Michael arched as Jake's lips and teeth toyed with his throbbing cock shaft through the sheer mesh front of the bikini briefs he'd put on to tease them. Them... yeah, where was Cass? Michael opened his eyes and saw his son standing by the bed, his young taunt chiseled body straining toward the bed, his eyes dark with lust, his cock leaking pre still trapped against his abs by that thong that hid absolutely nothing. My god his son was hot.

"Cass. Come, be with us."

"Dad... its... your so beautiful... how come I never saw it..." Cass whispered, his body shuddering.

"Because we're father and son... baby." Michael said in a husky whisper. "Mmm, Jake that feels so .... fuck." Jake had lifted Michael's cock out of his briefs with his lips and teeth and now licked it's length. But he was taking his time, letting Michael and his son work things out.

"This is... something new for us, Cass. Its alright. I have always seen how beautiful and sexy you are. I just never thought .... I mean... its not like you and I can give each other a baby."

Jake 's shoulders shook and Michael slapped Jake's ass. "Shhh you, this is serious. Just keep doing what your doing."

"Mmm, yes sir." Jake murmured his lips and tongue slurping slowly up the length of Michael's cock to its head.

Cass giggled huskily looking down at them, his eyes riveted to Michael's cock as it was being laved and licked and suckled by Jake's skilled sensual mouth.

"Looking at each other ... sexy ... sexually is new for us, baby. Take your time." Michael husked to his son, looking at the young man with love. "If its not comfortable for you..."

"Let me watch once. I' want to see Jake fuck you." That last part of what Cass said came out in a surprisingly deep sexy purr. Cass pulled down his thong off his balls, baring himself completely, and using his own pre-cum began to stroke himself right there beside them."

Jake lifted his head up off Michael's cock, pushed up turned his body a little, and with a lick slurp on the underside of Cass;s cock, took it in his mouth and sucked it slowly, sensually.

Cass moaned, his legs almost buckling. "Jake, stop... It won't take much.... please fuck my dad."

Jake slipped away giving Cass's cock tip a loving kiss, and then hooking his fingers in Michael's bikini, yanked it down and away. Then he pulled Michael back down the bed. "Cass hand me the lube and a condom," Jake said, his voice gruff and raspy furry with need.

Cass stepped to the end table as Jake lifted Michael's legs up over his shoulders. Jake moved down, kneeling pressed his lips into Michaels butt crack and taint, and licked, reaming Michael. His tongue slipped inside Michael's puckered hole pulling a delighted moan out of him.

Cass put the jar of lube and a condom  packet down by Jake and stood over the action, slowly lightly stroking himself. It was evident that if he did much more he would cum. The young man's lips were parted his eyes half shut, his chest rising and falling with shuddery breaths.

"Fuck." Michael breathed. Jake took that as a command. He moved up again onto his feet, lifting Michaels legs on his back with him.

"Cass baby put a pillow under Michaels back." Jake said as he

"Yes." Cass breathed helping Jake get his dad positioned. His hands did more then position a pillow. Once that close to his dad they strayed over his dads six pack, his hands brushing his dad's big cock. "There." Cass said. He stepped back again so he could watch them.

Jake pressed the tip of his cock into Michael's ass and began adding pressure. Cass let out an ooh of admiration at the sight of Jakes rippling body at work.

Michael had had Jakes three fingers up his ass in the car the day before. That was nothing compared to the growing pressure stretching him out back there, pressure that became pain. Hot pain. It hurt but part of his mind, bloomed with love for that particular pain, as if he knew how could it could feel. The dot com billionaire who had once fucked him had not been Jake's size. He'd had a nice cock. A good seven inches. He'd made Michael cum taking it. But... oh fuck it hadn't felt anything like this.

"Relax baby, push back." Jake coached him. "You can do it."

Michael did as ordered and for a moment the pain seemed to intense. But then he was in. Something gave way. Jake went still. Michael gasped. "Oh fuck."

There.. a glimmer of the most amazing pleasure .. seemed to appear in his mind right out from under that pain. "Fuck me, Jake." Michael heard himself say.

Jake leaned forward and kissed Michael, a beautiful loving kiss, and then his haunches flexed and slowly, smoothly he drove that pole he called a cock home pushing it deeper up that warm grip of that tight channel. "oh baby... so tight." He groaned.

Michael felt more pain, a fullness, but swiftly overcoming that was a ribbon of purest pleasure that bloomed from out of nowhere. He knew his prostate was being tapped, no more then tapped, lovingly rubbed.

Cass moaned beside them watching. Michael looked up at his son with glazed eyes, and saw that his son was...crying?


"Oh Dad, you are so beautiful. Its so fucking hot."

"Cass come here. Kiss me, my love."

Cass's eyes dragged themselves upward along Michael's torso to his face, and then he was there, kissing his dad, grey eye eyes staring into blue. "I love you..."

"Love you too, baby" Michael husked as his climax rushed upon him.

"Hey," Jake said, his eyes burning at them while his ass flexed in and back, an easy slow One to three One to three rythmn. "Hey let me in." He begged and they drew him into the kiss, mouths and tongues dancing, cheek to cheek, rubbing faces.

Michaels hand moved under Cass and found his son's cock circling it. A deep growl started from somewhere. Probably Jake. It seemed to catch at their spines like a final warning before the explosion. And then they were all moaning into each other's mouths, a groan of three bodies unable to hold back one second more.

"Hunhhhhnnnn, Fuck, hunnncummmmming!!" came out of all three. Michael could feel Jake's cock balloon inside him and then convulse, pulsing out Jakes love for him as the sexy man filled his condom. At that moment he was locked inside a river of hottest heavenly release. And his own son was moaning and squirting his own love juice across Michaels abs between them.

There was a long silence broken by deep breathing slowly calming as bodies and minds recovered.

Distantly someone's cell phone rang.

Cass breathed. "Fuck."

"Son, such language," Michael said automatically and all three men guffawed.

Cass rose slowly. "That's mom's ring. I was supposed to call her last night. I better get it." Cass blew them a kiss and walked reluctantly from the room.

Jake sighed. "Damn, and that reminds me. Mrs. Remmington wanted me to gas up her boat and have it ready to take her and her friends out for the day. I better get going."

Michael grinned. "What was that about fucking my ass all day?"

Jake smiled and looked down into MIchael's eyes. "Well I got half right."

"you sure did. Jake, you are amazing."

"Nothing like you baby, and I do believe you promised me something for later."

"Oh? What was that?" Michael asked innocently.

"My ass." Jake said.

"Oh, you have that, Its right here, and such a sexy ass it is." Michael said patting and squeezing Jakes muscular bubble butt.

"Your cock then." Jake said.

"My cock?"



"My ass:

"Your ass. There you are talking about your ass again. That's what I love about you, Captain Jake Saunders, is your love for your own sexy ass."

"Well you know what they say about loving yourself so you can love others."

"Oh, I see, so because you love your own ass that means you can love mine?"

"I suppose so."

"You suppose?"

"Well since I own it now, I don't have to love it, do I. I do, of course, specially after that fuck.. "

"You realize of course that your still IN my ass?"

"Fuck yeah." Jake's eyes started to burn with need again, and Michael realized Jake's cock had never gone down.

"Um Jake ... Mrs. Remmington's yacht...."

"Can wait. " Jake said as his thrusts picked up speed again, One two three One two three...

As that hidden stream of deliciousness started at the base of his spine again, Michael struggled to find some restraint for the both of them. "Jake." he huffed.

"Yes baby?"

"Ummmm fuck."

"All yours baby."

When they finally broke apart, it was quick frantic showers, quick bites to eat, down to the resort, and three men going their separate ways, Michael up to his office, Jake out to Mrs. Remmington's yacht, and Cass in his life guard's speedo showing up to sign in for a day at the pool. They had found out the life guard for that day had called in sick.

"What did your mom call about, Cass?" Michael asked him, smiling at how sexy his son looked . That speedo outlined every bump and vein and of his son';s big cock.

"Us, if we had gotten home, oh and she wants to have lunch with us. "


"Today, on Mr. Danforth's yacht. He's hosting it." Cass said without the least sign of enthusiasm.

"That sounds like fun." Michael said sourly.

"Yeah, sorry I forgot to tell you earlier. I guess I wanted to forget about it."

"Cass your mother does love you, you know."

"My mother is a manipulating, lying bitch, dad. After everything she has put you through, I have no idea how you can defend her."

"I don't. But she loves you." Michael shrugged.

"Well I hope she gets over it soon. She is a pain in the ass, and not in a good way."

Father and son grinned at each other for a moment. Cass started to leave and Michael held up a hand, his eyes narrowing. "Wait son." He turned to look out the window over the docks in the marina. Danforth's one hundred foot plus mega yacht dominated one of the piers at the far end of the resort from where Michaels office was, but he could still see it's cabin works rising above other yachts. 

"How insistent was she that I be there?"

Cass blinked a frown line appearing. "Very... kinda odd now I think of it."

"Danforth is a high powered lawyer." Michael said, flatly.

"One of her boyfriends." Cass added. Cass didn't quite say "many" but the word was there in his sentence.

"I wouldn't be surprise if she blind sided us with divorce demands. Lets dress casual, but nice. I will make some calls. I don't want to be caught off guard."

Cass smiled at his dad admiringly. "Don't worry dad, mom always underestimates you. " Then his son's eyes widened as if remembering something. "Dad don't forget the airline attendant, Chris. I bet he sent you his resume."

"Right, thanks son and by the way, that speedo looks very hot on you. Your going to wind up beating them off with a stick."

His son blushed but he wiggled his ass for Michael as he left the office.




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