Well, Cass seemed to understand the situation. He'd changed and showered out of those skimpy life guard speedos and wore some white boater chinos and a black polo shirt, deck shoes, looking very nice, Michael thought. No, hell he looked hot. His son could wear anything and look edible. Michael himself had gone back up to the house to put on some dress slacks and a blue short sleeve button down shirt. He had almost worn a tie but decided that would be overkill for what was, after all lunch on a yacht. He and Cass walked down to Pier eight which was the next to last pier before the manmade harbor entrance.

Michael's eye roamed over the resort as they went, nodding approval at the tropical flora artfully planted around palm trees, the line of condos that rested on higher ground up behind the marina. The entire resort still had a bit of that fresh planted look, but one thing about tropical weather. Things grew fast. He had opted to avoid grass or lawns that would need cutting, and much of the landscaping was done with railroad ties to shore up banks or flower beds, and crunched sea shells and flag stone instead of lawn.

The resort rose up behind the marina with one large high hill on the Island one hundred feet above sea level. The main building was the hotel, one hundred luxury suites that nestled on the near side of that rise facing the marina. Behind the hotel imbedded into the land was an underground concrete and steel shelter with walls several feet thick, built to withstand hurricanes and even a title wave that might top even the entire Island. Everything could be washed away but that dome could shelter up to three hundred people in air tight submarine type conditions. The build of it had been the notion of the man who had bequeathed the place to Michael.

It was Michael who had taken the vision beyond a bare raised Island to a beautiful palm and tropical landscaped paradise. Michael smiled at it all, proud of it, but then lost the smile as he faced the transom of Jordan Danforth's mega yacht. Multi decked towering, ultra modern, Danforth's Law of the Sea" had a dark slate blue hull with a white water line stripe and space ship curved cabin works above, lots of fiberglass and glass. Just over a hundred feet she was not the largest mega yacht he'd ever seen by far, and there were a couple more larger yachts on the next pier over, but she was impressive.

A black haired boy in a tight spandex tonga styled bathing suit flashed a huge smile at the gang plank. the boy was gorgeous, long lashed black eyes, chiseled beauty, with a dark olive tanned skin, and a rippling build, both muscular and lean. Michael smiled back politely as the young man addressed them.

"Mr. Alexander. Welcome aboard. Your lovely wife and my dad are waiting for you on the aft deck salon. And you must be.. Cass Alexander?" The beautiful young man said to Cass, flashing him a disarming smile.

Cass's mouth opened but nothing came out. Michael glanced over to see a glazed look in his son's eyes. "Yes, this is Cass. Cass, this is Barrett Danforth, Jordan Danforth's older of two sons."

"Welcome home, Cass Alexander." Barrett Danforth said in a honeyed tone.

"Thanks. Um, your dad's yacht was here last year, and I was working here in the summer, but I don't remember seeing you."

"I was finishing up my last year in college. I did not come home or, here last summer."

"Oh." Cass said. "Well nice to meet you."

"The pleasure is mine." Barrett said, his voice close to a purr.

He led them aboard and up and back two decks into a spacious salon. Cream colored leather sectionals, mahogany trim, brass shining everywhere one looked. Michael spotted his wife in a white summer dress, the v neck so deep her plump breasts were all but exposing nipples. His practiced eye figured she wore nothing beneath. She looked both beautiful and slutty. Just as always. Her green eyes flicked across him dismissively but lighted on her son with more force is not love. Her smile was practiced and brilliant as she got up and met Cass, holding his shoulders as she air kissed him just off of each cheek. "Cass, darling you look wonderful. Come sit here. You must be very hungry, the way your growing. You've met Jordan." She said gesturing to the tall black haired distinguished looking man with black eyes. Danforth's hair was artfully allowed to silver at the temples. He was wearing a tennis outfit, and now that Michael was noticing these things a bit more, those shorts were a bit tighter then one would want for tennis. Tight enough to show off a prominent bulge.

"hi, Michael, good to see you." Danforth said with every appearance of sincerity. With his resonant voice and looks he could have easily gone into politics. "So glad you could come to lunch with Cass."

Samantha Alexander smiled falsely and didn't say a word to Michael."Barret will you join us?"

"Find your little brother, Bar." Jordan Danforth ordered.

"He went to the beach, dad. I doubt I can find him until after lunch."

Jordan Danforth's features drew into a cold scowl. "Then stay and have lunch, son. Afterwards you can show Michaels boy here around the yacht."

"Be my pleasure, dad."

Danforth's mouth twisted at that but he said nothing further to his son, At the table which was beautifully arranged he lifted a bell and rang it.

Immediately another young man appeared, muscular, wearing a white bikini and a wind breaker open to reveal a well developed powerful torso.

Samantha spoke smoothly, her voice sultry, "Emanuel, our guests are ready. Please serve lunch for five."

"Yes Madam." The waiter said, his voice deep. He bowed, turned and paced rapidly away on silent feet.

Michael found himself siting next to Barrett, with Cass across the table and his wife and Danforth at either end.

"Emanuel is a talented masseur and personal trainer. He is a favorite of Sam's." Jordan Danforth said.

Samantha smiled. "You do know how to spoil a girl, dear."

"My wife always has an eye for skilled talent." Michael said mildly.

Samantha darted Michael a sarcastically sweet look.

Then she said, "We might as well tell you. Jordan and I intend to be married next month."

Michael's brows lifted and he looked back and fotth between them in surprise. "Ernm, your still married to me."

Danforth, he noticed was wincing . Perhaps the man was not happy Samantha had blabbed. "Yes, Michael we need to get the divorce settled. I for one was hoping we might reach a reasonable agreement today.

Ah here it was, the bulldozer snow job he'd half expected.  What startled him however was the feel of a hand gripping his thigh through his slacks. There was  table cloth covering the table and draping down on all sides, but a glance down told him that Barret Danforth had just grabbed his thigh in a squeezing caress.

Michael glanced at Barret meeting his table mates eyes. Those eyes challenged him to do something about it, and suddenly Michael knew if he made a scene, Barret would deny the whole thing. Brash kid. Michael didn't like feeling pushed. He needed to concentrate on Danforth and his wife. He put his hand under the table over Barret's but the young man just kept caressing his leg, slowly rubbing him upwards.

Cass, he noticed was having a hard time pulling his eyes away from Michael's seat partner. His son was clearly besotted. NOT the time to grab that hand and push it away.

Danforth reached down into a brief case Michael only then realized must have been waiting there, and produced a file, dropping it in front of Michael on the table. "The terms are simple. . Samantha here wants majority ownership of the resort and all assets as well as full ownership of the private home you built here ovedrloo0king the harbor and the Island itself. You get the house in Malibu, the ski lodge in Vale, and in exchange you will not need to pay alimony.

Michael sat there stunned. "this... is a complete reversal of what you told me before."

"Well I change my mind." She snipped at him. "Besides, as my lawyer," she nodded at Danforth," has pointed out to me, the resort is worth far more then the showy crap you were foisting off on me. 

Emanuel appeared with a tray with a plate of sandwiches, crab salads, and a bowl of fruit. All this he lowered to the table and then neatly lifted off the food and whisked the tray away."

"Very nice Emanuel. It looks delicious." Danforth said.

"Mmm, " Samantha said, ":Give my compliments to Manuel down in the galley. "

Will that be all madam. I will be happy to pour some wine."

"Oh yes, the wine." She said, staring blatantly at  the front of Emanuel's bikini. ' Emnanuel poured wine into each glass ending with Michael' s and then as he passed Samantha she reached out, halted him with a hand on his hip and said, "Your service deserves a kiss."

And right in front of Michael and her husband to be Danforth she tilted her head up and exchanged a long French kiss with their waiter before relinquishing him. "Such a talented young man."

""Your wife and her appetites, it is not easy for me to keep up, but with men like Emanuel around, I keep her satisfied." Danforth explained to Michael.

Michael tried to think of a response, but under the table, Michael' felt the hand on his thigh move up and discover his cock . He had not worn briefs, but boxers loose boxers and his cock was tucked down one leg. Barret  grasped him and squeezed gently even as he said to  Cass, "Your mom is amazing."

Cass would normally be showing disgust for his mother at this point, and outrage for his dad, but all the young man could do was nod silently, his eyes worshipfully glued to Barret across the table. And here Michael was with the same young man's hand slowly unzipping his pants and reaching in to tug him into the open. He restrained a groan as Barret's hand surrounded his cock and slowly began to stroke his swift growing hard under the table. How was he supposed to protest or think when this was going on? How could he explain to Cass that the boy he was lusting over was masturbating his dad at that very moment?

As his cock became fully hard, throbbing in young Barret's skilled hand, he managed to turn a moan into speech. "MMMM, I will look this over and cock you , mmm call you for setting up a meeting with our lawyers with a counter proposal. This food feels - looks so good ." He reached out and began to fill his plate, while closing the folder and laying it to one side with the other.

His wife glared at him. "I thought you wanted an amicable settlement, Michael. And one done as soon as possible. Well there it is. I really don't want to have a fight. But if you want that, I would remind you that Jordan here is one of the foremost divorce lawyers in the country."

"Try some crab, Cass its really good." Barrett suggested in a sexy husky tone of voice. Cass actually giggled.

"Um I don't want to fight. Let me run it by Cid."

Samantha laughed. "That old fossil still your lawyer? Samantha said scornfully, with a laugh."

"Unnhunh." Michael half groaned as his pelvis flexed upward as if to feed his cock to that devilish hand under the table. Damn but Barret was going to make him cum in a minute if he kept this up.

Danforth put out a soothing hand toward Samantha, :"Darling let him show it to Cid. We can wait another few days . No need to rush these things. Amicable settlements take time. And Cid Bloominthal is very well respected. " Danforth said patronizingly, with so much sincerity Michael even half gone from sexual pleasuring could hear the contempt Danforth had for his lawyer.

"Mmmmm, this crab is so good." Michael moaned stuffing his face to cover the moan of climax as his cock pulse out the first splat of his cum under the table. Thank god the deckwas fiberglass, he thought. Barret's hand let go. The young man took his napkin and wiped his hand right there in front of them.

Samantha turned to start grilling Cass on his college studies. It was clear that she couldn';t care less, but, under cover of her chatter Barret leaned into Michael's ear. "That was , hot. Knew you were hung. You owe me."

Later, as they left the yacht , Cass walked close to his dad. "Fuck, that Barret is hot for me. You know what he did? He stroked himself off under the table. I could see his arm moving slow and sexy. He shot cum on my leg under the table. He was looking right at me."

Michael shook his head  and began" Son.."

"He wiped his hand after.. looking at me. And he is so beautiful and he wants me."

Michael silenced himself. "Of course he wants you. Your beautiful son."

"Aww dad, thanks. Your prejudiced but thanks. God I am so excited." Fitting action to word, Cass adjusted himself, clearly uncomfortable. "I wore really tight briefs, oww."

This once, Michael decided that not revealing truth would be the better part of valor. He hated not being truthful to his son b, but..."Well, he seems a nice boy. No harm in it, I suppose." He said. "No harm at all."




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