Richard and I cuddled and slept peacefully. I woke up at around 10am next day to see Richard sleeping with one arm around my chest and his right leg on me. I could feel his hard pressing against me. He was sleeping like a baby. I just sat there watching him sleep but slowly dragged myself out of bed to shower etc. and make some breakfast. I was trying to come to terms with what he said last night. I showered longer than normal and walked out to see Richard awake watching sports channel. The same cute smile appeared on his face to wish me good morning. I asked Richard to get ready while I prepare breakfast and coffee. Richard showered and we had breakfast together. During breakfast Richard suggested that since he had no plans for the holidays why not he stay with me for a few days and we can plan activities together. I was excited by his proposal and we planned our activities for next few days. I had to go get some groceries while Richard wanted to pick up his clothes and accessories. We got into his car around 1pm, stopped by his place to pick up his stuff.

It was also a bachelor suite but he was very messy as compared to me being compulsive cleanliness buff. I like my things arranged neatly and in place while his clothes, underwear, sock, utensils were all over. I could not keep my hands off arranging things for him while he shaved and packed his clothes. When he saw me folding his clothes etc. he walks around me, holds me by my hips, kisses my neck and tells me that him and I make a very good couple. I just pushed him aside, trying to hide my hard on and asking him to hurry so I can get some groceries and then we can hang out at West Edmonton Mall. I cleaned up whatever mess I could in the time he was getting ready. I am naturally a good cook and asked him what he would like to eat. He wanted to taste some Fijian food as well as some East Indian food. We picked the necessary groceries. While I arranged the groceries in my apartment, he was busy fixing his gaming console to my TV. One thing I observed that he loved cars, games, extreme sports while I loved fashion, romantic movies, reading, cooking, gardening etc. Somehow I started getting a feel that if we were a couple we might be a good couple - him my man and me his dame. Sorry but my denial kicked in and wiped those thoughts out. Later we went to West Edmonton Mall, hanged out, talked about families, friends, likes, dislikes, hobbies and then bitched about every other thing. Later we went home. He played his game while I cooked. We had a nice dinner together.

All the while he was flirting with me and kept pestering me to go ahead with what we left last night. He probably knew that I was in denial about my sexuality and was very patient with me. After dinner, he showed me his games and taught me how to play. While this was boring for me I played with him for a bit before he asked me to show my collection of clothes, books etc. It was already 10pm and we sat sipping wine that he got and talked about some philosophical aspects of life. He excused himself for shower while cleaned my place to prepare for bed. Then he walked out of the washroom wearing just his silk boxers. I could not take my eyes off his muscular body - broad shoulders, nice chest cuts, pointed nipples, flat hard stomach and a dusting of hair along with treasure trail that disappeared inside his boxers. He had strong muscular legs, calves and feet about size 11-12. I stole glances at his bulge and I thought he should be well endowed (Of course I was going to see what he packed a little later).

He got between the sheets and watched some sports while I showered. I walked out smelling fresh and in my night shirt. He gave me that cute killer smile. I really don't know why I was falling for him, why I could not keep up with my denial logic. He had something unique that attracted me towards him. I took my side on the bed. He was sitting against the pillows with one hand over his head exposing his hairy pit. I started reading the novel I wanted to complete. There was this lusty silence for about 1/2 hour and then he turned towards me and all of sudden he kissed my lips. The kissing was so intense that I opened my lips for his tongue. This was my first man kiss. He tasted so good and responded by kissing him back. His hands started running up and down on my legs. He knew I was a virgin and he knew he wanted to make me his bottom. But I had resisted many of moves before so he was trying to be patient and arousing my feelings.

He stood up and dimmed the lights. He already had my favorite CD in the player which he turned on. When he got back he landed on top of me and we continued our kissing. He slowly moved down to my neck and ear lobes. He was chewing on my ear lobes and leaving love bites on my neck. It was getting in to the program I guess. My cock was hard and leaking pre cum like a faucet. He continued his downward journey now licking my pits. I keep my body smooth and do a lot of grooming. Seems he enjoyed eating my smooth pits. My nipples were next to being loved. He pretty much knew how to manipulate my body. That point he got my night shirt off and I was naked under him. He continued kissing at times licking my stomach, upper thighs and inner thighs. He made sure not to touch my cock or balls. I could feel his hard cock. I thought and later realized that he measured 9 inches as compared to my 7 inches. He was uncut with very low hanging balls while I am cut. While he trimmed his pubes I kept myself shaved smooth. He was in no rush to finish the act. He was an excellent teacher. He slowly brought me on top of him while kissing me intensely. He whispered that he wanted me to do what he did to me. I was really excited and started tasting his body.

His hairy pits gave out a euphoric manly scent. I loved licking his nipples and played with his navel. My downward journey on his began with his treasure trail, slowing lowering his boxers. His cock hit my cheeks, standing proudly, winking at me to make love. Instantly I licked his cock head and he tasted salty sweet of pre cum. He encouraged me to give him a blow job. Of course I have seen guys giving blow jobs on porn but this was my first time. He kept telling me to breathe deep through my nose and make an O of my mouth, relax my jaws, avoid my teeth and use my tongue.

I liked the way he ran his fingers in my hair. I played with his balls, pulled them, and tugged them while giving him the blow job. After about 10 minutes just taking 4inches of him, I could feel I am able to take more of cock in my mouth. According to him for first time I was doing a decent job of taking nearly 6-7 inches of his cock in my mouth. Saliva was dripping down from the side of my mouth and he seems to be enjoying breaking me in. 15-18 minutes into the blow job, his breathing became erratic. He was bucking up and down. I knew I am going to make him cum. He announced that he was about to cum, I let go his cock and started jerking him instead.

Although he was expecting me to swallow his load, he did not say anything. But his smile seems to tell me that he will eventually get me to swallow his load. He started bursting and a couple of first burst flew around and later the rest just trickled down on my hand. His breathing started slowing down, his eyes closed, he had that cute smile on his face and he pulled me into him for an intense kissing. After some time he pushed himself up on pillows towards the head of the bed. I slept with my head on his chest. I could hear his heart beat and the beats were so intense, rhythmic and deep. He started playing with my hair and ears. I moved my hand back to his cock only to realize how a proud 9 inch cock can go limp. He told me that he loved me and enjoyed the first ever blow job I gave him. He wanted to return the favor and started playing with my cock.

But I wanted to cherish the moment of loosing my oral virginity to a man that started as friend of a close friend and later becoming a man of my dreams. I also started breaking the barrier of denial and submitted myself to Richard who I thought will be a better partner. I politely told him that I don't want to end my excitement to my newly discovered role. He knew what I meant, gave me his killer smile and started patting my back and ass to sleep. I don't know how long I slept on his chest but I think we would have adjusted ourselves in sleep. When I woke up he was sleeping in the same position as last night, his hand around my cheat and his leg on my body. I kept looking at his sleeping face, making a resolution that no matter how I deny, I always grew up being a homosexual and Richard helped me to get to terms about my sexuality. Today if he proposes me I decided I will say a YES. I meekly kissed him before pulling myself to washroom and then to cook breakfast. Today I was a lover first and a friend after..........Part 3 to follow




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