Marty as just got a great top job at one of the best college wrestling program in the country. He will be charged as a director and the head coach of the school wrestling team and program. This is great news for him since his recently nasty divorce from his wife Kelly. It was the week before the new school year will begin that Marty headed over to check out his new office that he will be working from.

He was so amazed by the size and how it was just off the main men's change room. The school with also being opening their new 4,000 seat GYM Auditorium that will be use both for Wrestling and Basketball. The time was shortly after 1 pm now were Marty got to meet some of his new students that will be on his wrestling team.

It was well into the 6 weeks into the school year that the team was not doing that will in any of their meets that they were in. They finished last all 3 times and Marty by now has started to lose his patient with them all. He was only impress by one person name Cameron who did very will in winning all of his matches and had a good chance making the Olympic team.

Marty and Cameron became close over the next few months as they enjoy each other company on and off the school campus. It was the last practise before the winter break were Cameron made the first move on Marty. He was working out in the school weight room bench pressing a huge weight as Marty walk over to him wearing his bright green singlet.  Cameron eyes were clued starring up at the outline of Marty huge crotch as he spotted him through out the rest of the work out. 

" Okay Cam "

" Yes Sir "

" Time to hit the mat now "

" I need to work on some more holds with you "

" Yes Coach "

Cameron quickly went into to the locker room to put on his singlet for his practise with the Coach.  Cameron just threw Marty over his shoulder and got on top of him to pin his shoulder down on the matt. It was a very hard throw as Marty got up from the matt very slowly holding his shoulders. Marty was so piss off as he give Cameron a very hard spine buster that he made very famous in his wrestling career. " How did you like that Cam " As he lay there on the matt in some pain through out his body. " Fuck Coach that was not called for " Marty took his time to response to his comment. " YOU GOT TO BE THE MAN AND ORDER TO BEAT THE MAN MY SON " that came from Marty deep voice.

Cameron and Marty thought it would be best for both of them to hit the showers and head on home for the evening. The time was now showing 5 PM when Marty call Cam in his office for a chat concerning his behaviour at practise. Marty was sitting in his chair just wearing his white Pouch Jockey Briefs. Cameron could never kept his mind on the chat because he notice that Marty was getting a little semi on while he was sitting there.

" Hey Cameron  you with me dude "

" Sorry Coach "

" I love your underwear sir "

" Pardon Me "

" I love your white briefs Coach "

" How about you come over and show me "

" Yes sir "

Cam made his way over and got down on his knees as Marty began to pull his semi hard dick through the hole in front of the briefs. It only took a few seconds as Cam started to suck Marty hard massive cock. You can hear Marty groan with great pleasure as Cam began to deep throat him all the way down the shaft of his dick.

" Fuck Cam you are good at this "

" Thank's Coach "

" I love your pre cum Coach "

" Lick my balls Cam "

" Lick them nuts hard "

" Make me cum now "

" Fuck Coach you taste sweet "

" Make me cum Cam "

" Fuck dude make me cum "

" I love you cock sir "

" Suck it Cam "

" Yes Coach "

" Fuck dude I am close "

" Fuck I am close "

" You Ready for it Cam "

" Yes Coach Marty I want it "

" Here It comes"

" Holy shit Cam "

Coach quickly stood up as his whole body shook while he was dumping his massive load of semen all over Cam moustache and down his cock sucking throat.

" Fuck Cam that was fucking hot "

" Thank You Sir "

" Were the hell you learn to suck like that dude "

" I  guess it just me Coach "

" Let's get clean up and head home now "

" Yes Sir that sounds good "

Coach Marty shook off the rest of his cum all over the towel that was on the floor before he pull up his white briefs just before his shower. As for Cam he quickly ran over to his locker to take some power juice so he can wash the rest of Coach Marty sweet & salty load of his semen that he came him.

The only seen one another for a short period of time before the school shutdown for the Christmas Holidays. After they get back form their break the rest of the wrestling season will be very busy as it will be getting very close to their State Champions meet. Just before he left Marty told Cam that he is rank number 3 in the State for his weight class. " Have a great Christmas Sir" I will Cam, But behave yourself and don't get into to much trouble. " I will do my best Coach Marty bye " 

Part 3 to Follow




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