Michael had a slew of questions for Chris, but as he gave the flight attendant an impromptu job interview, he kept at least half an ear on the conversation between his son and Jake.

Cass lost his smile as he turned his attention on Jake. If Jake was here with his dad, then it stood to reason Jake had followed up on Cass's suggestion he seek out his dad for a job. If so, why hadn't Jake written and told him, emailed him, texted him? Anything? And why hadn't dad told him his ex room mate, hell his ex lover was there, home, at the resort at Key Michael? What the hell was that about?

"Hi Jake." Cass said.

"Hi Cass." Jake said with a half grin, eyes wary, those incredible blue eyes that had so hypnotized him for three months last fall, putting him under a spell, pulling him into love for the first time in his life.

"You have a lot to explain?" Cass said, thinking that one hell of an understatement.

"Yeah, guess I do." Jake allowed in that drawl of his that made Cass's spine tingle and his cock stir.

"Well do you mind explaining it?"

"Later, in the car. Not here." Jake said with quiet firmness, a look that suggested the answer might well have a lot to it.

Not wanting Jake off the hook, Cass said, "I hope the wait is worth it." He turned away from Jake to listen to his father's quick efficient interview of Chris.  He didn't want to turn away from Jake. Who would? Even now, as he nursed his anger at Jake, he wanted to go to him wrap himself around that sexiness that was Jake Saunders and bite and tear those clothes off that incredible body. If Cass interpreted the look on his dad's face right, Michael Alexander was impressed. He should be. Chris had a Bachelors of Business from the American University, and he loved the sea and boating in general, or so he'd told Cass. If his resume proved him out he was a cinch. Besides he was cute as hell.

Chris, Cass saw was already deeply drawn under his Dad's spell. If he was not mistaken, that was sheer unadulterated hero worship in Chris's blue eyes. He looked at his Dad and tried to imagine what Chris saw. Then, suddenly, he saw it himself. He'd never before looked at his dad with any sexual desire or intent. But now he saw it. His dad was beautiful. The word handsome didn't do him justice. At thirty eight he looked like he was ten years younger. His eyes, like Cass's own were almond shaped, upturned at the outer corners, deep blue under level brown brows. His father's hair was the northern Italian gold of his greek / Italian heritage, a slender nose, broad sensual mouth, laugh lines that had deepened slightly over the years, with those Alexander family dimples, all of it marred only by the deep frown line that suggested his father's life was not without its worries. 

That line he blamed on his mother. Cass was sick and tired of the hell his mother had put his dad through. He had taken sides long ago, falling out of love with his mother about the age of twelve, and never regaining it again. She had proven herself faithless, a manipulator, greedy for one thing, money and other men.

His father had turned himself to his work and Cass his son, always showing Cass tenderness, consideration and once in a while when Cass needed it, firm discipline. And, Michael had always been scrupulously fair. His mother thought nothing of lying to get her way. As far as her son was concerned, she didn't have a fair bone in her body. Had they divorced before he was eighteen he would have screamed and yelled for his dad to have custody of himself. As it was the divorce had still to happen and he wondered why not?

His mind snapped back to his dad. Yes, gods, but he was beautiful. Cass realized that were he not looking at his own dad, he would have wanted desperately to meet this man, to flirt with him. It shocked him, and for a few minutes he stood there as Michael talked to Chris and wondered at himself. He had heard that among cross generational gay families, that father's and sons often strayed into incest. For the first time he thought he could understand that. Not that he and dad would go there. Hell, far as he knew his dad had never had sex with a man.

Michael finished talking to Chris, "Thanks Chris, send your resume, and I will send my answer the minute I get home."

"Sure thing Mr. Alexander, and .. and bye Cass. I need to go ...get home. I have a dinner date..." Chris said to Cass.

"I bet you do." Cass giggled hugging the attendant, who looked as if he wanted to kiss Cass. Eventually the two disengaged, and with many parting glances, Chris moved off.

The three remaining men didn't say much, just started heading for baggage claim. When they got to baggage claim area where Cass's flight was designated, Jake took Michael's keys to fetch the car, and bring it round, leaving Michael and his son waiting by the conveyor belt with other passengers from the flight.

Not being the most patient boy when bottled up issues and emotions were at stake, Cass led his dad over a little away from the other passengers. "Dad, I was going to save saying this for the car, but Jake is here and this should just be between you and me. Did Jake say anything about last fall when he and I were room mates?" Cass asked.

Michael shook his head. "Very little. I asked about it. he just said you were very close, but I couldn't get any more out of him. He's been excellent at his work. He definitely knows his way around boats."

Not seeing any way around it, Cass blurted, "Dad, I am gay."I am out and I am proud, never been with a woman, never want to, never will. I could not be gayer if I tried. Take it or leave it. I am gay."

Michael opened his mouth, closed it, then opened it again, fighting to keep his expression nutral. Finally seeing the look of growing fear in his son's eyes he found his voice. "Well, I am shocked, shocked, shocked," he said, without any expression but an unmistakable twinkle in his deep blue eyes.

Cass gave him a puzzled look. "I ...I wanted to tell you before but... what do you mean shocked. Your not really shocked are you?"

Michael arched a brow. "Oh come Cass, I am not blind. In all your teen years you have never once brought a girl home, never once mentioned one, resisted all your mother's prying, all her attempts to set you up with rich girls, or any girls.. nothing, nada. But you brought home plenty of boys, friends mostly, though I could see you had a crush on more then a few. And then last summer, I do believe I walked around the ice house and found you necking with one of the dock boys."

"You did?"

"I did. I know you didn't see me. I just stepped back and moved off at the time. But it was very clear it was more then a wrestling match," his dad said dryly. I thought, well, that's it, so long as he is happy.... and left it at that."

"ohhhh," Cass said, eyes widening. "Now I remember ... you stopped asking me about girls after that.

His father nodded. "I just want you to be happy son."

Cass hugged him again, hard. "Amazing. Your the best, Dad. I don't know what I would have done if you had acted like I know mom will."

"Lets not tell her just yet." His father suggested quietly.

"I wasn't planning too, but why?"

"The divorce settlement. Let me get that out of the way first."

"Oh. Smart. Right." Cass was clearly thinking. "You got it."

Then he asked, "So, why the shock?"'

"Well, because I realized it was time to tell you a secret of my own."

Cass looked at his dad.

"Just that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree it seems. You have taken your preference for the male sex from one of your parents."

Cass gave him a wry look. "Oh please half the male population of florida knows that about mom."

"I wasn't referring to your mother."

Cass stared at him and then said in a droll tone. "Well, I am shocked, shocked, shocked."

Michael stared at his son and then laughed. "Why?"

"I never thought you would figure it out. Oh Dad, I am so happy for you." Cass hugged him again...just as the baggage claim conveyor belt began to move.

They quickly got Cass's bags and found Jake out front, looking sexy as hell as he leaned on the jag. He helped them stow the luggage in the trunk. Michael took the keys from him.

"Boss, why not let me drive. You can catch up with Cass on the way home."

Jake shook his head. "You forget Cass and I wrote and phone each other this spring. I think all the catching up needs doing is between you two. Backseat, Jake... with Cass. I will drive."

Jakes protests were cut short by a glare from Michael. Sheepishly Jake got in back. Cass had been about to sit in front, but one look from his dad and he got in back too.

Jakes long legs had to extend into Cass's side of the back seat. Their lower legs tangled. Cass tried not to notice but he couldn't help it. You could not sit touching Jake and not be very aware of it. Jake looked so damn sexy and Cass felt his cock swelling in his shorts at the sight. Then he noticed Jake was growing in his tight jeans and he smirked, leaning back, letting Jake see his erection in the sheer shorts he wore. He might not understand Jake's problem, but he could tell Jake wanted him.

All three were silent all the way to route ninety-five. But then Cass's dad finally had enough. "Alright, lets have it out. Why, Jake did you not tell Cass you were working for me? Whats going on with you two?"

Cass said nothing, just looked at Jake.

Jake took a deep breath and said, "Well its like this. I er... um Cass ... um did you ...tell your dad?"

Cass squinted and then said, "OH, yes, dad knows I am gay, is that what your asking?"

Not that Jake ever looked particularly tense about anything, but now he relaxed even more. "Well damn, phew. That makes it a bit easier. See, thing is I wasn;t going to out you, Cass to your dad. That was for you to do. And, well the truth is, boss, your son and I were more then room mates. We were lovers."

"I am figuring that out, yes." Michael said dryly.

"Well, but the reason I didn't tell Cass anything was that I wanted him to be free of me, to enjoy his college life without worrying about what I might think. Meet guys, date, so on... "

"That wasn't your decision. I would have dated anyway." Cass said, but even as he insisted he heard the lack of conviction in his voice. " Well alright, maybe I wouldn't but ..."

"Did you?" Jake asked.

Cass looked away. "No."

"Which means being rude to my son and hurting him was to no purpose." Michael snapped and both younger men flinched."

Jake sighed, and sort of groaned. "Well I wouldn't say that. I was still locked in a quandary. I have a big problem."

Both Alexanders waited.... without much patience for him to go on. Finally MIchael said, "Well?"

Looking at Cass, Jake answered his father. "I fell in love with you."

Cass smiled a smile that could have lit up Florida, and asked in wonderment, "Then why the long silence? If you fell in love with me, I mean, I love you too, Jake, I could have come home during Spring Break and seen you. I would have found ways to visit. I wouldn't care if you saw other men.. I..."

Jake held up a hand quickly, his look gentle . "No Cass. I love you too, but what I meant was... I fell for your dad. No sex. Just... working with him, talking to him. being around him. I love your dad, so much it hurts. That's why I didn't write you. I love your dad, and I don't know what I am going to do about it."

But for the soft sounds of road and the nearly inaudible purr of the jag's engine, you could have heard a pin drop. 




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