Marty just had just turn 27 and became one of the top tag team wrestler along with his good friend Mick Osbourne. They both lived the life like rock stars traveling in Private Jets and having Limos driving them both everywhere they wish. They both make close to 1,000.000 plus a year now and got to know many of the top hotel management in Las Vegas. They both live a 24 hours Party life there by drinking, gambling and picking of whores for three some . Marty finally got to meet the women of his life name Kelly and settle down and have 3 kids with her by the age of 29.

Marty sometimes always a had a fantasy about having sex with a man from the  Military  or Navy personal. He was up in Canada all alone staying at a private fishing lodge were he meet a Canadian Navy man name Marc. Marc was around 23 years old stood about 5'9 and had a smooth muscle body to died for. He was 100% type of man for Marty to fuck.

They meet late one night down at the lodge hot tub as they were both enjoying watching the sun go down into the western sky. It was around late September where the weather is getting very cool outside at night. Marc could not help stop staring at the outline of Marty cock he had in his speedo that he was wearing every time that he got up to sit on the edge of the tub.

Marty finally caught on and started to rub himself a few times before Marc made the first move on him. He slowly went over and started to lick his bulge and his massive semi hard on that he was showing.  Marty stood up and pull off his speedo so Marc can now blow his nice 8 plus semi curve dick. Marty began to groan very loud as his dick was getting deep throat by Marc mouth. 

" Fuck Dude suck me more "

 " Take it all the way down Marc "   

 " I love your cock Sir "

 " I love you cock Sir "

 Marc mouth began to fill up with lots of pre cum coming from Marty as he just about to dump his spray all down Marc throat.

 " Fuck I am close " 

" Fuck I am so close " 

" You ready Marc "

" Give it to me Sir "

" Oh shit here it comes  "

 " Funking Jesuuuuuuuuus "

Marty began scream out fairly loud when he start to orgasm into Marc throat. Thank God the hot tub was not near any of the cabins that where use that night. Marty quickly stood up with a huge amount of white cum still left on his dick. He then began to order Marc to lick the rest of it up before they both got out of the tube and head on back to his room for some more action.

Marc would love Marty to fuck his ass, He told him that it has been well over 2 years since his friend the Fire Captain fuck him. Marty told him to go over to the side of his bed and bend over for him. There shortly after that Marty was in the washroom rubbing massaged oil all over his hairy chest and body. He walk up to where Marc was bend over and started to spit on his bear paw hands and cock as he went real slow guiding his curve semi cut dick with the fore skin pull back into Marc hole.

They both scream with sexual pleasure after each long deep strokes that he was giving him by now.

" Fuck me Sir "

" Fuck me Sir " 

" Fuck me harder Sir "

 Marc was screaming very loudly by now as the fuck is well into 10 minutes. Marty really love screwing the shit out of Marc bubble butt ass as the sweat began pouring out likes buckets of water.

" Fuck Marc I am close " 

" Shit dude I am close "

" Cum Marty Cum Sir "

 " OH fucccccccccck  "

Marty shouted and scream to the top of his lungs as his cock started to fill up Marc ass with 2  huge loads at once that he just gave him. They where both pretty exhausted by now as Marty withdrew his huge cock very slowly. Once again there was lost of cum and ass juice still left on his dick before he order Marc to lick it all off of him.

The rest of the weekend was all about sucking and fucking for the two of them. The last morning of the long weekend Marty and Marc both had wild sex while taking a shower. The highlight was when Marc started to eat out Marty hairy hole while he was jerking himself off at the same time. Marty cum flew all over the tile in the shower when he had a huge orgasm once again.

The time was 10 am now when Marc watch Marty got dress. He first put on a fresh pair of Calvin Klein Underwear before his Black pair of Levis 501 jeans .Then came the white button Wrangle Cowboy shirt and his red neck Cowboy hat that he loves wearing.

They both grope one another at the door before Marty hop in his Jeep rental and drove the 3 hour drive to the airport to catch his private Jet back to Chicago for a match that evening.




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