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Jake and Sir 6:

I went to my basement shower and looked at my tattooed ass in a mirror. I felt like a slave whore. I had a man's name and date of ownership on my body, like I was a car or something. I was liking the idea of being my master's property. I didn't have to shave, but I already started worrying about how painful it was going to be in two weeks to have my cock, balls, ass, nipples, legs and body WAXED! Shit, that's gonna hurt!

My master told me to shower and rest for tonight's festivities. I was tired from the tattoo workout and "WINK FUCK" that his friend gave me. I was full of cum. I took a nice soapy enema, then laid on the cot in my cell.

I must have slept the whole afternoon. When I awoke, my master was talking to a bunch of people upstairs. I heard at least 4 voices, all very masculine and laughing loudly. I could tell they were already drinking. I was beginning to have second thoughts about being used all night by a bunch of strangers, even if they were my master's friends.

I heard the basement door open, and down came 4 men. They were all in leather outfits, but mostly nude. I could not see any of their cocks yet, because they had cod pieces over them. They had on leather hats or harnesses. Two guys had chaps. All of them had their asses exposed and my master had a leather hood in his hands. He came into my cell and said to his friends, "This is for the cock sucking whore slut." He pulled me roughly to my knees and pulled the hood over my head. The smell of leather was intoxicating. I was instantly hard! He zipped the back seam from the top of my head to the back of my neck. There was no way that was coming off. I could breath under the nose bridge, and the only opening were the eye holes. My mouth was not covered.

My master and his friends were all drinking and laughing and talking as if I was not even in the room. They all began pulling hard on my tits and talking about the nice dungeon and weight room my master had built down there. One guy went to the wall of toys, and picked up a large string of anal beads with five 2 inch balls on leather strands. He also picked up the tit clamps. He was about to fasten them to me when my master said, "Anyone who want to use this slut must promise to unload both your piss and cum inside him. You can pick which hole. But you must not let him cum. If he cums without my permission while you are using him, you will not be permitted to stay. When I do let him cum, You'll all get quite a show. He's going to have a meal of all of our piss and cum mixed with his own. Let's begin."

I was dragged from the cell and hoisted into the sling. The four chains on the ceiling attached to the leather harness that had wrist and ankle restraints, so my I was completely vulnerable and accessible to these hot top leather men. My ass and my mouth were at the level of their cocks, and the sling rocked easily so they could make my whole body swing onto their dicks. I was comfortable on my back. I had never been in a sling before. But I admit, I was very afraid. The man with the nipple clamps attached them, which hurt like hell, but then he raised the chain the joined them together and clipped them to a small chain hanging from the ceiling. Now my nipples were both clamped and extended, and each time they rocked me, they got tugged. This was the first noise I made since being hooded. "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!


"Someone better fill his mouth and shut him up," my master said. One man removed his leather cod piece and put his nasty unwashed cock in my mouth. It was uncut and unclean, full of head cheese. It smelled like dried piss and cum. He face fucked me while another man inserted 4 anal beads in my tight ass, then proceeded to remove them, making my ass work to pop them in and out. After about 10 minutes of this foreplay, they must have all decided I was ready for real cocks in my ass, cuz they all dropped their cod pieces and started working their dicks to full mast. The man face fucking me cum down my throat, but did not withdraw. My master was the first to fuck me, and when he start bouncing the sling into his cock, it pulled on my tits. In the meantime, the man at my face started pissing in my mouth. "Swallow it, boy!" was all my master had to say. I started gulping like a slut in heat.

"Have those Viagras kicked in yet, fellas?", my master said. Viagra! Shit, he actually gave them something to keep them going longer, as if having a complete bound slut at their disposal was not enough for them! They really were going to celebrate my branding and ownership! I was in for a night of constant rough sex. My tits felt like they were gonna pull off, but the pain kept me rock hard and helped me focus on the hot dicks in my ass. My master did not cum. He just pulled out and let the next stud in. He was by far the biggest cock I've ever taken, probably 9 inches and super fat. His dick really stretched my limits. I'm glad my master fucked me first to loosen me up a bit. I was terrified to think what his cock might do to my throat if he wanted to face fuck me too. Now this stud did fuck me til he gave me his load, but unexpectedly, he did not pull out. He stayed there while the fourth man put his ass on my face and told me to suck his hole. I rimmed him like it was my life's purpose. It smelled musty and sweet. I loved the taste of his ass. Then, while I was getting his hole good and wet with my tounge, the huge cocked man pisssed up my slut hole. "OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH!" I moaned. My stomach and now my ass both felt too full of man piss. How was I going ot make it through the night.

The man I was rimming said, "Hold that piss boy. I'm gonna fuck you with it inside you. Piss makes great lube.!"

He got off my face and stepped up to my ass. When big dick pulled out, he pushed in. Man, he rode me for a long time. I was sweating. The other three hovered over me and took turns dick slapping my face and pissing on me. My master made sure there was a floor drain under this sling, so whatever spilled off of my went down the drain. I started to smell like a locker room toilet. The aroma of leather, piss and cum were so strong in the air. These men were all so hot and hard. Even after they came, they stayed hard. One of them went upstairs and returned with another round of beer. It dawned on me. I was feeling drunk. I was drinking their recycled beer piss and getting drunk. It was wonderful.

This went on all night long. There was never a time when I did not have at least one of their cocks in my mouth and ass. I had to piss so bad. I finally just let loose. It shot straight up in the air like a fountain. To my complete surprise, one of them put his mouth over my cock and started to drink my piss. "Don't let him cum, just take his piss!" my master reminded him. I knew I could come easily if he kept his mouth on my cock after the piss was gone. So he pulled off my cock.

Finally, they released me. My ankles and wrists were sore, but not as bad as my ass. I was taken to the shower room, were I was pushed to my knees. They all lined up facing the wall, with their asses pressout out. "Rim us pig!" my master said. I started sucking man hole, one after the next. I felt so cheap, so sleezy. My master was making sure he was the boss and I was the fuck toy.

Then, they told me to squat over a bucket and shit out all the piss and cum I had left in me. They took sponges, and soaked them in my waste.

They removed my leather hood. Then they washed my face and nose with it. I was washed from head to toe by 4 hot master studs, as they covered me in the night's cum and piss. Then, my master told me to cum in his hands. I beat off in less then 15 seconds and shot the biggest load of my life. He cupped it all in his hands and fed it to me in front of his friends. I felt so humiliated.

I knew now more than ever that I was born to be bred. He owned me and he knew it. I was both humiliated and happy.

The end of Part 6.

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