Slowly we both descended back to earth. The intensity of our sex made us reach the heaven. Richard was an excellent lover. He not only took my cherry but also left his love juice in my body. We become one physically and mentally. I wanted to keep that contact forever but he slowly pulled out his limping cock from me. He told me to clean his limp cock and first time I tasted his cum. He tasted salty sweet. I was too tired to go and clean myself and also I did not want to clean myself and wanted to keep his juice in my body forever. We cuddled and slept like we haven't slept for days. That night I had the most peaceful sleep. Next day, Richard was up before me and was already making coffee for me. Now I was falling in love with him. While I was in shower, Richard came by to join me. We took a long hot shower. After shower, he asked me how I was feeling. Mentally I was already his dame and he was my man but physically my asshole was really tender, sore and red. He told me that it normally happens the first time and that was another reason he stopped at the drug store to get some cream to take care of soreness that he has anticipated. Wow what a lover!!! He applied some cream to my rear end and I just lip locked with him that he cared so much for me. We spent rest of the vacation as if we were newly married couple. During that period he never insisted on anal sex knowing what I was going through in that department. But I gave him blowjob and started swallowing his load all the time. He used to return the favor all the time. We talked about us being together and started planning our life. By the end of the vacation we were bonded. He introduced me as his boyfriend to his soccer team. They all welcomed us as new couple. I was always shielded by Richard at school and in the society. Isabell was back and we met during the weekend for our usual meet stuff. She was surprised to see Richard at my place and that too behaving as he lived there as well. I had already told Richard that Isabell had feelings for him but was not talking about it since she knew you were gay. I also told him that when I meet her I am going to break the news of our relation. I took Isabell outside to the balcony. Slowly I broke the news to Isabell that Richard and I have decided to be couple. First she gave an expression of complete disbelief but later she just hugged me and said she was happy for me. I assured her no matter what happens we will continue our weekend meeting as we have been doing. She agreed and went inside and pushed me towards Richard, warning him of consequences if he did not keep me happy. We were so happy that weekend. Eventually Isabell met Darren and they started going around. Richard's apartment lease was coming up for renewal and since he spent most of his time with me, we decided to move in together. My lease was getting over in couple months but the landlord was kind enough to allow him to stay with me in a bachelor suite. We eventually moved into a bigger apartment. University was going on with lot more to do since Richard, Isabell and Darren were graduating. I was couple years behind them. Graduation was awesome as usual. Richard and I went to Jasper after his graduation for 3 days where we were almost spent sexually. Initially after one sexual romp, I got so sensitive that I would not allow him to touch me but I was amazed at his skills to continue even after cumming. He taught me how I can continue having sex even after cumming. We explored edging, dry orgasms etc to enhance our sexual life. Our sex brought us close, very close.

Richard started working with an engineering firm and his job eventually made his travel to Ft. MacMurray a lot. This gave me some free time to study because if he is around I was always preoccupied by him. It was my time to graduate and passed engineering with good grades. My mother was to fly from US to attend my graduation. Richard and I went to receive my mother at the airport. I could see my mother surprised seeing Richard driving but during our drive home I explained my mother about our relation etc. She first thought that I had lost it but eventually she saw us living together like a couple. She knew Isabell. Richard hosted a dinner for my mother and Isabell and Darren joined us. They also made her realize that Richard and I were not just sexual partners we were more of a life long partners. My mother was asking Richard some point blank questions and Richard answered them confidently and convinced her that he is going to be with me for the rest of my life. My mother was convinced with the depth of our relation and she assured me that she will convince my father to accept this relation. I graduated the next day. My mother gifted Richard a gold chain with initial of my name in its locket. We were so happy. Richard and I were flying to Australia for a month from Vancouver. We changed the tickets for my mother so that she can join us to Vancouver and then fly the same day as we were. We flew to Australia.

Richard had already called his sister to receive us at the airport. I was surprised that we stayed at his sister's rather than his house. I have spoken to his mother once but that's it. Richard explained that he was raised Christian and he does not know how his father is going to react. I was so shocked. Richard spent much time with me and his sister and brother-in-law were there to take care of me emotionally if need be. His nephew kept me occupied. All this time Richard stood with me firmly and I could feel his firmness during sex. I knew if he had to make a choice, he will choose me over his father. I met with his mother at his sister's place. She was a nice lady, easy to fall in love with I guess. His father was a retired military officer who had overcome feelings. Richard and his father went golfing along with his brother-in-law where he broke the news of his gay relation. I don't know what happened but he called me asking me to pack our things and we were going to Melbourne and then to Sydney and flying back home. I was literally shocked. I puked twice and I got loose motion. He later talked to his sister and she mentioned to him about my condition. Richard and his brother-in-law were on their way home and all the while his sister helped me pack our bags. I could not stop crying and I was so frustrated that no one was telling me anything. Richard and his brother-in-law arrived and I started throwing tantrums at Richard. He held me tight and firm, looking deep in my eyes, telling me firmly that we were leaving that night to Melbourne and then he got on the phone to change our flights. The mood was of despair and it was just me who did not know anything. I was like what the hell is going on and why can't someone tell me? His nephew came to me and started talking to me about his school and his friends etc. Although I was in no mood to talk and was just quietly packing our things, his nephew refreshed my thoughts. Our tickets were changed. We had a quick bite to eat. His sister and brother-in-law had brought gifts for us. They drove us to the airport in Hobart. We bade them farewell. I was still very upset that I avoided Richard all together. He knew that and he just held my hand firmly. I don't know what I was blabbering but he kept his cool. Whenever I recalled this incident all I could see how mature Richard was. We boarded our flight to Melbourne, and then after a day to Sydney and then back to Edmonton. During our flight to Canada, he told me how his father had rejected our relation and he was asked to leave the family when he told his father about his intention to marry me. I was shocked over his father's reaction but I was pleasantly surprised on our marriage. I had never even thought about it.

Arriving back in Edmonton, I got a job in an engineering firm but my job was more office based. Our life was on a beautiful and smooth path. Our sex had ramped up from once a night up to twice or thrice a night. Weekend sometimes we never left our house and just had sex. My father although reluctant accepted our relation. We bought our dream house in Edmonton. Isabell and Darren got married in her home town in Ontario and Richard was his best man. I spoke with his sister and mother regularly. We eventually started planning our marriage but the tragedy stuck my life........Sorry I cannot write my feelings right now. I am almost crying remembering what happened that fateful day and I have not come to terms with it as yet. Writing my life is taking some stress off me but I miss Richard.....Oh Richard why did you leave me alone......Part 5 to follow.




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