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Jake and Sir 2:

Last night I entered my new master's home as his submissive boy in training. I had nothing with me but a full belly of cum and piss and a sore ass from his anal probing of me at the bathhouse in front of a constant audience of horny men. I left my clothes and all possession behind me and followed him into my new life of service and submission.

My master let me sleep in his bed that first night after we showered together. He made me suck him off once more, and I asked his permission to piss. He let me lie down on the shower floor and piss all over myself as he stood above me and smiled. When I was done, I was about to get up when he pissed on me too. I opened my mouth and swallowed as much as I could catch, but he was mostly having fun soaking me down. He finally allowed me to stand and soap off good before bed. I fell asleep in his warm embrase, exhausted.

This morning, I woke up in motion. My legs were up over my shoulders, and my master was pumping his huge morning hard on into my ass. He was not gentle. He was pushing in full thrusts, then pulling out almost completely before ramming hard back into my ass. I could hear his balls slap my ass. I reached to pull on my cock, only to find that it was tied up in a leather cock and ball harness. My cock head was purple it was so full of blood. I had never seen my own cock so engorged before. I began to moan with pleasure, and my master told me to open my mouth. When I did, he drooled a large amount of his spit into my mouth. I swallowed it, loving his morning taste. He kept fucking me, as I moaned, "Fuck me, sir. Oh sir, Fuck me, your devoted slut boy."

"Take it bitch boy! You make me so hard, you fucking twat pig slut!" He was close. He fucked faster, my ass rising slightly to meet each thrust. I could feel each pulse as his uncut meat unloaded into my ass. Without touching myself, my own cock erupted onto my belly. When he withdrew from my ass, he wiped up my cum onto his fingers and fed me my load. "Good boy! Today, your real training begins!"

He laid down beside me and said we must talk. "Boy, I require a daily routine from you, which you must respect religiously. You must shit, piss, enema andshave your whole body each morning. You must wear a large butt plug and cock ring during the day if I am at work. If I am home, I may alter your attire. If you must piss while I am away, you must save it in a jar. You may only shit when I am home, in the morning and at night. You may not remove your butt plug at any time without my permission. Do you understand what I am asking of you?"

I answered, "Yes sir. I want to obey you completely sir. I trust you will train me to serve you sir. I want to do this!"

"Good, son, because once you begin your training, you will only succeed if you trust me. I work weekdays from 8am until 5pm. You will always take my cum up your ass or down your throat before I shower each morning. Then as I shower, you will prepare my breakfast. You may not ever wear clothes in my home. After I leave, you will shit, piss, take your enema and shave in the shower. Then you must don your cock ring and butt plug. You must never cum unless I am with you and give you permission. You will find a daily list of house chores, physical exercises, and sexual training orders in the kitchen. You must follow them completely and have them finished by the time I return from work. You will have my dinner waiting when I arrive. If I arrive with a guest, you must knee before him and obey his orders as you would obey me. Do you understand?"

I became a little frightened, wondering what his "guests" might do to me, but I answered him, "Yes sir, I understand sir."

"Good boy. Go prepare my breakfast while I shower."

"Sir, I really have to piss and shit sir," I told him.

"I know son. You must learn to control these urges until I leave for work. Now go get my breakfast ready."

I cooked like a man dancing on hot coals. His cum mingled with my desire to shit and my full bladder made me work at controlling my cock and sphyncter, but soon, my master appeared, dressed for work, and he sat and ate. He left me a list, kissed me goodbye, pulled hard on my cock and balls and left. I raced to the toilet and releaved myself with great satisfaction. After a long piss, I became hard again.

I opened his note: After you shower, insert the butt plug I left for you in the bathroom.

House work: Vacuum, dust, and clean the main floor.

Physical Exercise: You will find a well equipped gym and dungeon in the basement.

Use the "CHEST/Upper Body" charts and do 3 sets of 10 reps of each exercise.

Sexual training: Find the clothes pin tit clamps on the wall. Wear them, and find

the learn dildo with suction cup base. Fuck yourself with it for 60 minutes

while it is attached to the floor. When you are done, reinsert your butt plug.

Until I return home, you must then clench your ass tight on your plug for

1 minute, then relax for 1 minute. Continue this until I return home tonight.

Dinner: It better be good, or else.

I had no problem following these orders until I had to fuck myself. The dildo I was to use was 6 inches around, and 12 inches long. A rested my hole on just the head until the pain left. I started to ride it, one inch at a time, but I broke into a deep sweat after only 5 minutes, and I had only taken half of it. How could I endure an hour? I realized that the tit clamps could be tightened. I increased the tension, and the new pain in my tits helped me take the dildo deeper. I was so hot, sweating from my workout and now from a deep ass workout. In an hour, I was a complete fuck whore. I was loving the tit clamps, the pain, the deep fucking. I could take the whole dildo. When I dismounted, I felt empty. My huge butt plug felt small after such a long fucking. I began my clenching excersizes.

My master came home on time. I had a nice meal on the table. He walked up to me and told me to kneel before him. He removed my cock/ball harness. I thought I would cum! Then, he made me get on all fours. He stood behind me and told me to clench for 60 seconds. He pulled lightly on the plug for the whole minute, then, when I got to 60, he forcefully pulled it out. I yelped. Before I could think, his cock was in my ass. He fucked me like a wild man. He kept yelling, "You like me fucking your cunt, boy?"

"Yes sir!" I responded. He came up my ass, but remained inside of me. "Boy, I'm going to help you with your second shit of the day. Here comes a natural enema, boy! Hold it all in when I pull out!" He pissed for a long time. My gut started to feel really distended and warm. He pulled out and reinserted the plug. "Now boy, jump up and down for 5 minutes, then you releave yourself."

I jumped trying to control my ass. He smiled as I danced. Five minutes seemed like an eternity. Finally, he gave me permission to shit. I raced to the toilet, where he watched me releave my piss load, his cum, and any shit from the day. I felt a smile of relief take hold on my face. I still had a raging hard on. He told me to stand. With two strokes, he pulled my cock and I shot all over him. He made me lick him clean. Then we went to eat. He ate at the table. I ate on the floor, like a dog.

After dinner, I cleaned the dishes and was told to meet him in the dungeon. He put me in a cell with a cot and blanket. He turned off all the lights and left me there. I slept some and awoke in the morning to him telling me that I was to get my ass in his bed for good ass fucking.

A new day begins! What will he have me do today?

The end of Part 2.

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