Desmond walked around to the passenger side. I grabbed my phone an turned the video off. Fuck! I can't believe I just got founded out by my home boy. I unlock the door and he got in. He looked at me and stared. I just continued to look straight head. 

"So ar-" Desmond was about to say something until I interrupted him. 

"Bruh, don't say nothing. Give me a second." I told him. 

I really had to take a deep breath and figure out how I'm going to tell my home boy that I'm not gay. I mean I just clicked on the video and my dick got hard that's all. I mean if I say that then this nigga is gonna be all in my ass. Dammit not the right choice of words at this moment. I just know Desmond isn't too fond of anything gay. He almost got into a fight because a gay dude nodded at him. He literally snapped on his ass and they almost fought. Now, I'm trying to figure out what he is thinking now. I took another deep breathe and just said it. 

"Des, I'm not gay bruh. I swear. On everything I love I'm not gay." I said to him as I looked at him. 

"Then, what the fuck are you doing looking at gay porn man. I mean you just told me you dating that light skinned chick. But I caught you looking at two dudes fucking each other brains out. What's up with that?" Desmond questioned. 

"I know what it looks like but that isn't what happened. I was looking for a video and this video was on the list and my finger accidentally tapped it. I mean you knocked on my window while I was in mid stroke. I got nervous so it's not like I was trying to look at it." I said trying to save myself. 

"Oh ok. So you not gay at all?" Desmond asked.

 "Naw bruh. I'm not." I said looking at him.

"Oh ok." Desmond said as he looked in the other direction. 

I mean this is my homeboy and roommate. We been roommates since freshmen year. We did all types of stuff together in the room. I got him his first girl in college and he fucked the shit out of her that night they met. Hell we both had our first foursome together. This was boy and I know I could tell stuff I wouldn't even tell my brother. He was the one that knows all the shit I go through and won't say shit. I turned my head and looked at him and he glanced at me. Then looked at my pants and notice my dick was somewhat out. I forgot all about that. 

"Um bruh no homo but your dick is still out." Desmond said laughing at me. 

"Oh shit my fault. Haha. I forgot all about that man. Was trying to get one out and got caught up." I said laughing.

 "I mean you can still get off....If you want." Desmond said as he turned towards me. 

"Um what do you mean by that?" I asked nervously.

 "I mean you can still bust your nut. You remember how you used to jack off at night in the room. And I would just chill next to you and bust with you." Desmond said joking.

 "Hell yea. That shit was intense but I mean I'm not into that kind of stuff anymore. And plus if you think about it was slick gay." I said. 

Desmond sat back in the seat and looked out the window. I fixed myself and looked up into the ceiling. Everything about the first night we jacked off together started to come back to me. I was just coming back from my night class and I was ready to get back to the room and chill for the night. I unlocked the door and Desmond was on his side of the room watching tv. I dropped off my stuff and grabbed some clothes and went into the bathroom. I turned on the shower and let the water run. I took of my clothes and just sat on the toilet. No I wasn't going to take a shit but I just needed to sit down. I got into the shower and washed my body off. Now I'm not gonna gloat or say I got the best body in the world. I got a muscular body and 6 pack. I workout almost everyday because of football. So I just started to move further down my mode and was my dick. Now this is one of my prize possession to me. I'm hung being 8 inches and 10 inches when I'm hard. It's very challenging to try to keep folks from seeing my bulge when I walk. I tuck in my underwear and it still finds it way out. As I wash my dick I feel my dick getting hard and then I noticed I was jacking off in the shower. I stopped when I heard the door open to my bathroom. It was Desmond coming in there to take a shit. 

"Bruh what the fuck you doing?" I said startled. 

"Man, that cafe got my stomach hurting like a bitch. I got to take a shit. My bad but I got to get this monster out of me." Desmond said as he sat down on the toilet. 

Now the way our shower is set is that you can see the top of our body. But the bottom part where the goods are are blocked. So he couldn't nothing but I can. It wasn't like I was for something but I got a glanced. I hurried up my shower cuz I know I can't stand when this dude shits. I mean everybody do it but he is another story because he is toxic and rotten. So I grabbed my towel and wrapped it on my body and step out of the shower. Then, I feel a hand slap my ass and turn around and punched the shit out of Desmond. Literally, when I hit him, he took a shit. 

"Bruh what the fuck? Don't touch my ass!" I yelled. 

"Man chill. Damn what happened when we were out there or in the locker room slapping asses." Desmond tried to explain to me. 

I looked at him and walked out the door. I started to think hell he right. We really do slap ass on the field and locker room. I just went to my side of my room and closed my curtain. I dried off and hopped in bed. Oh yeah did I forget I sleep naked. It something about sleep naked that is comfortable. So I grab my phone and looked up some porn to rub this nut out. I got a good video and started to stroke my dick. I love the way it feel in my hand. It's heavy and when it grows in my hard it turns me on even more. And I'm heavy precummer so you know I didn't need lube at all. I was into the video I couldn't even hear anything around me. I kicked the cover off of me and exposed my body. I feel the video that I started to moan with the video. 

"Mm you like that girl. Yea suck that dick. Mmhm. You sucking that dick good. Fuck! Don't stop. You wanna ride daddy dick. Shit!! That pussy so tight!" I moaned out loud. Then I hear,

"Jay! What the fuck are you doing?"It was Desmond screaming out at me.

I didn't even give a fuck cuz I was so horny and told him,"Come here bruh. Jack off with me. This girl riding the fuck out of this dudes dick." I said.

 He walked over and took off his shorts and then hopped on the bed. Desmond was about a 7 inches hung but 10 inches hard. I don't understand where the three inches comes from but it's his dick. He instantly got hard and started to jack off. I looked at Desmond and this dude was so into the video that he was going hard. I felt Desmond hand reach around my dick and start to stroke my dick. That felt so good that it made drop my phone and I didn't give no fucks. I reached for Desmond's dick and started to stroke his and he moaned. 

"Fuck Jay! Stroke this dick! That's shit feels so good. Don't stop my nigga!" Desmond moaned. 

As I stroke harder and Desmond stroke me harder. I was precumming so much that Desmond's hands were drenched. I was getting close and then I started to fuck his hand grip like it was some pussy. 

"Ahhhh fuck! Damn Des! You gonna make me nut! Here. I. Come!!" I shouted as I nutted all over my body.

 "Uhhhh I'm about to nut too! Oh shit Jay! Fuuuuuucccckkkk!" Desmond said as he nutted all over his body. 

Damn what the fuck was going on here? Hell whatever it was it stayed with us all these years. I sometimes miss my jack off buddy but it's time move on. Shit that night was crazy. 

Mmm something is making my body feel real good. It feels real good like I can nut at any moment now. Wait a minute! Oh shit! It's Desmond! This nigga is suckin my dick. Fuck I feel like I have to stop him but it feels so good. Shit I'm not going to stop him at all. Mmm this head feels better than Lauren's. Fuck what am I doing? I love my girl but I got my homeboy sucking me up. Hell I didn't know he was doing it until now. I think I sho- oh shit I'm about to nut! 

"Oh fuck Des I'm about to nut!" I moaned. 

"Nut my mouth Jay!" Desmond said as he sucked my dick. 

Did I hear him correct? Shit I'm close and he not getting off. I guess there's only one thing to do.....deep throat his ass. I hope he can take a heavy load.



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