Good Dog - Part 8

by Everett

Christopher sat on the grassy expanse that sloped gently down from his patio. The late afternoon sun was hot on his back and he slipped out of his T-shirt to gather all the rays he could. Randy, wearing only his usual doggie accoutrements: collar, knee pads, paw coverings and butt plug tail, was playing idly a little further down the slope.

"Come 'ere, You," Christopher called. Randy bounded across the lawn to where Christopher sat and, as was his custom when he was unsure what his master might want, he cocked his head to one side and blinked his pretty brown eyes.

Christopher playfully grabbed at Randy's head, but Randy deftly ducked and backed a few feet downhill. He looked back at his master. Christopher feigned anger and growled. Randy turned, picked up his rubber bone in his teeth and facing Christopher again, growled back. He cautiously approached Christopher and dropped the bone at his feet.

"What's this?" Christopher asked. "A peace offering?"

He picked up the bone and lazily tossed it a few feet distant.

When Randy returned with the bone, Christopher laid it aside and tousled Randy's curls. He held his head in his two big hands and kissed the tip of his nose. "You are my pretty pup," he said. Then he kissed him fully on his mouth and said, "You are my beautiful boy."

He stretched his long body across the lawn, lifted his hips and slid off the casual pants he was wearing. Randy put his face in Christopher's naked crotch and began to lick his soft cock and balls.

"You always know what I want," Christopher said. "You must be a mind reader," and he chuckled at his little joke.

Randy, on all fours, was close by and soon Christopher reached over to remove his doggie paws and tail. Randy took off his knee pads and stretched out on the lawn beside Christopher.

Christopher rolled on top of Randy's frame. They were both sweaty in the still heat of the afternoon and Christopher slid his chest gently across Randy's. He lowered his face and kissed him deeply. Randy put his arms around Christopher's shoulders and held him close. He opened his legs.

Christopher got in position between Randy's legs, put his hands behind his knees and lifted his ass off the ground. Randy's hole opened and Christopher stooped to kiss it. The asshole was sweaty like the rest of him and a little funky. Randy moaned low as Christopher licked away the sweat and the taste. He sucked on his boy's hole and probed it with his tongue. He tongue-fucked in and out making Randy squirm. "You like this, don't you?" he asked softly.

"Hmmm," Randy answered.

Christopher lowered Randy's legs. "Roll over," he said.

When Randy was on is tummy, Christopher began to rub his back. The sweat made an easy thing of his massage. He rubbed Randy's shoulders and kissed his way down his sweaty back. With hands on both sides, thumbs touching across the narrow waist, he kneaded and massaged briefly before stroking the gentle mounds of his lovely ass. He passed his hand through the warm crevasse that separated the mounds, pressing against the moist pucker. "Yes," Randy sighed.

Christopher parted the mounds with his thumbs and lowered his mouth; licking, kissing, sucking.

"Eat my hole," Randy pleaded. "Eat my boy pussy." And Christopher did. He ate and tongue-fucked his sweet boy's sweet spot.

Then he spread Randy's legs, placed his knees between Randy's thighs and lowered his hips until the tip of his cock touched, then entered him. He pulled out and entered him again, a little deeper than the first time. Out completely. In deeper.

"Don't tease me," Randy begged. "Fuck me," and Christopher entered him until his balls were tight against his ass. He rested on top of him and pulled his cock out far enough so that its head was stretching Randy's rubbery ring. Then in, the whole way. "Yes," Randy cooed.

Christopher put his arms around Randy and squeezed. He lifted his hips and fucked. He lowered his mouth to Randy's ear. His breath was hot when he whispered, "You have the greatest ass in the world." And he fucked - out and in; long, slow strokes that ended with a gentle push against his ass. "Ahhh," Randy sighed.

Christopher pulled out. "Roll over," he said. Randy was quick to comply.

Christopher leaned over and planted his lips firmly on Randy's. Randy opened his mouth and his legs. Christopher got between his thighs again and soon buried his hard cock deeply in Randy's waiting hole. Christopher kissed Randy deeply as he fucked him. Randy lifted his hips with each of Christopher's thrusts, feeling him in him; his heat, his hardness; in and out.

Christopher lifted his head and looked into Randy's face. His eyes were closed, his lips slightly parted. He was tossing his head gently from side to side. His hair created an auburn halo that framed his beautiful face. Christopher worked his arms under Randy's shoulders and, lowering his chest, fucked him. He kissed his mouth and he fucked. Randy tightened his sphincter trying to hold Christopher deep. Randy felt Christopher's hard cock going in deeply. He felt it grow in length and thickness and hardness as Christopher fucked. "Aaagh," he cried softly, and Christopher fucked him more.

Then Randy felt the beginnings of Christopher's climax. He wanted it to go on forever, and yet he wanted to receive his seed deep inside him. He crossed his ankles over Christopher's hips hoping to make the climax last, holding him close; holding him in.

But Christopher was only a man. He kissed his boy as he fucked, but he could not hold back the explosions that Randy felt as he filled him with his cum. "Aghhh," Randy cried.

Finally spent, Christopher began to lift his hips to pull out. "No," Randy said. "Keep it in. Stay in me."

Christopher relaxed his sweaty body on top of Randy. He was panting hot guttural breaths in Randy's ear. Randy held him close with encircling arms and legs. "Just stay in me," he said.

They lay connected on the lawn a long time, arms and legs intertwined. They were connected in that most intimate, most primordial, most beautiful of ways. "Just stay in me," Randy had implored, and Christopher was happy to comply.

Christopher and Randy.

Master and . . . what? Pet? Slave? Boy?

It didn't matter what name they would choose, they were what they were - creatures of their own making. They wished they could meld into each other and become one, but the laws of physics are what they are and must be obeyed.

In the end, they were two, really.

And still, there they lay: connected; intertwined.

One, as it seemed.




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