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Jake and Sir 3:

My master let me out of my cell this morning to fuck me senseless before he left for work. Today, however, he added two new things to his list in addition to the house chores, workout, and sex training. He told me to log onto his computer in the office and write down my deepest feelings and desires about being possessed as a sexual sub slut boy. Then I was to email it to him at work, so he would have time to think about the evening's sex play before he returned home. He also told me to use the webcam there to show him that I did have in my butt plug and was wearing the tit clamps. The second thing was that he said a guest would arrive at 4pm, an hour before my master's return. He told me that I was to greet him at the door, fully nude, and bow to him and follow his every order. If the guest had any complaints about my behaviour, I would be severely punished when my master returned. I was suddenly nervous, for I trusted my master and knew he would protect me from permanent harm. He was going to let me be alone with a stranger, and I was fearful the stranger could harm me... I worried about it all day.

After my morning shower, shave, and enema, I put in my butt plug and wore my tit clamps for house cleaning. By 10 am, I was working out my abs and legs in the basement gym. My master's workouts were gruelling, tiring, and made me ache, but I could already feel the results of several days of 2 hour long workouts, pushing my limits of strength and endurance.

I knew on the weekends, my master would work out with me and really push my limits. I was so hard, just thinking about working out nude next to him.

Today's sex training was about anal control. He left me a bewa ball didlo, with five two-inch diameter balls, joined by half inch leather sections about 2 inches apart. I was to insert them one at a time, taking all five, then slowly force them out without pulling on the base string. I had seen these in the FALCON porn film, but never used them. I found that I could handle 2 in my bowels easily, then work them out, with the slightest tug. But by the time I tried to push in 3 or 4 balls, I felt so uncomfortable and full, and the first 2 popped out so fast, I had little control over expelling them. I was to practice until I could hold all five for 1 hour, then still slowly control the shitting out part, all five, slowly one at a time. Thank god for tit clamps. When my sweat and discomfort made me light headed, I'd tighten the tit clamps to take my mind off my full ass.

With all five inside of me, I went to the office. I emailed my master the following, and attached a cam shot of my ass with the bewa ball base chord hanging out of my butt hole:

Dear Master,

I have known that I was "born to be bred" since a man fucked me in a closet at my college. Before that, I was just a cock sucker. I can't explain the joy my whole body feels when my ass is filled with cock and cum and piss. My short time with you just confirms that I was made for this purpose, to please a man like you with my body, mouth, ass, everthing. It is my deepest desire to please you with my body and my life. I have only though briefly about my dead end job, my few friends and family, and my apartment. I did not know when I entered that bathhouse that I would not return to my home. I don't miss it. I want to stay with you. I would like occassional permission to see my family, but I want to be your boy. If you want me to work outside your home, I will give you my money, if you will keep me as your boy.

I was so turned on when you made me expose my ass at the bathhouse. I loved when all those men watched you control me and make me your complete slut. I want you to know my complete devotion to YOU ALONE, but I do have fantasies of being used by many top men in your presence. I hope this does not offend you. I will be loyal to you and not have sex with other men unless you order me to. I like being watched. I think I would like being the whore of the party sir, under your control.

Once thing scares me. I trust YOU. I fear that if you let other men use me when you are not there, they may harm me. I am afraid of the man who is coming today. I am afraid of the unknown. I hope he will not harm me or damage me.

Here is a cam shot of my anal beads inside me. I feel full and am feeling much better ass control since I have been with you. I know now that you are forcing me to strengthen my sphyncter to I can please you with its tightness. I am so hard just thinking of you sir.

Your devoted slut whore boy in training,


I sent it to this office email address.

The bell rang. 3:30am. If this was the guest, he was early. I looked out the window, and saw a car parked in front of the house. I calmed myself and answered the door nude, then stood back with the door still open, and got down on all fours to show submission and respect to the guest. He entered and closed the door. Without saying a work, he pulled my chin upwards to look into his eyes. I recognized him. He as the man at the bathhouse who offered to help my master train 'his boy.' My master had given him a card, and now my master was offering me to him for an hour of

"free fun" before he got home for a threesome.

The man pulled my face to the heavy bulge in his jeans and rubbed my cheeks on his crotch. He smelled mustly, like he had not showered recently. "Stand up, boy!" He was very assertive. He yanked the tit clamps off my nipples, and I cried out in pain. "Bend over, bitch!" I did, and he pulled the leather loop, forcing out 1 anal bead. He knew there were five. He and my master had planned this. He told me that he would fuck me with 3 balls still inside my ass. He pulled out the next one. He spun me around, and pushed his tongue deep into my mouth. I felt weak by his complete authority and control over me. "Take off my shirt, boy!" I did not waste a minute. Then, he made me suck his hard nipples. He had a very hairy chest. He smelled of sweat and staleness, like he had worked out recently and been wearing the same clothes for days.

"Boy, pull off my boots." I knelt down, and unlaced his black leather boots. Then I pulled them off. I took off his socks. Now he was only wearing jeans. He undid his belt. I reached for his fly, but he slapped my hand. "Not so fast boy, not til you're told. You'll be punished for that son!" He make me kneel on all fours. He raised his belt and smacked my ass hard for 5 strokes. I wimpered with each lash. "Count them outloud boy!"

"One...........hhhhhhhhhhrrrrrrrrrr...........two.......hhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmm three.......hhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmm.............four...........hhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmm five........." I was sobbing by the last one.

"I'll fix that boy. Come over daddy's knee here." He sat on the couch, and waved me to bend over his knee. My raw red ass was exposed, and I feared he would spank me, but he took his firm hand and rubbed my butt. It did dull the stinging pain. I started to catch my breath, and my sobs stopped. His hand felt warm and strong, stroking my ass. He pulled now and then on the string of anal beads, three still in my ass, two hanging out. I became rock hard on his leg.

"Boy, you will now pull off my pants, but do NOT touch my cock til you are told boy." I reached to undo his jeans with button fly. I pulled them down and he stepped out of them. His cock was large and hard, very thick at the base and slightly thinner before a huge mushroom head.

"Show me the dungeon boy!" I was so afraid of what he would do to me down there. He followed me, naked. His clothes were in a heap on the entrance floor. My master would know what had happened there. In the basement, he leaned me over a 'horse dummy' and tied my ankles and wrists to restraints on the frame near the floor. My cock was pressed behind me, between my legs. I could feel the rope of the anal beads over my nuts and cock. He spit in my ass and rubbed it in. I did not know if I could take his huge cock with 3 large balls already inside me. "Get me wet boy, or it will go worse for you when I fuck you." He came to my face and forced that huge cock in my mouth. I gagged as he pushed it deep down my throat. "Use a lot of spit son. This is the only lube I use boy." I worked up a lot of spit and tried to coat his cock with lots of it. With no warning, he stopped face fucking me, took three steps to my ass, and impaled my on his cock.

"OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Sir, it's too big. Stop!" I cried. He rested deep within for a few seconds.

"Don't worry boy, you'll get used to it. Just relax son." He slowly pulled out, and then another fast thrust into my gut. "I want to hear lots of moaning, and no whining. I want you to sound like you are in heat and my cock is the only thing keeping you alive boy! Understand me son?"

"Yes sir. HHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMMM." I was acting at first, but soon, my moans were real. He fucked me and I could feel his cock rub up against each of the three balls in my ass. I was slowly feeling that joy of being taken completely. He did not take long to cum. He shot volley after volley of hot cum into my ass.

I thought he would pull out. He bent over and bit the nape of my neck. Then he whispered into my ear, "Here cums the rest of it, fuck pig."

He pissed inside of me. He pissed and pissed for what seemed like five minutes. "When I pull out, you are to hold it as long as you can boy." He back out of me, and made me suck his dick clean of my ass juice, his cum and piss.

"Sir, I can't hold it. Please sir, help me."

He picked up a garbage pale and held it behind my ass. I shit out all the piss and cum, and the other three anal beads. "Get in the bathtub boy." He released my restraints, and I laid down in the tub. He poured it all over me. "Now stay there wet and filthy, pig, til you master come home." He went upstairs and I was left laying in another man's piss and cum.

About an hour later, they both came downstairs. "My guest tells me you pleased him, boy, so you will not be punished. Wash up and come up stairs. We will discuss the terms of your training."

(Stay posted.)

The end of Part 3.

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