Marty plan to meet with Cameron back at his new Condo that he had just move into. He needed to discuss his low grades for this semester. Coach Marty was put in place to be Cameron Mentor since he has some learning issues. Cameron was amazed by the size of Coach Marty new Condo. Marty got a huge settlement from his divorce that just went through. 

" How about we order up a pizza from the corner pizzeria " It took a few second  for Cameron to gone along with the Coach ideal for supper. The night went over extremely well as Coach Marty show Cam some more new wrestling holds. 

" Hey Coach "

" What Cam "

" I always had a little Fantasy of you being the first one to fuck my ass "

" Know way Cameron "

" I use to jerk off watching you all the time back in your hay day"

" So do I get my wish Sir "

Lets have a few more beers before I will let you know. I always love looking at your little bubble butt when you are wearing your singlet. I must say that getting fuck can be painful but enjoyable too. 

" I am sure you have lube in your bedroom "

" Sorry I ran out of it a few days ago "

" Know worry the spit will have to do "

" You are so funny Cam "

The time was shortly after 9 when Coach decided to take Cam into the bedroom for his first fuck section. The room lights were very dim as they began to undress one another. Cam really got turn on by Marty underwear drawer that he let him look through. Put there ones on for the Fuck Coach Marty. I use to love wearing this style back in my prime wrestling days. The girls love see larger men wearing Bikinis briefs. I guess not just the girls Sir, You have a good point there Cameron.

Coach Marty went into the bathroom to grab some massage oil that he likes to use on his hairy body. He then took lots of the oil and began to rub Cam hairy body all down with it. " Okay Cam go and lay flat down on the side of the bed "

Marty began to walk over slowly to Cam and began to pull his Bikinis Briefs right down below his shave balls and groin area. He help slide Cameron ass right to where his nice curve 8 inch cock was and began to place his legs over his hairy shoulders. He took the head of his penis and slowly guided into Cam tight Virgin hole. Cam took a few deep breaths and began to moan with great please as Coach Marty push it much further in.

" Fuck Coach that hot Sir "

" You Like it "

" Fuck me more harder Sir "

" Fuck it feels great "

" Fuck me like a man Sir "

" You want it Harder Cam "

" Oh Fuck Yes "

Marty was in like a fucking machine gun fucking the shit out of him. He pounded him good and hard as his huge cock slides in and out of him right up to his balls. Marty'e blue eyes roll back into his head after each long deep strokes from his massive penis.His tits were completely erected as his the sweet smell of sweat from his Aqua Velvet aftershave that he likes wearing was pouring out of his pours onto both of there hot body's by now.

" How that Cam "

" Fuck this is so hot Sir "

" I going to go much harder and faster dude "

" Go for it Sir '

" Fuck Me  Sir "

" OH Shit I am getting close "

" Fuck Cam I am getting close "

" Give it to me Sir "

" Holy Fuccccccccccccck "

Marty body shook and jilted forward and backward as his dick began to spray out his juice all inside of Cam ass. Marty took a little rest and began to vibrate once again as he began to shoot off another load of his hot juice. " Holy shit Cam you made me cum twice dude "  Cam was so exhausted by it all that he could hardly speak. " Fuck Coach Marty that felt so fucking good  Sir"  

The two of them took a show and got themselves all clean up before Cam headed on out the door. Once again Cam eyes were clue watching Coach Marty putting on a fresh pair of underwear. " Thank you Coach for making me a real man tonight " Marty gave him one huge hug before he open the door up and walk him down the hall to catch the elevator.

Part 4 to Follow




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