By now you may have noticed that I really don't get out much and the only way I can curve my cock craving is by going online and having cyber or phone sex. Well this time was no different, 2 years later and another move I had another chance to play with some cock. I was 30 years old now and living in Alaska when I met him on the AFF site.

He was 56 years old, gray hair, a bit overweight but he had a gorgeous looking cock. His meat was 8" thick with a much defined mushroom head a little thicker than his shaft. I was damn near drooling at the sight of this beast. To make things even better, his message included a picture of his rock hard cock and one with his cock rolled up in a jock strap.

His first message, other than the photos, was basic asking that if I liked what I saw to email back so we could set something up. Me being the submissive type emailed him back telling him how much I enjoyed his pictures to include the dirty looking jock strap he was wearing and that I would do anything to be his slut. Over the next 3 days I continued to check my email with no sight of an email from him. Day 4 rolled around and I finally received an email:


I am happy to see you enjoyed the pictures and plan on taking you up on your offer to be my slut. I would like to setup a time for you to come over and service me. I want you to be wearing a pair of black thigh highs, garters and a pink thong when you arrive at my house. You will walk in the front door, remove your shoes, pants and shirt. After you have stripped, you will get down on all fours and crawl up the stairs where you will be greeted by me. You will also refer to me as Daddy from this point on. If you agree to all the terms then reply back by tomorrow.


I gleefully replied:


Thank you for replying, I would love to come over dressed as you want and serve as your fuck toy. Please let me know when a good time for you would be so we can set this up. Thank you again and I look forward getting together.


Again I waited, very impatiently for another reply from Daddy. That Friday I received another email with a date, time and his address. I was to park across the street from his place walk in the front door and do as I was told. I was giddy all week long thinking of the hard pounding I was going to get that Friday night.

Friday night finally came and when I got off work I couldn't wait to get home. I arrived at the house at 5pm, stripped my work clothes and jumped into the shower. I shaved around my cock and balls then my tight hungry pussy. My smooth pussy felt so good as I finished washing and I ended up fingering myself in the shower for a couple of minutes. I got out of the shower with the wife downstairs, dried off and went to the closet.

I put on a pair of underwear from my drawer, some socks, my blue jeans, shoes and a Tommy t-shirt. I left the bedroom and made sure the wife was still downstairs then went to my office. There I opened the closet and pulled out my duffel bag that contained all my extra work clothes and dug deep where I hid my special slutty clothes. I pulled out the black thigh highs, garter and a pair of pink thongs as instructed. Placed them in a jacket pocket and walked downstairs.

Over the next couple of hours we talked a bit, watched some television. I had told my wife earlier that I was going to a farewell for one of my co-workers and we would be out for a while. I ran back upstairs around 7:45pm and grabbed my jacket. Back downstairs I gave the wife a kiss, grabbed my keys and jumped in my 2-door Yukon.

Using my iPhone I pulled up directions to Daddy's house and was on my way. I stopped on the back road by some old factory, removed my shoes, socks, pants and underwear. Pulling the items from my jacket, I pulled the garter belt up over my waist then slid the thigh highs up and hooked them to the garters. Then I pulled the pink thongs up over my thigh highs and tucked my little clitty between my legs and finished getting dressed.

I arrived at Daddy's house a few minutes before 9pm, parked across the street and made my way to his front door. Opening the door I walked in to see Daddy standing at the top of the stairs with nothing on but that dirty old jock strap holding a collar and leash. Seeing him standing there made me so horny I knew I was about to really get used. Not saying a word he threw down the collar and leash and I started stripping.

I put the collar on and clipped the leash to the hoop, dropped to all fours and crawled up the stairs. He leaned down, grabbed the leash and led me to the bedroom. Reaching the bedroom he took the leash and swatted my ass "Sit Bitch" and I sat like a bitch on my ass staring straight at his massive bulge in the jock strap. Daddy notices and grabs the back of my head pulling me into his crotch "Sniff it bitch, does it smell good", "Yes daddy, I love your manly smell and your big cock". He releases my head but I keep my head firmly in place on his massive member.

Daddy chuckles a little "You can have it but only if you get it out using your mouth making sure not to use teeth slut or you will be punished." I carefully grab the top of the jock strap with my mouth and am able to slowly start pulling it down. No sooner that I get half his cock in view he tells me to let go. I release the strap and give a little whimper wondering why I was denied being so close.

"Poor little sissy, does she want Daddy's big cock?" Daddy says to me as I whimper like a bitch in heat. Daddy pulls my head closer to his jock strap and stops as I am only an inch away. Removing his hand from my head he pulls down his jock strap allowing his semi-hard cock to fly out slapping me in the chin. The aroma from his cock is driving me crazy, "Daddy please, please may I taste your cock, you're driving me wild and I need to feel your cock in me" I beg him. Holding his monster at the base he lifts it and rubs it all over my face, slapping my cheeks, spreading the precum from his cock over my lips still not allowing me a taste of his manly meat.

Looking down at me while his cock is planted on my face "Take care of Daddy's balls and I will let you have a taste of a real man's cock." I gladly oblige, quickly taking one ball at a time in my mouth, lick his balls for all I am worth. I moan even more as I continue to service his big hairy balls, moving my head a little to feel his thick veiny cock as it slides all over my face. Finally he gently pushes me away from his balls causing yet another whimper.

As I am moving away from his balls he slaps my mouth with his cock and like magic I open wide only able to take about half before I gag. He pulls back out and then back in until I gag again then chuckles a little. I feel his hands on the back of my head as I am working over his cock, licking it from tip to the base then taking him back in my mouth. No sooner I have him in my mouth again and he begins to face fuck me, causing me to drool all over the place soaking his thick rock hard cock.

Pulling his cock from my mouth, he bends over taking the leash and pulls me up. Reaching down he finds my clit tucked in my panties, pulls it out and strokes me till I am hard. Placing my clit on top of his cock, he looks down "Damn slut, your clit really is small compared to daddy's dick" then removes his hand from me leaving me hard and hornier than before. Pushing me back into the bed, he lifts me up and positions be with my ass hanging slightly over the edge.

Laying on the bed, he has me pull my thong to the side and spread my cheeks exposing my bare tight pussy. Lifting my legs as I spread my cheeks he goes down and starts eating my pussy. Grabbing my cock with one hand, he strokes me as he is eating me out. The other hand finds its way to my mouth and I suck on a couple of fingers. All I can do is moan until he removes his fingers from my mouth and pushes one of his fat fingers in me, "You are one tight slut" he says while he stretches me out a little more adding another finger. Breathing harder and moaning, "Please stop teasing me, you're going to make me cum, I'm about to cum daddy" and he releases his hold on my clit, tongue from my pussy and stands up.

I sit up a little to see his raging hard on so desperately needing him in me, "Fuck me daddy, and plow my tight cunt with your fat daddy cock." He grabs his cock at the base and teases my hungry hole, tapping his cock at my tight entrance, then rubbing his cock up and down in my crack. He steps away, reaching behind him on the dresser and grabs a bottle of lube. "Come here slut and lube my cock!" I quickly sit up as he pours the lube in my hand and slowly start lubing his cock. "Lay down and get ready for daddy's meat" I lay as fast as possible, he lifts my legs to his shoulders, places the head at my puckered cunt and slowly pushes until the head finally enters.

Letting me become accustomed to his cock, he pushes more and more in until finally bottoming out. There was a burning pain as he pushed his cock deep in me finally settling as he was all in, but then he pulled out again. The pain finally subsiding after several minutes of him slowly pumping in and out and then without notice he plowed straight in causing a loud girlish moan. Seeming to like what he heard he continued fucking me, pulling out to the head then back in grabbing my clit as something else to hold on to while he invaded my tight pussy.

Fucking me for what seemed like hours but actually only minutes he pulled out. He got on the bed and laid down motioning for me to suck his cock. I did as told taking his in my mouth and cleaning every last inch. "Get up here and ride daddy, reverse cowgirl" I jumped at the chance to get on top, I straddled him on the bed, pulled my thong to the side while he pulled my cheeks apart and slowly lowered until his head was ready to enter. I rode him like a cowgirl in a rodeo, grinding his cock each time I swallowed him with my cunt. Riding him for several minutes daddy slapped my ass and told me to turn around now.

Now facing daddy, I bounced on his cock as if I was on a trampoline, my little clit bouncing up and down must have really drove him over the edge as he started shooting spurt after spurt deep in my pussy. I must have felt his cock spasm a dozen times giving me the juiciest creampie I ever had. Obviously spent, daddy tells me that I can cum. With his cock still buried to the hilt, I grab my clit and start jerking. No more than a few strokes and I'm shooting my load all over daddy's chest. I lean over and clean my mess off daddy then standing a little I move to clean his cock too.

He takes me to the bathroom and allows me to get cleaned up. I get dressed and walk out of his house leaving my slutty clothes for next time that ended up never happening. Although I may not have been able to meet with Daddy again due to moving, I did get pretty lucky in my new city but that's another story.



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