While Michael parked the car at the air port Jake went on in to locate the gate number of the flight. They'd agreed it would be nicest for Cass to wait for him at the gate and go with him to baggage claim to help him. This meant going through security. Neither man was detained, though they had to take off shoes to get through. The long walk to the correct gate to greet Cass's Denver flight brought double takes, triple takes, and hard longing stares from passengers, security, flight crews, even a pilot or two. The two men stood out like a beacon, like two hot male gods sauntering through a sea of mediocre humanity. Jake drew the most stares. He was after all walking sex on two feet, but Michael didn't do too badly either, his blond sun drenched good looks making people think they were both male models, or actors.. possibly to judge by the bulges in those white shorts or Jakes tight jeans, porn actors. The speculation was rife, but people could not help speculate.

Michael felt a bit uncomfortable, but Jake walked along like he owned it. Casual warm smile and sparkling eyes bringing smiles to women, other hot men, children... Whomever Jake looked at could not help smiling back. Michael was already half in love with Jake himself, and feared that after months of gazing secretly at Jake at the resort as he went about his work, he was close to an obsession about him.  But by the time he reached the gate and had seen Jake's effect on so many others, he was in a state of near shock. Did the man even realize how magnetic he was? Wow.

They were almost at the gate when Jake spotted Cass. The young man was walking with a cute looking male flight attendant who was gazing at his walking companion with ill concealed worship. And why not, Michael thought. His son was spectacular. A late developer, he had had a coltish look the summer before but it had filled out to a swimmer's build now with some added gym built muscle. The attendant, clearly gay and a bit of a flamer was gabbling at Cass as they drew near. Michael cleared his throat and said, "Cass are you going to walk right past us or don't you know your dad when you see him?"

The attendant froze, gaped at them and then gaped at Jake. Jakes effect was profound. The attendant went visibly shuddery with such a glazed look Michael wondered if the young fellow would ever recover from the encounter. Cass was dressed in a mesh muscle t that hid nothing of his torso, and white shorts so sheer they displayed everything he had, which Michael saw was impressive. He his father, beamed a wide open grin and ran. Michael's eyes dropped to the wagging jiggling crotch of those shorts and Cass slammed into him and jumped, all but bowling him over, legs wrapped around him and a huge tight hug. "DAD!!!"

Michael staggered, grinning in spite of himself. Cass had always been demonstrative, perhaps more so as the years had gone by with his mom becoming ever more estranged from his dad. But this was another level. He wasn't going to complain. He hugged Cass back and when his son planted a kiss on his lips, he kissed him back too, secretly loving it.

"mmm wow, well hi there, son."

Cass giggled and released him with his legs if not his arms, standing on his feet again. Face to face, or rather nose to nose Cass was still a tad shorter then himself. Not much though. He looked incredible. Like a young sun god. Michael's heart swelled with pride at the sight of him. "You look ready for the sun and beach,"

Cass giggled, that soft low husky male giggle that made Michael chuckle just to hear it. How had he ever produced such a happy boy? "Dad, it's not like California isn't already sunny and warm. I'm at the pool or beach every day. But I can't wait to get home. I have missed our Island."

"Our Island has missed you, son." Michael said and added. "I have missed you. More then I can say."

Cass grinned and hugged him again, so tight he thought his ribs would break. He felt his eyes start with tears and blinked them back. God he loved this boy.

Cass seemed to be aware there were two others. He almost turned to Jake but turned instead to the flight attendant who was standing there, slack jawed.

"Dad this is Chris. We met on the flight here. Um, Chris lives in Florida and he's a flight attendant. I told him you were looking for a secretary to run your office. He has a lot of experience with that, and and, well I was wondering if you would..."

"Sure. I still am. That girl Marcia we had was mess, as you know. Good to meet you Chris." Michael offered his hand to the attendant, who was a cute platinum blond young man, maybe closer to Jakes age then Cass's, with pale blue eyes and pert full lips that were parted as if he were stunned out of his mind. Michael didn't really blame him. "Do you have a resume, Chris?"

"Um not with me, Sir, but I can email it to you by tonight if you want. Uh, the thing is the airline is going through cutbacks and I was notified that any attendant with less then a years seniority was to be cut." He shrugged. "I've been an attendant for nine months, so I have one more week and ... I am gone."

"Well send it to me by email. The second I get home and can check my emails, I will email you back with a yay or nay, ok?" Michael said, smiling at the young man. "From what you say, sounds like it may well be a yay, but no promises."

"Of course, Sir."

"Lets get to baggage claim and get going," Michael prompted. He and Jake began moving off. Cass lingered a bit. Michael glanced back and saw Cass give the attendant a very close hug that included a kiss to the mouth that lingered.

Jake had a half smile on his face, looking back as well. He winked at Michael who shrugged back. The probability Cass was gay was looking more and more certain.

His son parted from the attendant and joined them, looking a little flushed. Not only that but the front of those scandalous shorts was showing a cock shape that was larger and more pronounced then it had been a minute or so ago. His son was getting hard right in the middle of the airport, and not bothering to hide it. Nothing modest about his son. And why should he be, Michael wondered. The boy was glorious.

They headed down to baggage claim causing stares as they went, even more so as Cass was with them, as if the three had become celebrities. Cass seemed to take all that as his due, hooking his arm in his dads as they walked along.

"God I have missed you."

"You too son, you too."

(My apologies for the shortness of this bit, but I had to break it off here as life interrupted me. Next installment though will have more and be quite a bit longer and will be out tomorrow. Hope your all enjoying this. Don't worry, the sex will be coming soon. I like anticipation thought, don't you?)




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