Michael woke to the familiar sounds of distant mast rigging clanking in a morning breeze, the soft whisper of palms, and the faint but audible sound of waves on shores. And the smell off coffee and soft voices. Cass and Jake he guessed, smiling to himself. He stretched naked under the sheet that covered the lower half of his body. The sheet edge was tented up by his morning hard on.

The three of them had gotten in only last night after their long drive down to key West and then out to the resort. Michael grinned as he thought back over the trip down.

After Jake's declaration of love there had been this painfully long silence. It had lasted for several minutes and then Cass had broken up laughing. He couldn't seem to stop.

"Cass?" Michael had called back after a bit when Cass seemed to run out of air and was gasping for breath.

Cass fought to catch his breath, but then started laughing all over again, his cackles filling the car. Michael found Jakes eyes in the rear mirror and Jake shrugged helplessly.

Finally Cass managed to speak,. "Dad pull over at the next exit."


"Just do it, please."

Michael had taken the next exit which happened to be rest stop, and parked. Cass got out, and came around the car, to the driver's side.

MIchael opened his window out of pure curiosity, and Cass, reaching in swiped the keys. "In back, dad, I will drive."

"Son... I am not sure the insurance..."

"Dad." Cass insisted, holding the door open for Michael to get out. Not wanting to upset his son further with such a bone of contention between them, Michael obeyed, and got out.

Cass got in and restarted the car and he locked the right front door deliberately. "In back with Jake, Dad."


"In back dad. I can't sit with Jake without getting a hard on."'

Michael blinked, "Well that's..."

Jake called out in a lazy voice, "Don't you want to sit back here with me, boss?"

Michael flushed, "Of course I'd be happy to but..."

"Dad if you sit back there I will explain."

Michael looked at his son, but Cass looked absolutely determined. At the same time his eyes were sparkling with a certain amount of mirth and love. Michael caved, walked around and got in back with Jake.

As soon as the door was closed Cass put the jaguar sedan in gear and got them back onto 95 South, "Ok here is how I see it. If it were up to me I would just share Jake with you, Dad. I can't imagine a better mate for you then Jake. He's a great guy." Cass chuckled. "I love him myself. So you need to get to know him and date him and see where it goes. And for me to complicate that by trying to stay lovers with Jake would be a mistake, if only because your not used to the gay lifestyle. Um, I am not either of course. I am only nineteen. But..." Cass clearly wanted to say more, but someone had to drive. "Anyway, I can tell your hot for Jake dad, and Jake wants you. I am only nineteen so I will relax, enjoy, meet other guys. I'll be good."

"Anyway pretend I am not here." Cass had said, and focused his attention on the road.

"Cass are you sure?" Michael could not help asking.

"I am sure." Cass replied.

Jake just sat there looking sheepish, and well he should, Michael thought, of all the ridiculous....and yet. When Michael had looked into Jake's eyes as the car rolled along there was no doubt in his mind. Jake loved him. Wanted him.

As if suiting action to the words he could not speak, Jake retracted his legs, turned around in his seat to face away from Michael... Michael for a second thought he had done something wrong, until Jake leaned back into Michael's lap, reached up, and pulling Michaels head forward and down, kissed him.

Kissing Jake was  not something any reasonable man could fight. He'd been subliminally aware that Cass could see in his rear view mirror, but Jakes mouth, his lips, the feel of his broad shoulders and upper body and head across Michael's lap ... and his lips tasted good. Jake didn't smoke, his teeth were beautiful, his breath fresh. And besides Michael had been wanting to kiss Jake forever. Now he had the chance and "My God" how good it was. Jakes kisses were nothing like Michael's wife's wet sloppy kisses. Jake's mouth fit his, firm lips to firm lips, seducing his mouth open so that Jakes tongue darted up to snare and slip around his own, pulling him into a hot dance. Michael could feel himself getting a hard under jakes head, and a glance to his left showed him Jake's big cock stretching up those tight jeans again.

Jake caught the glance. Taking Michael's hand he placed it on his chest on one rock hard pec over the nipple, and pulled that hand down his torso, off the tee shirt, down the rock hard abs to the top button of those jeans. The top button was already undone. In a trance Michael's fingers explored that happy trail down under the belt line of those jeans until they touched something warm, and a-live. He could see Jakes cock pushing up, as if  yearning to be set free.

Jake reached over and gave the straining fly of those jeans a little tug down and his big erection swung up into exposure.

"Oh my god that is a monster." Michael whispered.

"All for you baby. Touch it."

Michael touched it, letting his hand slide down the turned up curve of the underside of Jake's sex where it arched over his abs. Jake moaned in a deep sexy purr of appreciation, his eyes searching Michaels. Fascinated and lost in wonder and lust, Michael's hand explored seemingly of its own free will down that cock to the big plump balls. Jake turned his head on Michaels lap and opened his mouth around Michael's shaft where his erection tented his shorts.

Intent on Jake's cock, Michael gasped and moaned in surprise. He leaned over sideways, Jake lifted his head and reaching up he tugged down Michael's shorts. Michael leaned over far enough to bring his face down into range of Jake's big cock. He breathed it in, smelling clean male and musk and loving it. A little further and he tongued the head. The head was a deep dome not all that wide compared to the thick stem and root. The cock was tapered like a curved rocket ship, He worked the head in between his lips, tasting the sweet salty taste of Jake's pre-cum. He licked the length and groaned as Jakes' mouth stretched over him.

"Mmm, yeah dad, suck that beautiful cock." Cass moaned. Michael lifted his head to catch Cass's eyes in the rear view mirror.

"The mirror is for seeing who is behind us son."

"Awww dad." His son whined. "You guys are so hot."


"Yes Dad." Cass tilted the mirror back up. A glance forward between the seats showed Michael that his son's little shorts were pushed down as he drove and that his son's right arm was pumping up and down with long strokes. Thank god the windows were tinted, he thought, too far gone to fuss at his son for stroking himself while driving.

A few seconds later and Michael was already ready to pop. Jake's experience taking big cocks in his mouth told. Michael's ten thick inches were no trouble for him. His cock felt like it had been dipped in a piece of heaven. "Jake..." he cried out to warn him with his mouth full of Jake's cock....

Jake's mouth slipped up off his shaft and Jake purred, "cum baby." Jakes mouth returned, sliding warmly and tightly over him. There was no way he could hold back. His mind seemed to narrow down too two things, sucking Jake, his head bobbing up and down, mimicking everything Jake was doing to him, and the hot intense narrowing point of pleasure almost painful that tightened still more past bearing before the explosion, the first hot gushing jet of cum that seemed to suck his whole ass right through after it. Muffled by Jakes big cock, he screamed with the sheer sweetness of it as he creamed and creamed, filling Jake's mouth and throat.

Jakes cock ballooned even larger in his mouth and then Jake groaned and a hot spurt of salty sweet Jakeness filled Michael's throat. He swallowed convulsively, and kept swallowing drinking in the hot cum. Gods, jake even tasted delicious.

Jake peeled his shirt off as Michael collapsed, back, recovering from "the little death." Then Jake was on him, lifting Michael's arms and removing his polo shirt, dragging his shorts down, baring him completely. Jakes jeans followed and he pulled Michael to him on the seat and lay on top of him. Not his full weight, just lightly, letting their bodies rub together.

"Mmmm, Jake that was amazing." Michael breathed, aware that his and Jake cocks were not going down. Jake was lightly rubbing them together as the car smoothly rolled down the highway.

Cass gasped and groaned while driving. The car swayed sideways slightly, before steadying.

"Cass?" both men called out.

"you ok son?"

"You have some wipes in here somewhere?" Cass asked.

"Jesus Son, you came while driving?"

"Would not be the first time, dad."

Jake started shaking. It took Michael a second to realize Jake was laughing.

They had pulled into a rest stop to clean up. Nobody was there so Jake and Cass got out naked, and ran into clean off get towels for the road. Michael pulled his shorts back on,went to the vending machines and bought them water and juice. Before getting in the back seat with Jake, he stripped them off again. He knew Jake wasn't finished with him, and he had no desire to fight it. He wanted Jake. Hell,Cass wanted Jake to have him. He was not capable of further resistance to something so damn good.

They'd played in the back seat all the way down 95 to key West, sucking, stroking, or just necking endlessly. He could not get enough of Jake and Jake was like the energizer bunny. Michael came four times before collapsing for a final sweaty time in Jake's arms. Jake had cum five times. Cass had cum over and over. He just pulled into rest stops when he got close and stroked until he came.

In key west the dropped the car off, took a taxi too a marina where the resort launch was docked. Jake shucking the jeans he and put on with the launch right there in the slip where anyone could see him, settled into his pilot chair. Michael swallowed at this sign of Jake's careless casual exhibitionism. It was so sexy he felt himself stir at the sight and the risk of it, as Jake started the launch engine, and piloted them out of that marina.  He took them out of the harbor into open water turning north.  Michael stepped to Jake's side and they kissed as Jake piloted them across calm gulf waters to Michael's Island. Cass lay out in the sun, and fell asleep. After all that fun in the car, Michael thought he could use a nap himself, but he didn't want to leave Jakes side.

That night Jake retired to his condo and Michael to his house and Cass to his bed. They were exhausted. "Cummed out," as Jake put it in his easy draw. Still Michael found himself wishing Jake was there, in his bed. He wanted him there. His son was right. It felt right with Jake. Give it time, he thought. Give Jake time. Give himself time. Give his son time. Thinking about them, he had drifted off to sleep.

Breakfast sounds and chat broke his reverie. While thinking of the day and night before he had showered, brushed his teeth, brushed his hair, changed into cut offs, and now he was ready to face his lover and his son. Smiling as the memories of the trip, every kiss, lick, cock sucking moment came back to him, Michael headed toward the voices in the kitchen, the smell of that coffee. AS he drew close voices became words. Cass's words first.

".. don't care about that. I am not like that. I am just glad you still love me."

"Course I still love you, baby. You were the best thing to ever happen to me until I met your dad. Now you both are. I could never give you up, not really, not unless you find some other dude better then me." Jake said.

Michael slowed to a stop just before rounding the door frame into the kitchen. Slowly he peeked around the door, aware he was spying, but unable to stop himself. Jake was leaning back against the counter, naked, with Cass pressing him back in his arms. They were kissing slowly, with sweet passion, Cass grinding his body, dressed in only a thong against Jake's lean muscular sexy frame. The sight made Michael's cock swell in his cutoffs. Damn they looked sexy together," he thought. He had no doubt both young men were hard as well, probably feeling their cocks roll and rub against each other between them.

Cass said, "You have enough love in you to love us both is all, Jake,. I know that. I love you both, so there is no problem for me. But we need to cool it. I don't know if Dad could handle it.. I'm his son, I mean and what he went through with mom, her cheating on him all the time. She was such a slut."

And I am not?" Jake chuckled.

Cass giggled in his low husky way that sent a charge of heat through Michael to hear it. His son was adorable. As the two men went back and forth clearly, barely containing themselves from sex in the kitchen, Michael's smile grew evil. He had no trouble with Cass and Jake continuing to be lovers. He would rather they did. Oh he wasn't going to let go of this chance with Jake. The man was addictive and he had been lusting after him for a long time now. But if they thought he was any more possessive then they were... hell with that, he would tease them to death with it.

He retreated noiselessly back down the hall. back to his room, fished out some sheer mesh bikini thong, and changed into it, The thong barely contained him, particularly as he was more then half hard. He went back down to the kitchen and walked in on them . They were necking like crazy hard to hard, clearly losing control. He stood there a moment drinking them in, licking his lips, as they kissed and moaned, so lost they had no idea he was right there looking at them over the counter. He poured himself some coffee watching them and finally said, "Good morning boys."

They sprang apart, gaping at him, Cass looking horrified, Jake wearing a look that was some where between an "oh fuck me' and an an aw shucks grin .

Fighting down the hilarity in his body that threatened to rise up and make his shoulders shake, he just leaned on the counter, letting them stew under his gaze.. Finally he drawled , "Oh my. Looks like we have a case of the hornies. Well, let me get some coffee and we better discuss some rules."

"Rules?" both men said together, turning to face him. They were too shocked to hide their erections. Jake's beautiful sexy monster stood up proud in front of him, Cass's cock dripping pre-cum and looking impressive and beautiful, trapped against his abs by his bikini briefs.

"Unh hunh, rules" Michael said effecting a casual utterly reasonable tone, "Affection between you two is all well and good. Hugs and kisses, your both family now, Jake as my lover you, Cass, as my son, and you two can be very close ... brothers. Kissing brothers"

Cass repeated, "kissing brothers?"

"You know like kissing cousins. Some smooching if it's innocent is allowed. Not too much. I may have to put a time limit on your necking."

"Time... limit?" Jake gurgled.

"Well yes no way you two can kiss each other without getting aroused., innocent as it may be."

"Oh, dad, really I can hold it back with Jake, I know it looks really hard. but...

"I just don't know son, that's an awful lot of pre. You look awfully close."

Cass's mouth worked and he husked, "Dad I can explain..."

"No need, its all very self explanatory." Michael said dryly.

He held up a precautionary finger, looking sternly authoritative."One of you at least should keep his erection covered. I will excuse minor lapses if one pops out, maybe a little cock kissing since your both still so obviously in lust."

"Cock kissing?" Jake asked, blinking.

"You know one cock rubs against another bare cock to cock." Michael explained, his face expressionless. "After all erections are natural, and your both built too big down there to fit into a normal little thong or even speedos when aroused like you are. Cass, my son, your cock is gorgeous by the way. You clearly are a chip off my block. " Michael allowed himself to flash a smirk.

Cass gaped, blushing furiously.

"But no sex." MIchael said firmly. "So what you were doing is ok,... barely. Dont let it go further without my permission. "

Cass struggled between a look of relief and consternation

Michael went on. "Sexy cuddling is ok. No way you two could cuddle without it being sexy after all, but a line has to be drawn somewhere. Jake is mine now. You two made that clear and I intend to see to it the rest of the way. Tonight Jake, my love you are Mine. I am claiming that hot delicious ass of yours and I want your big hot fat man meat up my virgin, well maybe not quite virgin hole."

"You say not quite?" Jakes brows rose a bit at that.

Michael smiled. "you think I got the money for this resort from no where? A certain dot com billionaire with a mega yacht I captained, got to know me a bit more intimately then I have been here to fore ready to admit about four years ago, and then he died; brain aneurysm. I found out he had left me a mangrove Island with perms to build a resort, and followed up on it. He'd even had the land raised. So no, not quite a virgin. Anyway you two behave. No sex." He wagged a schoolmarm-ish finger at them, and spying English muffins in the toaster, went over and plucked one out, thus stepping away from the counter and revealing how little he wore and just how hard he was. He was busting out of the sheer pouch. Both men stared glazed eyed with lust now for him.

"No sex?" Cass repeated in a very small voice. The woebegone nineteen year old looked ready to cum.

Michael stared at them and then began to tremble. knew he could never have drawn this out this long if their brains hadn't been sucked into the heated throb of their engorged cocks. The looks on their faces.... it was too much. Manfully he struggled to keep down an explosion of laughter and in a rather shaky voice said, "Now we get some breakfast and then we need to go down to the cocks, er.. docks, and get to work."

Jake's eyes narrowed. He said in a low growl,. "Michael Alexander, the only thing were going to be working on today is your sexy ass."

Looking into Jakes hot eyes, Michael breathed, "Fuck".

"Yup, you got that right. fuck you." Jake said.'

"Fuck yeah!" Cass breathed looking crazy with hunger at his own dad.

"Eek." Michael put down his coffee tossed away his English muffin and began to run back down the hall. Hearing pounding bare feet and maniacal lust ridden laughter behind him, he ...slowed down just a little.




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