Marty was born up in Northern Michigan he was raise by his Mother most of his up bringing. He was above average throughout his schools year and onto to where got his Physical Education and a Science degree. He also got a scholarship in Michigan State for Wrestling.,Were he was somewhat successful during his 4 years at Michigan State. 

Marty end up singing his first Pro Wrestling contract after only 3 years of teaching at the High School in Bay City Michigan, He also taught Madonna Science  in her last year of High School were she became his Pet right away. 

His first year in wrestling was very hard living most of the time in dive hotels and ate most of his meals at truck stops and places like the Waffle house. It took well into his third year that he became more famous and won the top belt for his territory. He then went onto sign a huge contract with the  third largest wrestling company in the world at that time.

It never took Marty very long as he became the World Tag Team Champions along with his Tag Partner Tony Jet Armstrong who was rated one of the top Wrestlers in the USA. They hung around with the best as they live the life like rock stars, They flew all around on the Company Private Jet, Stay for days at a time in Las Vegas and got any lady they wanted to fuck all at the age of 28 years old. He finally settle down and had 3 kids with a beautiful wife who name was Kelly. 

   Marty and Kelly marriage last until all of the kids were grown up and out on their own. The injury became more serious as he started to become a problem drinker which was the last straw for Kelly to leave him and seek a divorce.

  The first time Marty had sex with a man was one night wrestling at a show in New York just after signing his first million dollar contract. He went down to the Porn theatre in time square and sat down beside someone wearing their work uniform. They both rub legs against each other before Marty let the man rub his bugle a few times. Marty then invited Paul back to his hotel room and fuck the shit right out of him.

The arena in Albany was all sold out and Marty just won his first USA title as he went out to celebrate with his buddies. The time was just after 2 he went back to the Hotel bar  and order another drink. Mike had just shut the bar down and pour Marty a triple of Southern Comfort as Marty was real drunk by now. Mike then walk back up to Marty room to make sure that he was going to be okay.

The hole bad shook as Marty feel down onto it real hard as Mike began to take his shoes off. Now it was time for his pants and t-shirt before Mike started to play with Marty cock while he was almost pass out laying there in his Calvin Kline Underwear. Mike took his hand and pull Marty cock through the hole and the front and began to deep throat him all the way down his 8 inch shaft. " Suck me Mike, Suck my dick " As Marty was moaning by now with Mike mouth planted on his dick. It took Marty a good 10 minutes before he gave Mike his spray that he calls it. Marty shot off a huge load of his juicy spray all over Mike lips.

It was 7 am now before Marty got up and took a long cold shower and drink a few cups off coffee as he try to get rid of his nasty hangover before he meet the guys down in the Lobby to head over to the airport. The time was well after 3 pm now as Marty got home to his new condo that in just bought with his divorce settlement, It was on the 20 floor over looking the city of Atlanta. They condo was well over 1,400 square meet and had all the amenity that he needed. 

It was a cool winter night that he decide to go down to take a hot sauna to help him with his should and neck pain. He was all along until one of his rivals walk in and sat down right beside him. " How are you doing Rick " As the room was well over 110 by now. " I good and very well Marty" The chatted for a bit until they both got into argument about a match that happen 2 years ago. " Marty told Rick to suck his dick " As Rick stood right up and grab Marty towel and through it all the floor, He then began sucking off Marty with great pleasure coming from both of them now.

" Fuck Rick suck it dude "

" Fuck Rick make me cum "

" I love your dick Marty "

" My God I love your dick "

" Suck it Rick "

" Oh God here it comes "

Marty had a huge orgasm of his white salty cum as it landed all over Ricks bushy goatee mouth and hairy chest. My God Rick that was real nice dude " Thank you Marty I really enjoy it to as they were both heading out the door to grab a shower. 

Marty had to retire from wrestling to due many back and neck injuries that he received over his career at the age of 42, He lift and took on many jobs before he decided to up grade and went back into teaching High School and College wrestling.




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