College Daze part 4

Whew! That shower felt good. Now it's time to get this food started. I dropped my towel around me and reached in my drawer. I looked for my good underwear for tonight. It's nothing special y'all just some Calvin Klein underwear that I happen to know Desmond likes. Dammit I can't get this dude out of my head. I put on a T-shirt and shorts and walked out my room to the kitchen. Lauren was already in the kitchen making some dip for the chips and kissed her on the cheek and she miles back at me. Good she didn't remember anything I said during sex. Aight let me get this chicken seasoned and cooked.

*45 minutes later*


Damn what time is it? Oh it's 8:12 pm the party starts at 8. Just like black people showing up late to a party. But got to love them cuz we swear we on time.

"Aw shit looks like we in time for the party." Trina said laughing giving Lauren a hug.

See what I people. Hahaha.

"What's up bro?" Josh said as he walked through the door.

I didn't know Trina and Josh was going out. That's new to me cuz ole boy was messing with Janet last week. This nigga get around big time. I don't know where he get that from. Hey don't judge. I don't get around like that.

"Um Lauren you got some snacks that we can eat on before everyone gets here?" Josh asked rubbing his stomach.

"Y'all didn't eat anything before coming here?" I asked.

Then, Josh gave that sneaky smirk at Trina and started to laugh. I swear my lil bro is a freak.

"Aight already you don't have to get all in the moment here. Baby can you bring the chips and dip?" I asked Lauren as she brought it to the table.


Who can this be? Is it Desmond! ....let me calm my excited ass down cuz I'm not suppose to be excited to see another dude come to my place. I opened the door and it was Mark and Jessica.

"Hey James! Oh my God it's been almost 2 months since I seen you." Jessica yelled out giving me a hug. I gave this weird look.

"Um hasn't been that long. Remember that kick back we went to as a crew?" I tried to help her remember.

She looked and said,

"Oh yeah. You were acting silly and drunk at that party. You and Desmond were tow up that night." Jessica laughed.

Mark laughed and it hit me. Some shit happen back there that I don't remember and Desmond is the only person that remembers. Oh God! I hope there was no shit that happened. I dapped up Mark and they came in and sat at the table. I walked over to the skillet and check on the chicken. It was coming out good just need to be cook a little longer. Before I can sit down the door bell ring again.


I opened the door and it was Jennie but no Desmond. She reached out for a hug and I reached out but with a confused face.

"I know I'm not what you expected. Haha. Don't worry Desmond needs you to help out with the stuff in the car." Jennie said as Lauren grabbed her hand and walked her over to the couch.

It was kind of surprising but I'm not that surprise. I'm just trying to be on my best behavior. Well let me tell Lauren where I'm going before she gets nervous.

"Hey bae! I'm going to go help Desmond right quick." I told her. She turned to me and nodded ok. "Hey Josh can you pull that chicken out in a few minutes?"

"Yeah bro. You need help?" Josh asked getting up.

"Nah man. I'm good. I will be right back." I said.

"You sure?" Mark asked.

"Yeah." I said as I walked out the door.

I closed the door behind me and took a deep breath. Now, I'm just like y'all and have no clue what Desmond wants. Maybe he got some stuff down there he need me to help him with. I just hope it ain't no foolishness cuz I'm trying to get back upstairs before folks gets suspicious.

I reached the last step and walked out to see where Desmond was. He was standing behind his car with his body facing the fence. I walked over towards him and tried to play it cool.

"Yo wassup Des? Jennie said you need me to help you with something?" I asked him.

But he didn't even look at me. That's a little strange I'm mean even from him. I reached out to hit him in the arm but he flinched. Woah! Now something is wrong.

"Aye Desmond! What's going on man? You good?" I asked.

He turned to me with look on his face of stress. Damn why do I feel like I know where this conversation is about to go. He sighed and asked,

"Did you come hole and fuck your girl?"

"Yeah I did. If I didn't she would think something is up and to be honest I needed to." I said.

He looked up and looked at me.

"Man I gonna be real with you. When I was fucking Jennie....I swear I could see your face. It turned me on even more. And I just fucked her harder. Did that happen to you?" He asked.

I got two choices right. I can lie and say I didn't think that or tell the truth. Shit! If I tell the truth them that means we gonna start something. If I lie then we can end it right here. Fuck! This is my homeboy and I've been nothing but real to him. I guess I got to come clean and tell him...the truth.

"Yeah man. I'm not gonna lie to you. I thought I was fucking you." I told him as I looked into his eyes.

"Damn for real. I thought I was catching feelings for you out of nowhere." Desmond said as he lick his big juicy lips.

This dude got me dick standing at attention. I can't believe I'm out here talking to my homeboy and telling him I thought about fucking him. This shit is crazy.

"Aye man chill you got me feeling some type of way. What do you need help with?" I asked trying to change the subject. Even Desmond realized it.

"Ok I need you to grab that pot out of the car and I will grab this pan. It's nacho cheese dip and I got pizza over here." He said.

We both opened the door and reached inside the car head first. Then, BAM! We ran into each other heads. Sounds cliche but it happened.

"Damn bruh watch out with that big watermelon head." I said as I looked at him.

"My fault man. I didn't see you." Desmond said as he looked at me.

Then, it happened....we just found ourselves kissing in the backseat. That kiss was passionate as fuck. I mean I think I'm really feeling Desmond cuz he got some soft as lips. Shit he got me really feeling some type of way. I didn't know being with a dude was like this. It was so good that I didn't even realize Desmond was sitting on my lap. I reached down for his ass and squeezed it hard. He moaned and then started to suck on my neck. Now that's my spot. I lose control when Lauren does that to me. Shit! I pushed Desmond off of me. He looked puzzled and confused to why I did that.

"What's wrong now James?" He asked.

"Man, this ain't right. We need to chill out for a minute. Let's take this stuff in the house." I said as I grabbed the pot.

"Ok cool. Don't trip just act natural." Desmond said as he grabbed the pan and closed the door.

We started to walk up the stairs and Desmond was in front of me. He was wearing some green underwear. I kind of figured it out cuz his shirt, underwear, socks match whenever he go out somewhere. Damn I know those jeans are ready to burst because of that ass was so phat in them. I couldn't stop staring at it.

"My ass is getting hot from you burning another hole in it." Desmond said as he was laughing.

"Chill out bruh. I'm not even doing that just get upstairs and go in the house." I said trying to play it off.

Desmond opened the door and walked in. Everybody was ready to eat.

"Damn took y'all long enough! We hungry!" Josh yelled. "What the hell happened out there?! Y'all got lost."

We looked at each other and laughed and said,


"We got caught up talking about the summer. I ain't seen my homeboy in weeks. My bad y'all. Can we eat now?" I said trying to keep from an awkward silent moment. We all sat around the table and prayed. Then, went in on all this food.

After a few hours, I went to the bathroom. I pulled out my dick and took a piss. Then, I heard the door open and close. Now, I know ok not tripping so I ignored it. I just kept peeing until I saw a hand reached around my body. The hand grabbed my dick and shook and squeezed my dick to get the rest of my piss out. Then, I felt some lips on my neck and the voice said,

"I want to fuck you right now. I'm about to give you some Desmond dick."



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