Our life had settled, financially, professionally and of course physically. We were socially active and wherever we went, we were always looked upon as ideal gay couple. My parents reluctantly but whole heartedly accepted our relation. Richard became a part of my family. My father liked him a lot. I could see that Richard and my father shared an ideal son-in-law and father -in-law relation. Richard was always introduced as son-in-law of my family. His mother and sister's family approved our relation but his father termed our relation unnatural and against the will of God. I was very close to his mother and sister and we talked often over internet and phone. Richard and his father spoke over phone on certain occasion. It was Easter and we had Isabell and Darren visiting us. Richard and Darren had gone to Home Depot to get things since Richard was planning to build the fence around our house. Surprisingly I got a call from Australia and it was his father on the other side. He asked for Richard and I told him he has gone out for a bit and started giving him Richard's cell number. His father told me he has his cell number but he wanted to talk to me. I have never spoken to his father and this was the first time I was speaking to him. I signaled Isabell next to me and sat down on the couch to talk to his father. I was hoping that his father wanted to approve our relation but instead he started verbally abusing me for turning his son a gay. He even called me a whore and a witch who is after his son's life. This is the first time someone was talking to me like that. I had no choice but to listen to his abuse and then he cursed me for who I was and eventually disconnected. My face was completely blank. My mind went in a shock. I was yelling on top of my voice and crying. Isabell tried to calm me down and eventually in between sobs I told her what just happened. Isabell was a very outgoing person and she almost wanted to call back to show Richard's father his place. I firmly told her a NO and I sought promise from her that we will never tell about this to Richard. Initially reluctant she promised me never to bring it up again and we started cooking for the afternoon.

It was summer of 2009, we were on vacation to Europe and then we had to attend my niece's marriage in London. This was when Richard brought our marriage topic. He wanted to get married rather than our common in-law relation. He wanted to institutionalize our relation. Throughout the summer we were talking about how, when, where etc. We decided for spring of 2010 for our marriage. First to hear about it was Isabell and Darren. With just about 10 months between marriage, I got involved in planning since my job never had me to travel. Richard was on and off to Ft MacMurray and Calgary. He had to go to other oil sand project sites as well. Previously I had mentioned how Richard was obsessed by extreme sports and sports car. He owned a Mustang sports car. I always joked with him that he should get married to his car rather than me. Anyways I loved him more when he showed his masculinity driving us in his car. With marriage planning underway, it was around 930pm of October 2009. Richard was getting flirty since supper trying to seduce me for sex. Of course I never deny him but today I wanted to play the game so I was avoiding his moves and teasing him. He somehow lifted me and threw me in bed, pinned me down. He just entered me with almost no foreplay. I have seen him doing this since last 2-3 weeks. He was never like a wild beast before. But he continued to fuck me and his office blackberry started ringing. Now we both knew there was some emergency. He answered his phone while fucking me and it seemed that they had a huge problem at one of the sites near Ft MacMurray and he was told to go there right away. He acknowledged, thrurted in me few more times depositing a huge load. Again something unusual he did, he just continued for a second and a third load without a break. I don't know how many times I came, but he eventually got in shower asking me to pack his stuff for the trip. I was getting gut feeling that he should at least call and check what was going on etc. I did not want him to drive that late on Hwy 63 which is a death highway. But he did not listen to me and I was so annoyed, yelling at him, crying etc. Somehow nothing was stopping him today. He quietly had his dessert, got up to leave. He held me tightly by my waist, started kissing me and then looked deep in my eyes telling me how he loved me and he felt that he has accomplished a lot by deciding to make me his partner. I kissed him back and then he gave me that killer smile. He decided to drive his sports car over his other car. I told him to take my car if he wanted since I can take a bus which is an easier option, but he just kissed me, held my hands firmly. He loaded his bag in the boot and bade me good bye and drove away. Intuitively I was not happy him leaving and its very unusual that he did not even bother calling to check what was going on. Anyways, I went inside to my prayer room. I lit a lamp in front of the idol of God that I was given by my spiritual guru. I sat down and counted 21 rounds of rosary and went to sleep to be woken up by a phone call at about 3am. It was from RCMP to ask me if I knew Richard. I was praying that there was nothing wrong and it was just another speeding thing. Richard had tickets on previous occasions for speeding while driving his sports car. I was asked by the RCMP to make my way to University of Alberta Hospital and he just told me Richard had a car accident. I was shocked and asked the officer to once again confirm the license plate number and car model and Richard's name etc. Yes it was Richard who had car accident and I was told by RCMP to go to UofA hospital. He hung up the phone and I went cold and numb. I dragged myself out of the bed, quickly called his friend who lived close by and he was shocked and told me to be ready so we can go to the hospital. I went to my prayer room and lit another lamp, prayed and prayed and then when his friend arrived, we drove to the hospital. I was guided to a room with his friend and then a few hospital staff along with RCMP officers and local cops arrived. They started some formality like asking me if I wanted to drink something etc. Now my heart was pounding heavy and hard. Even being cold and numb I was sweating profusely. I told them firmly and loudly that I wanted to know what happened to Richard and where is he now. I wanted to see him right away. The nurse just started calming me down and the news were broken that I lost Richard. Richard is no more and he died in that car crash. My face showed no expression. I got disconnected from my surroundings. I became a robot. I thought Richard has gone to work and why are these guys bothering me. Eventually I was left alone with his friend.....Last part to follow




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