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Jake and Sir 4:

The guest and master were both wearing bathrobes when I met them upstairs. They made me serve them drinks and sit between them on the coach. My master made sure to grope my ass as I sat down. He wanted to see that I was dutifully wearing my butt plug. He also reattached my tit clamps.

"Now, boy, we need to clean up some loose ends. Your email said you wanted to remain devoted to me. That means I am going to own you, no longer as a boy in training, but as my slave. Since you like being watched, I think it is appropriate to have a witness to this agreement of you subserviance. You need to detatch yourself as much as possible from your previous life. You will need to resign from you job, close you apartment, and deal with you debts. Family is the only thing that 'belongs' to you, so I will grant you limited rights to phone and visit them. That will be the only time you will be permitted to wear clothes, unless we travel publicly together. Tomorrow instead of housework, you will email your employer and tell them you have changed careers. You will call my moving company to close your apartment. You possessions will be donated to charity, except for a change of clothes and your personal identification materials. Do you have any debts, boy?"

"Yes sir. I still have $6,000 outstanding for student loans," I told him.

"I will pay for your physical needs of food, shelter, and medical concerns. However, you will need to pay off this debt. Now, let me come up with a job for a slut whore slave where he can make money and improve his slave training. I will run an ad for you in the gay newspaper. You will offer erotic massage to tops. You can charge $50.00 an hour and invite them here two evenings a week. When your debt is paid off, I may let you continue this work and give me the money. We'll see boy. If you agree to these terms, sign here." He handed me a contract. I signed it without hesitation.

The guest muttered at me, "Fucking cunt slut slave. You were meant to be owned. Look at home eager he is to be owned. Shit you're a lucky man to own such a hot piece of ass."

"Now boy, I will have you tattooed as my slave. My biker friend will come on Saturday to brand you with my mark. I think I'll have a few friends over then to celebrate my new toy. You always wanted to be fucked in a group. Seems like the perfect occassion. Now, take off our robes and suck us off boy!"

I knelt before them on the floor. They were both so hairy, but my master smelled fresh while the guest still smelled of piss and sweat. His cock still had my ass smell on it. I was so hard and completely a slut mouth for fucking as I worked my master's long uncut meat down my throat. Then the guest would pull me off by my hair and shove his cock down my throat. They played with my mouth and spoke about me as if I wasn't even there. "Your slut has such a tight throat. I bet my buddies at the shop would love to rape his throat," said guest.

"Maybe we can have a gang rape party some night," my master told him. Soon the guest was rapid fucking my face, and I knew he would cum soon. My master went behind me and pulled hard on my balls. I shot all over the floor as the guest sent torrents of cum down my hungry throat. Then my master pulled out my butt plug and fucked my ass. I always feel the most used, the most slutty when I am fucked after I have cum. My master knew this, for I was semi soft as he fucked me and my moans were more of angst than pleasure. He got off on my moans, and shot me full of cum in minutes. The guest kept dick slapping my face as my master shot up my ass. When he pulled out, he told me to clean up cum on his floor with my tongue. I lapped up my own cum like a dog. Then the guest shocked me: he went behind me and started sucking my ass.

"Give me your master's cum boy. Shit it into my mouth boy. Come on you fucking whore slut!" I worked my ass as best I could and give him my master's load. When he was happy that he had most of the juices from inside of me, he deep throat kissed me with his tongue, making me swallow all of that hot load! I was made a slave by my desire and obedience to make these men the king of me! After the guest left, my master returned me to my cell for the night.

"Slave, if you have to piss or shit, use this bucket. Just know that you will wear it most of the day tomorrow if you can't hold it inside you til morning. I will come and get you for a morning fuck before work. Keep that plug in. I also want you to wear this ball stretcher tonight. We'll let you tits heal tonight for some harder tit play with weights tomorrow. Goodnight, slave."

"Goodnight sir."

The end of Part 4.

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