Marty was a former Pro Wrestler who is now a successful beer salesmen for the Miller Company through out North America. He very much  enjoys driving to many of his business meeting through out the USA and Canada. It was late one night he had to get a Hotel room do to the snow storm that is happing on the outskirts of Buffalo, New York. 

The time was close to 8 pm when he decided to call up room service for his dinner that night. Steve was the best Porter there was in that chain of hotel who he works for. He was a huge wrestling fan and had the Bear Cub look to him. He stood just under 5'8 a solid 160 with a very well kept trim beard and short dark hair. He was raise by a strong Baptist family and never got to learn anything about any relationships or better still sex.

He began to knock on the door a few times before Marty walk over to open it up. " Hello come on in there my friend " Came from Marty deep raspy voice as he place the dinner tray down on the table over by the window. They began a short chat before he gave Steve a $20 dollar tip for his service. Marty was Steve last costumer before he head home for the evening as the storm and winds became much greater and more intense. 

Sean was Steve new Manager who told him to go back up to room 517 and deliver a few more beers to Mr. Smith who was by now just relaxing in his Brown Bikini Briefs. Steve eyes were clued to his huge crotch has he place the beers down on the table before he invited him to stay to have a few with him. Steve then try to explain to Marty that it was against the Hotel Policy to join him for a drink. It took a good 5 minutes until Steve decided to join him for a few beers that he brought up to his room. 

 They chatted for a period of time until Steve ask Marty to show him some of his wrestling moves. " I think you need to take some of your clothe off  first " Steve was somewhat excited as he began to strip down to his Hanes boxer briefs that he like wearing. Marty then got up and walk over to his sports bag to grab a pair of his wrestling trunks that he use to wrestle in. 

Steve could not believe this is all happening that his all time fantasy is about to come true. As he is about to wrestler with Marty as he wore his black silky trunks. The then both began to wrestle each other on the floor as Marty had just put his thick hairy legs around Steve head during a head scissor lock. Steve by now started to get a little semi on as his mouth and lips were planted right on Marty crotch as he began to put more pressure on Steve head.

There was a sweet smelling crotch order that turn Steve on evan more as he realized that Marty started to get a huge hard on by Steve beard and mouth before he broke the scissor lock. Their match grew more intense when Marty made Steve tap out after he put him into his famous Bear Hug hold.

" Did you enjoy that "

" I sure did Sir "

" Please call me Marty Steve "

The time was getting real late before Marty invited Steve to stay with him for the night since the storm has shut down most of the city. " I have to call my Mom to let her know that I am snow in here " You can see that Steve was real nervous about the situation that he gotten himself into has he made his way over to use the phone.

" Hey Steve got a question for you "

"  What is that Marty "

" Have you ever had sex with a man before "

" Nope but I love for you to be the first one Marty"

" Not evan a Girl "

" I am not much into the girls anymore "

" You like to play a game with me Steve '

" What type a game Marty "

" A sexual game "

" I will be the wrestling coach and you will be my pet "

" That will be fucking Hot Sir "

" You will have to listen to my commands all the time "

" Yes sir "

" I am going to stand against the wall and you will walk over and go down on me "

" Yes sir "

Steve began to walk over to where Marty was standing and began to suck on his hard erected nibbles. Steve wet lips and tongue began to go all the way down Marty hairy chest to his Navel as Steve was about to pull his wrestling trunks down to his ankles. " Leave them on Steve and lick me all over in them " By now Steve was so turn on by it all  that he began to pre cum all over the carpet floor.

Marty was totally erected now has Steve began to pull his trunks down to the floor. Marty had a huge 8 inch semi cut curve cock that was excellent for fucking any type hole. Steve blew Marty for another few minutes before they went over to the bed to 69 each other.

The both began 69ing each other as Marty mouth started to fill up with Steve pre cum as this went on until Steve shot a huge load of Cub juice all over Marty Beard and throat. Steve quickly got up and grab a beer for Marty so he can wash the rest of the cum down his throat.

" Fuck that felt great Sir "

" Fuck I love Cub juice Steve "

" I never swallow come before Sir "

" You will tonight, But first I am going to fuck your Virgin Hole "

" Please Sir go easy with me "

" I will my friend, So go over to the bed and bend over it right now "

" Okay Sir "

Marty began to walk over to where Steve was bend over at the side, Marty then drop down to his knees and spread the ass checks apart and began to eat out Steve hairy Cub hole. You can here the moans real load as Marty tongue and bearded mouth began to eat out Steve hairy ass.

" Fuck Sir "

" You like it Steve"

" Oh Fuck Yea "

" Eat my hole right out "

This went on for a while until Marty got up from the floor as he was now going to fuck Steve tight juicy hole. Marty put more spit on his hand and massive cock to make some lube for them both. He slowly put the tip of his cock into the hole before he push it up much further. It took a few minutes until he was all the way inside of Steve.

Marty was stroking Steve good and hard as his curve dick fit really good and tight in his ass. There were both screaming  and moaning of sexual climax by now. Both of their bodies were cover with each other sweat as the fuck got into full gear. You can smell the Brute aftershave pouring out of Marty by now as his dick was all the way up to his huge hairy balls.

" How does that feel "

" Fuck  Marty Great dude  "

" You want more dude "

" Yes Sir, Please More Sir "

Marty then began slowly withdrew his cock from his hole as they both took a little break from it all. The clock over on the Dresser was showing around 11 pm by now. Steve then got up to go and take a piss a Marty just lay on the bed playing with his cock. " Now it is time to fuck you like a real man Steve "  Steve lay flat on his back as Marty began to pull his legs and feet over his hairy broad shoulders. Once again Marty began to push his curve cock all the way inside of him.

" Fuck it hurts Sir "

" Be a man dude "

It took a good few minutes until Steve was in know pain enjoying the thrust of Marty dick. You can see the cock ramming agains his huge sweaty balls as it was sliding in and out, in and out,in and out. Marty was now fucking him full motion as has ass and front was moving like a machine gun from World War two.

" Fuck dude Fuck"

" I love your dick Sir "

" You want it dude "

" Fuck me Marty,  Fuck me Sir "

" You are making sweat like a pig  Steve"

" Yes Sir, Like a pig Sir "

" Give it to me hard Sir "

" Be a man Sir "

" Be a fucking Man Sir "

" Fuck me like your wife Sir "

" Fuck I am close "

" Fuck I am close son"

" OH Shit dude "

" I am fucking so close son "

" Fuccccccccccck "

" Here it is Steve "

" I fucking cumin "

Marty body jilted back and forth, Back and forth as his cock shot off a huge load of his steam into Steve ass, By now both of there bodies were cover with the smell of sweat and Brute Aftershave lotion. Marty now began to fuck Steve with the little energy he still has left.

" I am going to fuck you dude "

" I am not done with you yet "

" Please Sir. Please Sir"

" Fuck me like a Daddy Bear  Marty "

" You want this Daddy Bear cock "

" Yes sir "

" I love you cock Sir "

This went on for another few minutes as they were once again hitting sexual passion as Marty was into some form of a sexual trance. His eyes were roll back into his head after each long strokes from his dick.

" Fuck dude you fucking good "

"  Harder Sir "

" Fuck me Daddy Sir "

" Oh my Fucking God"

" Here it comes "

" Give it to me Marty , Give it to me "

" Fuuuuckkkkkkkkkk "

Marty just shot two loads off at once again into Steve Bear Cub hole as they both collapse from the orgasm. Steve began to scream once again has Marty slowly pull out his curve cock from his cum and juicy filled holed. They both rested for a good 10 minutes before they hit the shower room.

" That was fucking great Marty "

" Thank You Steve "

" I love your Aftershave smell "

" Did it turn you on "

"It sure did Marty "

" That was the best orgasm ever "

" I never, never shot off 3 loads in one fuck before "

" I love hearing you say that to me "

" 10 times better then my wife or any other lady"

" You not giving bull shit to me Marty "

" The best fuck ever Steve '

" Thank You Sir "

" Good night Sir"

" Yea you too "

They both sleep in the spoon position throughout the rest of the night. The snow had finally stop by next morning as Marty had just woke up from his sleep. The time was just pass 7 am as he made it quietly into the bathroom to grab a hot shower. Steve finally woke up as he saw Marty walking over to his sports bag to his clothes. You can see a huge smile of joy as he watch Marty put on a fresh pair of Red Bikini briefs before his black dress slacks that he will be wearing that day.

They both hug and brace each other at the door before Steve went down very discreetly to start his shift off for the day. They both gave one another their numbers so they can keep contact  when Marty comes into town for business.

Part 2 to Follow 




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