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Jake and Sir 5:

I was able to make it through the night without using the bucket in my cell as a toilet. Master came to get me, let me relieve myself in his bathroom before he tied me doggie style to a coffee table in his bedroom.

He face fucked me for a while, but then he said he'd save his cum for later. He took out a box of dildos, clamps, and ropes from under his bed and began to tease me, stretching my hole, clamping clothes pins to my aching balls, and letting my dick drip massive amounts of precum on the floor. It was Saturday, so he did not need to go to work. He held a large vibrating dildo up my ass with some kind of harness as he made a phone call, talking to a person as if I was not even in the room.

"Tony, I need to call in favor. Yeah, I'll email the address, send it all to goodwill or take what you want. I just need a few of his clothes and his bank books, any financial information. Tell the landlord he moved because of a new job."

I realized he just arranged to close my apartment. I was really his property now. I would have nothing of my own by the end of the day. Next he called another man. "Come over at noon. We want his tattoo to dry before the guys get here tonight." My master made arrangement to have me branded with his mark. Then, when he hung up, he left the room.

I was left there, suffering in agony and bliss as the harnessed vibrating cock built up my cock hardon so badly, I felt I could blow a load at the slightest touch. But I couldn't touch it, tied as I was. I also wouldn't dare cum without master's permission. I have yet to see what a severe punishment from him might be like.

At noon, he and a tall, handsome man came into the room. He was the tattoo artist. He held my ass cheeks open with some kind of spreader, and he began using his needles to make his mark on me. It was uncomfortable, especially with the dildo in. He wrote something down the full length of my crack. My master let me suck his cock for a while to take my mind off the needle work in my crack. Finally, the tattoo man said, "I have to pull out this dildo to finish it. His sweet ass sure has me hard."

My master said, "We'll, I hate to see you work under discomfort.

Why don't you fuck him before you continue. He's got quite a talented ass hoop. Go for it!"

The tattoo artist came around in front of me. He stripped before my eyes, slowly, saying "Look at me boy, cuz your gonna worship my whole body with your eyes and your ass. I have a huge cock so, and the only way I fuck is called 'wink-fucking'. Know what that means boy?"

I shook my head no. My master started smiling wide, knowing I was in for some kind of workout. My master moved around to my ass and saw the tatto for the first time as he took off my dildo harness. I felt empty when it was gone.

"Boy, a wink-fuck is then a hairy hung stud like me only does full cock thrusts up your ass. Your ass will wink, cuz i withdraw fully each time, then make you tighten that hole as best you can before I reenter. I can go on for hours. It'll drive you crazy. Chances are, your mess of precum on the floor under you will have 2 or 3 loads of you cum in it by the time I'm done."

He was so beautiful. He was very tall, ripped, but what was most distinctive was his body hair. He had the blackest, thickest body hair I'd ever seen on a man. His cock was so hairy, I could barely see his balls through then. His cock was huge, at least 8 inches, and very thinck. He let me suck it, saying, "Better get it wet boy, cuz it's the only lube your gonna get."

My master went to his closet and pulled out a video camera. "This has to be recorded! Can't wait to see his ass wink while he's cumming on the floor!" My master, also nude, was just gonna enjoy the show and get it all on tape.

The tattoo master only have my face about 5 thrusts, and I tried to get as much spit on his dick as I could, then he abruptly pulled out and walked to my ass. "Here it comes, wink hole!"

"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" I moaned. A full thrust. He held it there only for about 5 seconds, I wasn't even used to it yet. Then, he pulled out completely. I could feel my ass wink shut.

"Now clench it boy." I did, and he reentered. He kept it up to my moans and groans, and I saw my master play with his own cock for the first time. He was super hard and really getting off on this stud fucking me. Within 5 minutes, I could not hold out anymore. I felt my dick erupt and spill my first load of the day onto the floor beneath me. The tattoo man fucked me for over an hour. I came twice, and finally, he picked up his place and shot a huge load up my man cunt. I was exhausted. He pulled out, told me to lick his juicy dick clean. It smelled awesome, like my ass juice and his sweat and cum. Then, without giving me a rest, he picked up his tattoo needles and went right to my anus ring to finish his work.

When it was done, I was release, brought before a full length mirror, and told to bend over to read my brand. It said "Property of Master ____, Date" with a snake entering my anus. My anus was sore as hell. I know I couldn't handle the pain of tonights gang bang. I was so happy and hard, knowing my branded ass proved I belonged to him.

"Don't shave for two weeks, slave. I'll be back to wax your body hair when the tattoo heals." He left some ointment and left.

My master told me to shower and rest for tonight's festivities. I was released to the baseement.

The end of Part 5.

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