Chapter One.

They'd rented a car from Key West to come up ninety five to Miami Airport to collect Michael's son. The ride was uneventful but for one thing. Jake. You could not ride in a car with the sexiest man on earth and not have it be uneventful, if only because after a few hours, all bets were off. By the time they had reached the mainland on route ninety five, Michael, who always got hard on long trips, was silently cursing the fact he had worn a light white pair of stretch cotton lounging shorts and a white tee to keep cool and comfortable. He was very well hung, seven inches soft and a good three more inches hard, and there was no hiding that in these little shorts.

Add to that the fact that his passenger, riding shot gun, was his dock foreman, and licensed boat captain, Jake Saunders, and he was dog meat. No way Jake wouldn't spot he was hard. The worst of it was, Jake knew his son. That was why he was on this trip to fetch him. Jake had been Cass's roomy in college when  Jake was finishing up. And, though Jake had only hinted at it, Michael suspected there was more going on there. Jake didn't talk about Cass much except to say he was grateful for the job recommendation and that he had really liked Michael's son... a lot. But anything more, (though Michael had probed a bit), and Jake would just shrug his shoulders and smile that incredibly sexy smile of his.

Michael suspected Cass was gay. His son wasn't effeminate, or flamboyant, or in anyway campy about things, but each summer he had worked at the fledgling resort Michael had spotted him hanging with other young men, and never any girls. Though girls obviously begged for his attentions, Cass seemed oblivious. And when Michael had hinted to him about "girls" his sunny, sparkling grey eyed son had just dimpled one of his charming smiles and said, "girls? You have to be kidding dad. You know I have no interest that way."

It had been almost like saying he was gay. Michael, for his own closeted reasons had never probed further, almost afraid to find out the truth. One time he had said to Cass, "I just want you to be happy son, get married, find that soul mate have children of your own..." His son had just giggled and shaken his head at him sadly, "Like you and mom? Has she made you happy Dad?"

Of course he had nothing to say about that. He and Beth had tried to keep their problems and attempted solutions away from their son. He knew they had failed, and he often woke with nightmares about the arguments with Beth his little boy had witnessed, his little face streaking with tears.

Michael just hoped Cass would be happy. It was all he wanted. He didn't care one way or the other. Hell, how could he, when he was riding with sexy Jake Saunders, and every glance at the man made his cock throb harder.

Jake lounged back in the right seat of the Jag sedan they had rented. As usual the man wore skin tight jeans, faded to a powder blue where they weren't ripped. They looked one step away from being reduced to cutoffs for their last gasp at life. But what drew the eye was the worn to nearly white crotch where a long, thick. arc of cock rose stretching the thin denim in an arc up and across just under the belt line all the way to the far hip. The belt line teased as the top button of the jeans was undone and the cock looked like it was hard enough to push up into view any tantalizing second. Jake's muscular arms were up around the back of the headrest on the seat drawing up his cut off tee shirt to display his six pack abs, the thin line of dark brown happy trail down to the hint of pubic spread. The jeans were low rise hip hugging slim cut jeans and his thighs looked ready to explode through the straining ripped fabric. On top of that, Jake was tanned a deep golden sun smooched brown, which contrasted sexily against the white fraying of the rips in his jeans or the white tee shirt. If Michael could bring his eyes higher from all this sexual male deliciousness, which was very hard to do, he reached that face. That incredible face. Jake commonly went unshaven, with a hint of a mustache and goatee around that generous wide sensual mouth. That hint accented the laugh lines that framed that mouth, leading the eye to the Sean Connery like dimples Michael wanted to stick his tongue into. The nose was strong with a hint of a break that made Jake look rugged instead of merely pretty boy and made him even sexier. The level dark brown brows, and the eyes, thank god they were closed. Jake had topaz blue eyes the color of the tropic sea, with a hint of Cerulean blue in them that made them seem to glow and mesmerize. His hair was thick, brown with gold highlights, wavy, wind blown worn to the shoulders and as gorgeous as the rest of him. A more edible looking male Michael had never seen.

Several times he had almost made a move on Jake, despite his own closeted past and at this point, years without a bed partner. But he was caught in inertia. He had early in life, one summer after his senior year, jacked off with another man. His best friend the day before they had both headed off to college. He remembered still the feel of another man's hand on his cock and his hand on his friends. The car had been small, they had been afraid of getting caught, his friend had been even more nervous then he, and it had not ended well. Michael knew it had to be better then that. But he had had a girl friend at the time, two of them. His sex life was good. And then he had met Beth, wealthy, sexy, horny Beth, and married her. Yes, he still found himself looking at men as much as he looked at women. Maybe more. But it had become a sort of wistful thought. He'd gone to work for Beth's dad, which had not ended well. Her father had been a control freak, poking his head into every thing about his life with Beth and every aspect of his work for the company. Michael had worked hard, but after a time, his father in law's overbearing interference had driven him out of his mind, and one day he had had enough of having his life managed, and he'd tendered his resignation.

His father in law had threatened to kill him. Michael had ignored it, ignored Beths bitching at him, her screaming at him that he was a looser...on and on. She could be relentless. Michael had done what he's always wanted. Gone after a master's license, and taken jobs piloting people's yachts for them, working for some boat charter companies. Essentially a paid boat bum. He loved it. Even more because his son was in boarding school, and unable to be near Cass, the work had gotten him away from his wife and her dad.

Beth hadn't stood for that. Next thing he knew she was having affairs with other men. There were hints of divorce but when he pressed her on it, she never wanted to follow through. "There was Cass to consider. We can wait till he is older". The truth was her daddy didn't like her affairs or the men she went out with, or the social stigma of having to deal with divorce, or the fact that she had not been discreet and divorce proceedings might well work in Michael's favor.

They had attempted to reconcile, Beth had even suggested they try three ways with her other partners. Michael had gone along, figuring he had nothing to loose. And he had been curious.. To his delight and dismay he had enjoyed them, until he realized he enjoyed them not because of his wife, though she was still a voluptuous beautiful woman, but because of the hot men who shared their bed. A few times some of the men had touched Michael and encouraged him to play with them, and he had been so excited he's shot off in no time. Aware he was not being truthful with himself, he'd stopped even agreeing to three ways, just telling Beth to go have fun. And ... she had. Their marriage had been over for three years at least, if not before that. They had just never gotten round to the settlement. It was coming, though. Soon. Cass was of age. Beth's dad had died of a massive coronary. Beth was hungry to marry one of her richer partners... it was coming.

"Looks like were both in a predicament, boss." Jake said as they drove along. He dropped a hand to the shape of his cock and squeezed it, drawing Michael's eyes there.

Michael cleared his throat. "Uh, yeah. I know what you mean. Driving a long way always does that to me."

"Its the road vibrations up through the car. Kinda like sticking a vibrating dildo up your ass. The prostate loves it." Jake purred.

Michael glided the jag passed an eighteen wheeler and he was certain the driver had a splendid view of Jake's crotch.

"Don't think I've ever told you this boss, but you are a beautiful man. Add in that big hard you have going and your damn close to being irresistible."

Michael took it for granted he was good looking. He looked like an older version of his son. Both Alexanders had the northern Italian / Macedonian Greek coloring, only Michael's hair was North Italian gold, while Cass's was black. Michael's eyes were a dark blue instead of Cass's grey. He was six feet tall to his son's five foot ten... unless Cass had gained an inch. But in their facial features they looked like they could have been brothers. Michael had been just twenty when he married the twenty four year old Beth, and Cass had come a year later.

Right now, Michael was blushing furiously, flushed as well from the sexual heat of his body. "Um thanks Jake." He finally managed. "Your hot as hell yourself."

"So.... we got some time. Were ahead of schedule. You want to stop and let me take care of you, boss?" Jake's left hand reached over and wrapped itself around Michael's cock where it tented the stretchy shorts.

Michael's jaw dropped. "I ... um... Jake... mmm"

Jake's hand caressed and squeezed him. Michael's pelvis rolled his buttocks clenching from the exquisite torture of pleasure of having another man grope him.

Finally MIchael hissed, "We can't."

Jake's hand stilled. "Cass?" He asked.

Jake was quick, he had to say that for him.

Michael searched for the words, it being a lot harder when most of his brain was in his cock.

"I've had letters from Cass. A couple of them asked about you... if I had seen you. He hadn't heard from you. I almost wrote him and told him I hired you. Almost called him. But I got to thinking and since it seemed you weren't writing him..." Michael shrugged. "I never told him I hired you. I figured you two have some personal stuff to deal with and ... I didn't want to see Cass hurt."

Jake's hand left his cock and a moment later Jake pulled his seat up out of the sexy reclining position he was in. He let out a long breath. "Yeah. Well... your son and I ... were close.. and ... he's really young, I wanted him to be free to have a life without worrying about me or what I'd think." Jake allowed.

Michael glanced over. "Sounds as serious as I thought it might be."

Jake almost grimaced. "It was great. Too great. I want you to know, I love your son. But he was too young."

"Your not that much older."

Jake grinned. "I'm ten years older. Nine years younger then you."

Michael found those blue eyes intense on him and looked away. Damn those eyes. But Jake pressed his point home. "Besides there was someone else. Someone else I met right off when you hired me. Someone else I'd fallen for." Jake didn't elaborate, but went on.

"Hell, I'll be the first to say I am no good at monogamy. Some hot guy looks at me a certain way and what little I am wearing tends to go flying out the nearest window. But that doesn't mean I can't fall for a guy, and I did. Funniest damn thing as I haven't even had sex with him yet." Jake went on, his voice a soft furry bass draw just audible over the soft sounds of car and road. "Oh a real short time ago, I managed to grab hold of his big cock through his sexy little shorts, but ... I want it all. Been wanting it all,, for too damn long."

Michael looked at Jake, met those blue eyes, looked back at the road, at Jake again. The man waited there, like a big wild hunting cat, sexy, hungry, all of that energy pointed, poised at him, and Michael was stunned, exhilarated.. and then trapped with dread.

"Jake." He whispered. "Jake... I... we better not go down that road. Not with Cass coming home, about to see you again. I... don't know what you had between you. Exactly. Cass needs to tell me. I won't press you."

Jake nodded, but didn't move and MIchael went on. "If you want to know if I am attracted to you, I am. I... can't hardly breath when you are near me. You are an unbelievably sexy man. Its ...its a fantasy fulfilled just having you say what you said to me. But ... I won't see Cass hurt."

There, that would have to do. Michael let out a breath, eyes on the road, thankful for cruise control as the wheel was enough for him to deal with right now.

After a moment Jake growled, "Damn... fuck... figured you would say something like that." Jake leaned his seat back again and said nothing more for the rest of the drive.

Michael slowly relaxed, fighting the desire to reach into his shorts and touch himself, or to even glance over at that sight of pure man sex sitting beside him. With shaky resolve, he tried to fill his mind with "ice bergs, snow, ugly old ladies.... anything....




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