"James, please say something." Lauren said as she shook me.

I was as solid as a statue from what I just heard. All that kept replaying in my head was the day I came home and fucked her on the table. Damn! If I wasn't so horny from Desmond I wouldn't have did that to her. I feel bad because I know she was ready for no kids. And we both aren't married yet. My parent are going to trip when they find out. But I know I'm going to be there for my child. I really love Lauren and care about her. Even though I still got feelings for Desmond.

"James?!" Lauren screamed at me.

"I'm sorry babe. I had a vision."

"And what did you see?"

"A complicated but bright future for us. Look babe I love you and I'm not upset that you are pregnant. I'm just surprised it happened to us. I just want you to know I'm here for and love you so much." I said as I kissed her and hugged her.

"Oh James I love you too." Lauren kissed me on the lips and smiled.

"Now babe I go to class because I got to get my education for our new baby. See you later." I said as her kissed her and got up from the table.

"Ok baby. Later." She said as I walked our the door.

I walked to car and but my head down in the car. I swear to y'all I wanted to cry but I ain't no bitch so I sucked it up. I started up the car and headed back to the school. Man, what the fuck? I got a kid on the way. How am I going to deal with that? A kid that has a dad that has feeling for another dude. Yep, typical Father of the Year.

I pulled up to the school and literally sprinted to my Biology class. I walked in the class breathing hard.

"Well thank you for joining our class today, James. Have a seat." The professor said while the class laughed.

They was a seat opened and I went to go sit there. I put my book bag down on the table and pulled out my book. And then I realized I didn't have a pen. I continued to search my bag and asked the person next person,

"Aye bruh? Do you have an extra pen I can borrow?"

"Yeah I do. Which one do you want?" The person next to me asked in a weird voice.

That question didn't sit right with me so I looked up. And to my damn surprise it was Desmond. Damn! I've been avoiding him for weeks and didn't noticed he was in my class.

"Yo wassup?" I whispered trying to act surprised.

"Nigga don't act all surprised. I've been in this class since the beginning and you avoided me. I mean do you have something against me?" Desmond asked me with a serious voice.

"Ole boy you sound a little mad to me. I mean I need to take some time off and be with Lauren. I couldn't talk to you cuz it would start suspicious." I explained to him.

"I think the suspicion will start when your girl find my cum stain pants and underwear that's still in your back seat. Hahaha." Desmond laughed.

"Actually that's not gonna happen because I took them out the same day you were in my car." I said and then I looked away.

"What's wrong with you bruh?" Desmond asked as he put his hand on my shoulder.

"Alright class. It's time to get started to with the lab experiment. Get into your groups." The professor announced to the class.

This was the perfect time to break the news to the guys about Lauren's pregnancy. The group consists me, Desmond, Mark, and Josh. Yeah I know it's ironic that we are all in the same room but we made it happen that way. We all went to our lab section and begin to work on the assignment. I didn't know how to tell them the news because I was still trying to process it myself. But they had to be aware of what is going on.

"Aye fellas. I got to tell y'all something. I need you to have your ears open not your mouths. Understand?" I said to them.

"Please don't tell me you gay? I really don't think that's going to be a good look for you. Especially since you're with Lauren." Josh joked.

I looked at Desmond and he kicked me in my leg and gave me side stare. I said,

"Chill out y'all. It's about Lauren." I said as I turned away from Desmond to the others.

"What about her? Is she ok?" Mark asked all concerned.

"I mean she not hurt but she......pregnant." I said with a sigh behind it.

I looked at my bros and they had a blank faces. I wasn't expecting too much from them because they act like me. Then, Mark said,

"Well however you take it. Congratulations man." Mark said as reached out to dap me up.

"Yeah bro. Congrats. I'm going to be an uncle." Josh said.

"Wow. I never would have expected this. Um congrats man." Desmond said as he punched me in the arm.

I'm glad that my bros got my back and cool with the pregnancy. But I know this is going to put a dent in me and Desmond. Whatever you want to call what we got. We got back to our work and completed the assignment so we can leave class early. I started to pack up my stuff and Desmond walked out the door fast. It was kind of odd cuz he seemed upset. I walked out and he was gone. I reached for my phone and before I could press talk it started ringing. It was Desmond calling me.

"Yo where you go?" I asked.

"I'm in my dorm room. You wanna come through?"

"Yeah. I will be over in a minute. Have the door unlock."


I hung up and started to head towards the dorm. As I walk there I'm seeing people I haven't seen in a while. It feels like forever since I've been here. Even though it's been a few months. I walked in the dorm and turned the corner. Shit! I forgot the room number. My phone buzz and it was Des.

"Dumbass the room number 110."

How the hell he knew I was looking for the room? Well I walked to the room and turned the knob to noticed Des standing in nothing but basketball shorts and socks. And I mean nothing else but that not shirt or underwear. I can tell because I saw the outline of dick in his shorts. I feel like this a set up. And I'm gonna play on with it. I closed and locked the door and walked over to him and dapped him up. He looked at me crazy and then he but his lip. Damn the next thing I know I pulled him close to me and kissed him. I never felt this way about any guy before. He got my head all cloudy and shit. Haha I'm really listening to myself and sound like a female. But I'm all man here and I got to control myself and get my composure back. We ended the kiss after a few minutes. I sat at the desk and Desmond sat on the bed. I knew he was horny because he had started to precum in his shorts and so did I. I looked at him and smiled,

"Yo Des man. You got me tripping over here. Like for real for real. I'm not suppose to be feeling this way about you like that."

"Look bruh. I'm with you on that. I'm suppose to be with Jennie and I really like this girl but that's nothing compared to you. I mean you know I'm not all for the gay shit. I'm just trying to get myself together."

"I hear you on that. I'm really trying to get myself together now cuz I got a kid on the way. I'm just not sure what we doing is going to make anything better."

"Woah bruh. Now I don't want to sound selfish but I mean we got something going on here right?"

"I....think we do."

"Come on now. All the kissing, bulge and squeezing, sexual urges, and blowjobs we've had so far. Are you saying there isn't something there?"

"Yeah you right about something. I enjoy those moments cuz it draws me closer to you." I said then I got up and walked to the bed.

I sat down and grabbed Desmond hand and looked him in his eyes. I could tell he surprised by me doing this to him. I took a deep breath and confessed something to him that I've been festering for years now. Now, all of you are about to hear something I don't normally say to people.

"Desmond, um bruh, I got to tell you something."

"Yeah bruh. And don't tell me no bullshit." Des said as he pulled away from me.

"Look man. I never really told anyone this but I want you to be the first because I'm really feeling you." I looked and sighed, "Man, I think I'm in love with my best friend. I've been feeling you since that night. You had me swimming and out of control. That's why I left because I was so distracted. But I'm not anymore because I know exactly what I want. And it's you."

I closed my eyes and then felt pressure on my lips and fell back. I opened my eyes and Desmond was kissing me passionately. He sat up and said,

"James, I think I'm love with my best friend too. I always knew we mad a connection that night that caused a spark between us. I'm glad you feel the same as I do."

I sat up and we started kissing and making out. To be honest I tried to avoid these urges but I can't help it. I actually want to be with Desmond right now. I think I love him more than Lauren. I have this deep feeling that allows me to act a certain way around him. Desmond makes me feel like I am Batman and he's my Robin. It's not suppose to last forever but right now I want it.

I laid back on the bed and continued to kiss Desmond. His lips are so soft that they feel like pillows. I let my hands flow all over his body. I grabbed his booty and felt how fat it was in my hands. He moaned as I squeezed it. I slapped it numerous times and he sat up and leaned over the bed.

"Hey, bruh you good?" I asked concerned.

He sat back up and said,

"I will be if you fuck me."

I just sat there with a blank face expression and then I felt my face turn into a smile. I was happy he wanted me to fuck him.

"Yeah babe I will please that ass."



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