The following story is fiction. Some sex is unsafe! In real life, please pratice safe sex. Keep the really hot stuff for monogomous encounters and your imagination.

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Jake and Sir 1:

My name is Jake Mitchell. I have been given a writing assignment by my master. He has recently acquired me as his devoted trainee. By writing down my encounters and fantasies, he keeps track of my sexual and physical desires as a way of controlling me and training me to be his boy.

I am 25 years old. I've known I was gay since childhood. I've always been a fit, athletic man. I run and swim. I have a nice body, 170lbs, lean to muscular,brown hair,hazel eyes, and an 8 inch cut cock. My first sexual experiences where very vanilla jerk off sessions with guys on my baseball team and swim team in high school. In college, I experienced and gave my first blow job. I loved sucking guys dicks in the college washrooms. I also got fucked in a janitor's closet in the locker room at the athletic complex. I was sucking a guy in the toilet stall, and he told me to follow him. He must have worked there, because he had a key to this closet, where he told me to strip naked. He made me lick his cock through his jeans and treated me like a complete whore, like he owned me. I was never more turned on in my life, being his slut under his complete control.

This guy kept calling me a "fuck pig" and "cunt boy" as he pulled my hair and forced me to lick his bulge. Once he dropped his pants, he face fucked me til I gagged on his huge cock. I loved it. Once he was good and wet, the told me to turn around and spread my "twat legs". I opened up to him. He sucked on my ass for a few minutes, really wetting my hole with his tongue. Then, with no warning, he stood up and rammed his fat cock up my virgin ass. I though I would die in pain, but he gagged my cries with the palm of his hand, and soon, pain turned to complete bliss! This stud showed me the joy of real man on man sex, fucking me til I came without even touching myself. When he came up my ass, I could feel his hot cum fill my ass like a warm soothing bath. I wanted him to stay there forever. I knew then that I was born to be bred. I was made to make horny top me happy. He sucked his own cum out of my ass and then told me to get dressed and get the hell out of there. I never saw him again, but he changed my life forever.

After that encounter, I wanted to find men who wanted to take control of me and train me to service their sexual needs. I no longer found any satisfaction in giving an anonymous blowjob in the toilets. I wanted men who could take control of my whole naked body and make me please them. I did not know where to find these kinds of people. I started by going to a leather bar in the city. While I did have a few experiences being used by some leather men there, I wanted something my permanent. I started visiting gay chat rooms on the internet. That's when I encountered my master. He is 42 years old, a gay top man with many fuck buddies, but he too was looking for a boy to be his live in slut. He is 185 lbs, very ripped from daily workouts at the gym, with lots of body hair and an incredible 9 inch unct cock. He tested my willingness to serve by giving me daily orders on line, and then we agreed to meet at a bathhouse after some hot web cam sessions. He told me what room to get. He wanted me to keep the door to my bathouse room wide open, no matter who entered. He wanted me to shave my whole body from the neck down, clean myself out with three enemas, and get into a doggie style position with my ass fully visible from the door until he arrived. He told me to expect him to be late, so I might have other visitors before he arrived. I was so afraid of being raped in this bathouse, but I felt compelled to obey him. I did as I was told. With the door to my room wide opened, I did have several men visit me, but I told them they could not close the door. Since they had no "privacy" with me, they were restrained and just sucked my ass or had me suck their cock heads for a while, but soon, as an audience would gather at the door, and they moved on.

I had one man sucking my ass and finger fucking me, not concerned by the onlookers at the door, when my master arrived. He addressed me as his boy, and thanked the man who was finger fucking me for getting his boy ready. The man was happy to help out, and told my master he would be happy to stay and help with the training. My master, still fully clothed, pulled out a business card and gave it to the man. "Call me in one week. I might be ready for you help by then."

The man left, and my master told the onlookers to go get laid someplace else, for he was the master of this room. He kept the door open. We could hear lots of other sex and moans from the rooms and halls around us. He told me how proud he was of me to let other men use me as he ordered. He stood by my face. I wanted to see him naked, but he forced my head down, so I could not look up at his face. He told me that a slut boy must learn custody of the eyes, and to only look at what he is told to by his master. I was staring at his boots. He told me that by the end of this night, he would either own me as his boy, or he would never see me again. The choice was mine. I got so hard at these words, I though I would cum without touching myself. I felt so completely submissive to him. I was both excited and afraid, yet I trusted him.

He examined my body with his hands. He started by rubbing my whole face with his hands. Then he rubbed my neck and pecks, while I still remained in doggy style position on the cot. He told me that my bicepts and firm body made him hard. He felt my abs and started to rub my belly in a C formation, from my lower right side, under my ribs, down my left side. He was tracing my large intestine. He pressed deep into my gut, and I knew he could tell I was empty from my enemas. He told me I was a good boy for obeying him. Then the came behind me and started to smell and lick my ass. He pulled hard on my balls, stretching them til I was in pain, then releasing them. I was so hard. He took the precum from my cock head, and rubbed it on my lips. "Eat," he said, "because you won't have much to eat or drink unless it comes from your cock or mine tonight."

He made me lie on my back, with my head under a large pillow. I could see his face now, and the door. There were two my in the darkened hall, watching me be ordered around. He slapped my cock a few times, then pulled my cock between my legs, and let it slap back on my belly. The men in the hall laughed as he played with me. I wanted to cum so badly.

After about ten minutes of cock torment, my master told me to follow him. I walked down the hall naked, following him to a locker area. There were many naked men there, most with erections, but no one was having sex in the well lit locker room. He told me to undress him. I was the only once touching another man there. I unbuttoned his shirt. I pulled in off his shoulders and chest. Then he pressed my face into his armpits, which I licked while others looked on. Finally, he told me to suck his tits. They where firm and large like pencil erasers. I loved how they felt in my mouth. He unbuttoned his pants and told me to strip off his pants. I dropped to my knees like a slut whore, and as 20 men watched, I saw my master's huge cock in the flesh for the first time. It bounced up and hit me under the chin. I went to suck it into my mouth, but he held me by the hair and told me, "Not so fast boy!"

He put his clothes in a locker and told me to follow him. A band of men followed us. My master's complete command of me seemed to arouse them beyond their own desires to find sex there tonight. They followed us, comtent to watch me serve him. I was so pleased to make both my master happy and them.

My master want into a large lounge room were a giant tv played gay porn of 3 young men being fucked in slings by older masters. I felt like one of the helpless men in a sling. I wanted to serve this master. He laid on a matress and told me to lay between his legs, where I could suck him as he watched tv and gave orders. I loved his cock head in my mouth. I could wiggle my tongue under his forskin and taste his precum but soon, he was face fucking me as many men watched. I loved the audience. He told one man to finger fuck my boy cunt ass as he face fucked me. The man stepped forward and stuck his dry finger up my ass, and I rode his finger like my life depended on it. I sucked my master with zeal. He told me to brace for a full load. I could hear him breath and moan heavey before thick ropes of cum shot down my slut boy throat. I swallowed it all! I was in heaven.

My master told the man to stop finger fucking me. He dissappeared into the crowd. Many of the men and cum on the floor as they watched me suck my new master. I wanted to cum, but knew to wait til I was given permission.

We went back to my room with the cot, where my master lubed his cock with baby oil. He slowly finger fucked my ass with baby oil on his hands, then laid down on the bed. I face him, straddled him, and lowered my boy ass onto his hard cock. He told me to ride his all the way up and all the way down. I was not to cum or remove my ass fro his cock head until he came again. He told me that it would take him a long time to cum now since the blowjob I just gave him. Again, many man looked in from the door. He started fucking me and calling me his "slut boy" and "fuck pig". He would ask me to answer his questions, "Do you want to be my fucking cunt whore boy?"

"Yes, sir!" I would answer. I wanted to please him so much. Then nastier he talked to me, the more I loved him. He asked the other men who looked on to start shouting out nasty slutty names at me. I loved it. I was getting ass fucked long, hard, and fast by my new master as many men called me a "fucking boy cunt" and "twat ass boy"!

It took over 45 minutes for my master to fill my ass with hot cum. I was so hard, I couldn't hold back. As he fucked me full of his load, I shot all over his belly. I was afraid he would be mad at me, but he simply scoop my cum up with his finger and told me to swallow it all.

We got up after a long embrase, and he told me to assumed doggy style position on the cot. He said it was time for me to show my devotion to him. He put his mouth and tongue in my ass, and said, "Give me my cum back. Shit it all into my mouth boy."

It took me some time to sqeeze all the cum out of my ass, but he helped my sucking it into his mouth. I thought he was swallowing it, but when I pushed my last drop into his mouth, he came me, face to face, and told me to drink his cum and my ass juices out of his mouth.

I loved the taste of his cum that came from his cock, up my ass, into his mouth, and now, into my mouth and throat. I lost myself in pleasure and was no longer aware of our audience.

He asked if I was thristy. I was parched from the long fucking session. My whole body was covered in sweat. The asked if I ever drank piss before. I said, "No."

"Well boy, if you want to serve me, lets see what you can do." He put his semi soft cock in my mouth and let go a torrent of piss that I thought would drown me. "Don't spill a drop, son!"

I swallowed and swallowed, and realized that I really enjoyed the taste of his piss. After he finished, he kissed me deeply and said, "Boy, if you still want to serve me, get up and follow me home."

I followed him back to his locker where he changed. I went to get my clothes from my locker, but he said, "Boy, you can not come into my house with clothes. You must follow me as you are. Leave your things here, or do not come."

I exited the bathhouse late in the night, naked as the day I was born. I got into a cab with him, and entered his home with nothing but my complete desire to serve him.

The end of Part 1.

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