Loosing my oral virginity was a real excitement for me. My role in relation with Richard was getting a definition. I will be his passive lover for 8 more years of our relation. I woke up for shower and breakfast while Richard was fast asleep. From last night events I was sure that things will move further today. I woke up Richard kissing him on his lips and told him to be ready so we can go for some Christmas shopping.

I made some pancakes for us and then got dressed to go shopping. Richard was a gentleman from beginning. He preferred to assume the role of a man in our relation. I saw some changes in him today. He started helping me in cleaning the kitchen after breakfast. He even made comments on what I should wear with him etc.. I was pleasantly surprised to see a person who would leave things around getting into cleanliness. Then another surprise, he started holding doors for me, in elevator, in stores etc. He even opened the door for me to sit in before he drives. This change continued in him till the end. Anyways, I wanted to gift him a jeans and a tee shirt so we went shopping rest of the morning, had a nice lunch, watch a movie.

On our way home, he stopped by a drug store to buy something, I asked him if he was OK and I had Tylenol etc if he needed one. He told he was OK, left his car running so I had no choice but to sit in the car while he went inside the drug store. He came out and I did not see anything in his hands. I never asked what he bought from the store. We reached home, I started cooking while he was helping me and talking to his friend about his stay at my place etc. Honestly it was a day full or surprises for me. First he started helping me, he started holding doors etc as a gentleman, he went into a drug store to buy something, he is helping me in cooking, he is mentioning about me to his friend. Just before supper, I got a call from Isabell. She was excited around her family but she missed Edmonton. I was aware that Isabell liked Richard although he is was a gay and now he prefers to be with me. I wanted her to realize that on her own. Also I did not want to loose her as my friend. I wished her and her family Christmas and New Year wishes. I went to take a shower while Richard relaxed with a beer and his video games.

Intuitively I groomed myself and cleaned my insides thoroughly. By his moves and flirts I knew Richard is going to break me in tonight. I was very scared thinking about his 9 inch cock and if he tries to get that in my body I might be just spilt into 2. I have read about anal sex and how painful it is. Anyways we had our supper, cleaned the dishes and Richard excused himself to the washroom for a shower. Sometime later he called me in the washroom with his towel and I saw his body. He looked like a Greek God, a pure symbol of sex and masculinity. He was sporting a semi hard. He gave that killer smile and I knew he had called me in with a purpose. He asked me to join him in shower. I could not refuse his request and jumped with him in the shower. We filled the tub with hot water and foam and relaxed like a newly married couple. He was getting excited and I helped him blow his load. We dried ourselves but this time went between the sheets naked. He was getting wild and intense kissing me, almost worshipping my slender smooth body. He now had lube and a pack of condom out on the night stand. That's when I realized why he went inside the drug store. He was lustfully licking my balls back up to my cock head. He was licking the area between my cock balls and ass wet. I was getting sexually wild. He the put me in doggy style and started pulling my ass cheeks apart.

He seemed pleased to see my pink, unexploited pucker winking at him. Next he slowly started using his tongue on my asshole while he played with my cock and balls. Now I could not hold it back and without warning I was cumming in his hands and on bed sheet. After a while I can down to earth and he stopped. This is the first time he had seen me cum. He started eating my cum from his hands. After that he kissed me to feed my cum. I tasted my cum for the first time and it was sweet. I wanted to blow him but he resisted. He wanted to go back to eating my ass. He expertly maneuvered my body so that I was on my back with legs up his shoulders. He went back rimming my ass while make me hard again. In a short time I was hard. He was now smearing lube on his fingers and my asshole. He slowly started massaging my asshole with his thumb, going in very slowly. I was very tight and my ass closed on him the more he tried to go in. He was aware that he would have to do a lot of work on my asshole before he could get that monster in my body and deflower me. I too was determined to make Richard my first love.

I wanted a part of Richard in me, my body, my soul and my life. Mentally I started relaxing in between his kisses and nipple play. He now had me lie on my stomach, with a pillow under my hips. I find this position to be very intimate for sex. For me this position is a position of complete submission to your sweetheart. I was surprised that Richard wanted to break me in this position. Was he actually reading my mind? Anyways, he was sitting on my thighs, opening a condom for his cock. I never talk very loudly but that moment I just yelled to stop him from covering him.

I told him that I am a virgin and I trust him to be clean. If he really loved me then he should leave a part of him in my body. Again that killer smile. He just threw the condom on floor and started rubbing his cock in between my buns. This felt so erotic. I was on top of the world to be loved by a man who was such a cute gentleman. All the while Richard was kissing the back of my neck and chewing on my ear lobes. I never knew why he had one of his palms on my mouth He wanted to prevent me from yelling and started entering my body slowly but firmly. I was wincing in pain but also in pleasure.

I wanted to give out a lusty yell but his hand prevented me. His huge head passed my sphincter and he then started sliding himself in. He kept encouraging me all the way that he passed my love spot to be deeply buried in my anal kingdom. He brought his body down on my back and slowly started loosening his grip from my mouth. He was in me, a 9 inch monster; a man who I loved was now a part of my body and my lust. He held himself there and continued kissing my back and neck. After a few minutes he officially declared to me that I am been deflowered.

I was in mental ecstasy of not been a virgin anymore. He started moving so very slowly in my body. His cock manipulated my anus that I wanted him to stay there for ever but everything that starts has to end, he survived 12 thrusts in my body. At the stroke of 13th thrust he was leaving his precious man nectar in my body. I felt like I am been impregnated by him. From my previous oral job on him, I knew he was a heavy cummer but today I realized he can be very heavy cummer. My ass was flooded by his baby batter. He just let him go on my body. We remained connected for a long time. He realized that I had to cum as yet but tonight I came on the bed sheets even without touching, just by him rubbing my innards.

Part 4 to follow....




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