"Oh shhiiiiiiitt! I'm cumming!!" I shouted as I forced my dick deep down his throat. 

"Yeah my nigga take that load. Swallow that shit." Des started to gag and cough. 

"Breathe! Breathe threw your nose!"Desmond sat back and wipe his mouth and looked at me. 

I looked at my cum faced homeboy and smiled. This nigga can suck some good dick. I took in a deep breath and Des came towards my face with his mouth full of cum and tried to kiss me. Well y'all know what I had to do right? I....pushed that nigga back and snapped.

 "Fuck you doing? I'm not down with cum swapping shit. Now, swallow my nut. Go ahead swallow it." I demanded.

Des leaned his head back and I watch his Adam's apple move up and down as he swallow my nut. Damn that shit is a turn on. 

"How that nut taste?" I asked. 

He looked at me and smiled and said,"Damn Jay! That shit taste like honey! Shit good as fuck!" Des said as he wiped the rest in his mouth. 

"Hell fuckin yea that my shit. I make that shit taste real good. My girl love that shit........" I just stopped and fell back in my seat with regret and guilt. "Fuck! My girl! What the fuck are we doing Des?!" I asked.

 "I don't know man. I mean you not the only one with girl problems. You remember Jennie?" He asked. 

"Yeah what about her?" I asked. 

"That's my girl. I may mess around on her but she is my number one." He explained to me. 

"Damn! Man we got to stop this shit! For real for real I mean I can only see a disaster happening if we continue this." I told Des. 

He looked at me and nodded his head. And turned my head and looked at the clock and it said 3:00pm. Fuck! Lauren is going to kill me. 

"Bruh I got to go! I forgot I had to go to the store for the party tonight." I said as I fixed my dick in my pants and got my keys and put them in the ignition.

"Oh shit! Bruh look!" Des pointed to his pants. It was a big cum stain from his dick.

"Bruh I got some shorts in the back. Put them on." I told him. 

"Preciate bruh." Des thanked as he reached for the shorts.

I thought his cum jeans were going to get on me. I was moving towards the door trying to avoid them. He pulled off his jeans and threw them in the back. He tried to put the pants on and I stopped him.

"Bruh that's just going to start another spot. Take your draws off." I told as I turn my head.

"Oh come on now Des. You acting funny bruh. You know you seen my dick before. Hell you jacked it off before. Man chill out." Des said as he pulled off his underwear.

I wasn't trying to avoid looking. I was trying to avoid from getting hard again. He slipped on the shorts and threw his underwear in the back seat. 

"Aye bruh! Watch out with that shit! I'm not tryna so too much cleaning in this car." I told Des. 

"Aight man my fault. Look don't act funny ok? Cuz that will only cause suspicious between folks. Just chill and be yourself. Ok?" Des asked me to be chill. I can do that. Nothing to me just got to get some pussy and I'm good. 

Des opened the door and dapped me up and I pulled off headed to the store. I'm just mind blown by the fact Des just sucked me up now. And I didn't care at all until after it happened. Well I guess I can check that off my unknown list. I pulled into the parking lot and grabbed the bags out of the car. Whew! I hope Lauren ain't pissed off at me for being so late. Hold on I got to come up with a good lie. I got caught up playing "Kill the Squirrels" and a cow was stuck on a tree... I was really fascinated by that so I looked at it. And then when I got to the store they didn't have no chicken wings so I had to go to another store. Naw that's not gonna work but I can tell the truth but the whole truth. I walked in the door and I see Lauren sitting in the living room watching "Cheaters." I looked and smiled and thought God must be playing a game on me right now. I put down the bags and said,

"Hey babe! I got the stuff." 

She turned around and was surprised and jumped and said, "Ok. Where have you been? Huh? I don't understand why you think it's ok to just be out there and say nothin to me. Now where you been?"

"Remember when I said I was getting in the car? Well I got stopped by Desmond. He wanted to talk to me about something. And we lost track of time because we were reminiscing over some good memories. That's all." I said to her hoping she would take that answer. 

She looked at me and sighed, "Look I'm not trying to be that type of girl that question her man where he goes because I have a lot of trust for you. But I will be damn if I don't ask and get some answers. You know how I am. I still got people that will take care of some things if I need them done." 

"Aight aight chill. You always take it there. Look I'm sorry. I will call you next time and make sure you are aware of what is going on. Now bring yo fine self over her and give me some love." I said as I looked at her sexy little dress she had on. 

She came up and pressed up against me with her body. She looked at me and I leaned down and gave her a kiss. We started to make out and pull off our clothes. It felt so good to do this right cuz I need it. I picked up Lauren and put her on the table. I laid her down and kissed her lips all the way to her panties. I used my teeth to pull them on and as did that my chin hair got moist. Lauren soaked and wet that the panties was not enough to hold all of her juices. There was only thing I could do at this moment: lick and suck it up. Damn this girl was squirming and moaning all over the place. 

"Mmm Jay that's it right there. Mmhmm. Eat that glazed donut." She moaned and I did just that. 

I stuck my tongue in her pussy and she just shot across the table. I had to grab her hand to keep her from falling off the table. She got me so hard that I found myself precumming. I couldn't wait no longer so I stood up and prepared to give her the fuck of the night. 

"I want that dick baby. I want it. Put it in." She begged. 

"Shhhh! Don't worry you finna get all this dick." And after that I pushed the head in and then with every inch I put in her, her pussy would get more opened. I can feel her walls stretching wide as fuck. 

Once I was in that's when I started to give her the dick. We both panting and moaning as we felt each other up and down. Lauren took her hand and slid it down my back. I didn't care what she did with her hands as long as I get to have this pussy. She started to go further down my back and then her hand smacked my ass. I just grunted to the pain and she did it again. It started to feel real good so I told her to do it again. She kept slapping my ass cheeks over and over again. Then she was at the crack of my ass and that was something new. She ran her finger all the way down until she found my hole. Now, I would have jump out of her and left the room but there was something about that finger that didn't bother me. She pressed up against my hole and then put her finger in me. 

"Fuck Lauren! What you doing back there?!" 

"Calm down babe. It's just something new I want to try. Just relax and breathe."I did just like she said and then after a while it stopped hurting and started to feel real good. 

I mean I was into the finger than her pussy all of a sudden. I just threw my ass back on it as I slapped into her pussy. It went on for a while until I was about to cum. 

"Oh shit! That felt so good. Des---dis feel so good. I love you Des-dis feel so good."Oh fuck what am I doing? I just called out Des name twice and she didn't even flinch. Maybe she didn't hear me. But I'm really thinking about this dude while I'm fucking her the whole time. Truth be told I was really think that I was throwing my ass back on Desmond's dick. Dammit stop it! I'm not gay. I love women and pussy. But I really want to feel some dick too. Fuck it! I think I just caught feelings for Des and don't know where they coming from. Let me hurry up and nut so I can get this party started. I'm actually ready for it. I started to pound harder inside Lauren and then I yelled, 

 "Oh fuck you gone make nut! Oh I'm cumming! I'm cumming! Arrhhhhhhh!" It felt so good to cum inside Des hole. 

Wait a minute I didn't cum in nobody's hole but Lauren's. Oh shit that was not suppose to happen. Lauren got up and pushed the nut out on a paper towel. I really thought I was fucking some ass at that moment. 

"My bad baby. It felt so good that I didn't pull out in time."

"Come on now James. I really wish you didn't do that. Now I got to go make sure none of it went too deep."She said as she walked away with a towel between her legs. 

I'm just standing here with my dick between my legs are as fuck still. Dammit I really just thought that Lauren was Desmond for a minute. I need to go take a shower clean up and then get this place together. Cuz people are coming over in an hour. Hopefully everything goes smooth tonight and maybe end with a bang. 



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