Desmond leaned in and kissed me. I'm just feeling free and good right about now. I feel all the stress and problems in my life are drifting away. Desmond started to suck on my neck and he know that is my spot.

"Mmm Des. You know what that does to me."

Then, instantly he start nibbling on my ear and I felt my eyes roll to the back of my head. I never had anybody nibble on my ear, not even Lauren did that. I know for a fact it got much love for Desmond. Mmm this feels so good. If only y'all can feel what I'm feeling right now. How about I give y'all a visual? Y'all want that? I know you do.

Desmond is sitting over my hard dick while my hands on his ass. He slightly grinding on me and that shit is turning me on. I just can't get enough knowing I'm about to fuck my homeboy. I took off his shirt and start to kiss his 6 pack. That shit was toned to the max. Then I saw the V-shape that lined up to his dick and I took my tongue and licked it. That made him tremble, I mean this dude almost had a seizure on me. This dude was so horny and hard that his dick was sticking me in my chest. I pulled back and saw a stream of precum from my chest to his shorts. He didn't expect me to lick the precum and start to suck his dick while his shorts were on. Hey! I couldn't let that precum go to waste. Desmond was trying his best to keep his composure but I think I'm about to push this dude over the edge.

"How you like that dick, Jay?" Desmond asked as he moaned.

"Mmmphmmood" I tried to speak but I couldn't keep my mouth of his dick.

"Why don't you taste it without the short? I bet you it's better." Desmond said as he moved my head off his shorts.

"Des, man, I'm really wanna taste that dick."

"Here! Taste it." Desmond said as he pulled out his dick.

I just admired the way it looked for a few seconds. I never been close to any type of dick in my life. It was a chocolate brown colored that was uncut. It pretty good look dick to be real with you. It had a slight curve to the right. That only means that when he fucks it give people something to scream about. I watched as the tip of his dick begin to ooze the clear creamy precum out. I caught it before it fell on my stomach. I brought it back up and used it as lube to suck Des dick. I put the head of his dick in my mouth and he let out a sharp moan. I knew I was doing something right. Then I put more of his dick in my mouth. I never sucked dick before but I feel like I can do it. I moved my tongue around in my mouth to get a complete taste of the dick. To my surprising I loved the taste.

"Shit that taste good as fuck."

I just went to town on his dick. I was sucking it like I'm on dick sucking marathon and I won't to win first place. Every time I sucked in I would get a load of precum in my mouth. I simply swallow it just to get more. Desmond pushed his dick further in my mouth and face fucked me. This shit is also new to me but I'm loving every second. I felt my throat being taking over by his dick. I slurped and sucked his dick to the point that I couldn't get enough. I'm gagging and drooling all over my mouth. Desmond pulled out his dick and leaned to kiss me. I sat up and told Desmond,

"That was some good dick. But I want some of that ass now."

He licked his lips and said, "I'm ready for it. But eat this ass first bruh. It's wet but not wet enough."

Desmond stood up on the bed and bent over in front of me. His ass was so fat and juicy. I mean one hand wasn't enough for just the left cheek. I put my other hand on his cheek and pushed them together. Damn! This ass is so fat and soft that I feel like I'm playing with a marshmallow. I released my hands and watched his ass spread and jiggle like jello. I just had to smack it a couple of times. Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack right on the crack of his ass. Desmond laid on his stomach and I spread his ass cheeks to find his hole. I never ate out a dude booty before but I have ate out a girl pussy before. I took in a deep breath and braces myself. I kissed his booty cheeks and he let out a little moan. Then I stuck out my tongue and start to lick his hole like it was pussy. With ever lick I did Desmond let out a moan.

"Oooh Jay that feels so good. Lick that hole bruh. That's my muthafuckin spot. Shit! You do it better than my girl!" Desmond yelled out.

I grabbed his hips and started to go deeper in his ass that it sent him off. He tried to run and I would pull him back to me. He would squirm and then get comfortable and ride my face. Then, I started to taste some sweet nectar and I realized that it was Desmond. This dude was nutting out of his booty.

"Damn Desmond! That shit is sweet as fuck." I told him.

Desmond turned around and smiled, "Bruh I never nutted out my ass before. That's some new shit."

"Yeah that's when you know you've been are out real good."

I smacked his ass and leaned over to grab the condom. Desmond took it out of my hand and opened it. He put the condom on the tip of my dick and did this trick on it. He put the condom in his mouth and sucked it. Now, I swear Desmond acts like this his first time doing this but it feels like he done this already. I'm not gonna lie I never had nobody do that too me and it felt good as fuck. Desmond leaned over and laid on his back. I got on top of him and looked into his eyes. I'm about to fuck my homeboy and I love this dude. And when you love someone you make love to them. Not fuck them cuz they not a one not stand. I kissed Desmond and aligned my dick to his hole. I pushed the tip inside and he pushed me out.

"You good bruh?"

"Yea bruh I'm good just go a little slower. I haven't had anyone up there."

"I got you."

I lubed up and then as slow as I could pushed inside Desmond. He moaned and then I pulled out. Then I went back in and this time it was a little more opened. I felt how warm and wet his hole was. Damn this shit got me feeling real good. After a couple times of pushing and pulling I was able to make love to my boy. I leaned down and kissed him and Desmond put his arms around my back. This caused me to stay in this position and then his arms loosen and I felt hands on my ass. He was pushing me deeper in him.

"Mmm. Deeper Jay! I want to feel that shit deep in me!"

"I got you bruh. Here I go!"

I pushed so deep in him that I broke through a wall that caused him to spaz out. He let out a moan that almost made me have to pull out.

"Aahhhhhhh! Jay! Fuck nigga that's it right there nigga!"

"You good bruh? I don't want to hurt you."

"No you just pushed through my man walls and that shit felt good."

"Ok cool bruh."

I went back to making love to Desmond. Then I sat up and started to go a little faster inside him. And that got me and him panting real hard. His faces were cute and it turned me on even more.

"Des turn around I wanna fuck you doggy style."

Desmond got up and turned around and shower his fat ass. I pushed my dick in him and started to fuck him good. It must have been good to him because he started to throw his ass back.

"Bruh this ass is so crazy."

"You like this ass?"

"I'm in love with you and this ass."

"Well here have some more."

Then, Des put his ass in turbo because my dick was being pushed and pulled at the same time. I couldn't get enough of it. I felt like I was about to cum but I ended up pissing in the condom. And then the condom broke inside Desmond's hole. Yea crazy right? I never done no crazy shit like that before. I pulled out and adjusted myself. Desmond pushed out my piss in hole and laid on his stomach. I slipped on a new and licked out his booty and stuck my dick in his booty. I started to grind in his ass and then I picked up the pace. He moaned and screamed and then he jumped up.

"Woah! Des you good bruh? Chill out! My fault."

"Nah that dick was so good that I actually nutted. But I didn't touch my dick. Look."

I looked on the bed and saw a stream of nut. Then the rest is all over his stomach and legs. I didn't get my nut so he kissed me and leaned me back. He climbed on top of me and put my dick in me. Then, he started to ride my dick. I put my hands on his hips and pulled him further on my dick. I started to feel my nut coming to the tip of my dick. I just went to pounding him and then I pulled out.

"Ooooh shit! Here I come!" I moaned.

Desmond opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue. Then, after a couple of strokes I bust all over Desmond's face and mouth. Damn this shit felt so good. I laid back and Desmond did the same. I looked at the ceiling and Desmond out his arm on my chest. I closed my eyes and we both fell asleep.



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