me to put my hand under my ass.

Tom: Keep your hand under your ass until I tell you, got it slut

Me: Yes Sir

I could feel his cum dripping from my pussy out onto my hand. He moved back to my mouth and without being told to I opened my mouth to clean his cock. After a few more minutes he pulled out of mouth and told me to remove my hand and lick it clean. I never thought about what cum tasted like but his was a little salty but oh so good. I licked my hand clean and reached back down to my crack looking for more. Tom started to chuckle a little as he saw me going back for more.

Tom: Now it's your turn slut, take your hand and play with your clit. Before you're ready to shoot let me know.

I readily started stroking my clit, as he called it. I asked if I could suck his cock while I played with myself but he refused. Instead he put two finger back in my pussy, he must have hit something because in a few seconds later I felt ready to explode. It was obvious he could tell I was close and with his fingers still in me he raised my ass which made my cock point straight to my mouth.

Tom: Dirty whores not only get themselves off but they also eat their own juices so open up slut and get ready to eat.

I opened my mouth waiting for my new treat. Tom kept finger fucking my pussy then pulled out slapped my ass and I shot my entire load all over my face, and in my mouth. My juices where not as good as Tom's but I do say I love the taste of cum. He scooped the remainder off my face and fed it to as I laid there exhausted.

Tom got up and asked I wanted to clean up real quick. I followed him to his room and jumped in the shower. After I was finished he led me to the door and I drove off, unfortunately I have never seen him again. That first time was the beginning of my story, ever since I have done everything from gay chat sites, then phone sex from those sites which is when I started wearing panties and other women's underwear. I have had several other encounters since then too but they are a little scarce since I usually have to wait until my wife leaves to go see family or something. Even though I don't get out much, I do love a nice hard cock whether in my mouth or pussy.



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