College Daze

"Mmmm James! Don't stop! Mmmm!" Lauren moaned.

"Oh shit! I'm about to--- I'm about to cum! Oh shit!" I pulled out and nutted in her mouth.

Man, Lauren got the best pussy in the world. Shouts out to all the girls with good pussy out there. I swear I can't get enough of it. This our third time fuckin in 2 hours. I laid on my back and Lauren got up from the bed and went to the bathroom. I reached over and pulled out a towel from the drawer. I wipe the cum from my dick. Damn I'm still cummin. Shit feels good coming out my dick. I started to play with it and Lauren came out the bathroom looking at me play with my dick.

"J, you always playing your dick. It never fells to see you moving your bulge in your pants or you pull my hands to it." Lauren said as she walks towards me.

"Babe, you got me actin like this. Swear. I never had a girl like you. I think I'm in love." I said laughing.

"Boy you in love with my pussy. Don't play with me. And I love you too." Lauren laughed as she laid on top of me.

I really do love this girl for real for real. I can see myself actually being with her for a long time. Hell maybe married........nahhhhh. I'm looking too forward in the future. I need to calm my ass down. But I don't mind spending more time with her. My past isn't pretty but my future sure looks bright. Got my girl, job, money, school, family and friends in my life. I'm feeling real good right about now. Our final year in college starts up in a couple of days and I'm ready to get back to so I can graduate and start my new job. My Advisor put in a request for me to start working at a local school as a teacher assistant. Yeah, seems a little off that I'm trying to be a teacher but I got love for the kids. I want to be able to help some of these folks be somebody and blaming the world for their problems. It helps them and me in the long way. Everybody I know always says that I'm like a psychologist in some way. When it comes to me with a problem, I just look at it in a different way and look at their way and express how it should be. I'm a good listener and that's a good thing especially with Lauren cuz she says a lot of stuff. I ain't got time to deal with drama. You can miss me with that on the real.

*A Couple of Days Pass*

"We finally here! Our last year! We about to graduate!" Josh yelled.

"Shit! We got like 9 months to go. Calm all that shit down. We need to pass all these classes first." Mark said trying to be chilled.

"Bruh, fuck out of here with that weak ass shit! It's time to muthafuckin turn up!" Josh yelled.

"Aight we can turn up but got to do at James place." Mark said as he looked in my direction.

"Uh...hahaha. I like how y'all did that. Just gonna put my place out there like that. Y'all know Lauren is living there now." I said.

"Man, fuck yo-"

I just punched the shit out of Josh ass in his chest. One thing I don't play about is my girl. Don't disrespect her at all. That's the quickest way to get that ass dropped.

"Now you know how Jay is about his girl. Now get yo dumb ass up." Mark laughed as he put a hand out to help Josh up.

"Man, you ain't shit. You been with that girl for at least a year and you put her before your own brother. That's fucked up." Josh said angrily.

Josh is my younger brother from my dad side. My biological dad died when I was 6 from a sudden heart attack at the kitchen table. All I remember was him coming to eat dinner and then he let out a sigh and went face forward to the table. My mom was screaming and crying. I mean I knew something was wrong but I didn't know what it was. When I figured my dad was dead it was hard to accept anybody new to my friend. So you can say that me and Josh didn't really click until 2 after my mom got remarried. I'm real skeptical and eye opened about people so I don't trust people right off the back. But this my little bro and he know how I am about the women in my life. He will be ok.

"Josh, look my bad for punching you but you know how I get." I apologized.

"Yea whatever. So are we still going to kick it over at your place or nah?" Josh laughed.

"I hate when you say that shit but yeah." I agreed. I know this shit is going to be crazy.

"Aight well me go tell folks." Josh said as he walked away.

"Bruh, chill. I only want the crew to come through. That's all. Don't have unfamiliar faces at the door or they will get shut down at the door." I told Josh.

He looked at me and threw his deuces up. That was our way of saying "cool understand." I dapped up Mark and started to head back to my car to get my charger. I felt my phone ring and it was Lauren calling me. I answered it.

"Hey babe. What's going on?" I said.

"Nothing much just cleaning up. Do you think you can go to the store and get me some chicken wings and fries." Lauren asked.

"Yeah. What's the occasion? You don't cook chicken wings unless folks are coming over. Hold is someone coming over?" I asked.

"Yes. Didn't Josh tell you he was having a party over here?" She said.

"Damn it I wished he would have waited. But yeah he just told me a few minutes ago." I said.

"Well I'm down for it. Just get the stuff and come back home. I'm ready." She said.

"Oh shit! Maybe I need to come home first then go get the food." I said trying to skip out on this food.

"Nope go get the stuff first and come home. I don't want you to leave." She said.

"Aight be home soon. And I mean soon. Love you." I said.

"Ok. I love you too." She said as she hung up.

I put my phone in jacket pocket and continued to go to the car. I'm ready to get back home and get some pussy. Then something happened and stopped me in my track.

"Yo! James!"

Now, I know y'all are just like me and hate when somebody calls your name and you trying to get somewhere. So I tried to ignore it and keep on walking. Then, it got louder and closer.

"James! I know yo monkey ass can hear me bruh!"

It almost sound like I know their voice but I'm not about to stop cuz I'm trying to get home. Then, I see someone from the corner of my eye running beside me. I looked and saw that it was my homeboy, Desmond.

"Oh shit! What's good bruh?! I haven't seen you all summer. What you been up to?" I said given my boy a dap.

"Man, you know same old same old. Fucking bitches and -"

"Getting money. Haha. Typical ass nigga." I laughed.

"You already know. Man, I heard the crew is getting together tonight at your place. That's wassup." Desmond said.

"Yeah, Josh came up with the idea since we haven't hanged out since seen each other in a long time." I said.

"We it's good to see you bruh. I thought yo ass wasn't going to come back. I mean you left mid semester and disappeared with that girl." Desmond explained to me.

"What girl?" I asked confused.

"That girl with the big booty and nice titties. You know the light skin girl." Desmond describing my girl.

"Yeah, that's my girl Lauren. We moved from campus and moved into an apartment. We just felt like we need our own place but I still went to class." I said.

"Oh ok cool. That's wassup. You pulled that baddest chick from the market. Proud of you man." Desmond said dapping me up.

I looked at Desmond's arms and was fascinated by how big they are. I mean they are bigger that mine. And his legs are toned too the maxed.

"Damn bruh. Fuck you been doing all summer? Look like you hit the gym everyday." I Sid laughing at him flex his muscles.

"Well you know I got to keep these hoes in check and let them know I'm the man. But I realized all the fat that I had went somewhere else." He said as he turned around.

This nigga literally turned around and showed me his ass. I just fell out laughing. I couldn't help but laugh. I mean I've seen his ass before and it's not like that. But I seen it when we were roommates and practice for football. But to be honest it was fatter than before. I slick kind of got mesmerized by it. Wooooaaahhhh! Hold up I love pussy not dude's asses. Let me reel it back in.

"Aye man pull your underwear up. Folks gonna think we gay. And I'm not." I said acting all suspicious.

"Hell yea it was kinda of gay of me to do that in front of you like that. My bad." Desmond said as he was pulling up his pants.

"Well man not trying to be awkward or anything but I really got to go to the store and get this stuff for tonight but see you later on tonight." I said as I dapped him up.

"Yeah man. See you tonight." Desmond said as he walked in the other direction.

I finally got to my car and sat there for a minute. I couldn't get Desmond's ass out of my head. I mean I shouldn't have felt anything about it but I slick do. Oh shit chill what the fuck am I doing. I need to chill out. But that ass was phat as fuck. Ok let me look at a porn video and rub one out and chill. Good thing my windows are tinted and nobody can see me but I can see them. I pulled out my phone and put my head phones on. I put on a video and started to go to town on my dick. Then all of sudden I get a knock on my window. And I knew I was fucked up cuz my dick out and my video is still playing. I'm trying to get myself together but I realized I got precum on my shirt. Fuck! I need to get myself together. I put my dick in my pants and rolled down my window. I looked and it was Desmond. He looked at me sideways like he seen something.

"Bruh what the fuck were you doing in the car? I heard a lot of noise in there. And is that porn?" He asked like he was investigating some shit.

"Bruh chill. My girl got me horny so I had to rub one out." I said.

"Really, your girl? That's not what your video is showing. It looks like 2 dudes fucking each other." He said as he folded his arms.

Shit! I forgot to turn off my damn phone.

"Bruh get in the car and shut the fuck up. And I mean shut the fuck up." I said to him cuz it know I'm going to tell my home boy some shit I never told anyone.



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