Good Dog

by Everett

Part 7

"Do you remember back when you first came to live with me I told you that sometimes masters and their dog slaves get together for parties?" Christopher asked.

"Woof, woof," Randy replied.

"Well," Christopher went on, "I got an invitation to Paul's for a little party on Saturday. Of course, I accepted."

"Woof," Randy said. He sniffed around the yard searching for a new and interesting smell, pretending at nonchalance.

"Come here, damn you. I'm talking to you."

Randy returned to his where his master was sitting on the patio.

"Sit," Christopher said.

Randy sat obediently and looked at his master.

"All the dogs will be in full dog regalia. There will be some masters there that you haven't met yet, so I expect you to be on your very best behavior."

Randy was uncertain about going to a party where he knew he would be expected to service masters other than his own. He sat mutely and blinked up at Christopher.

"Well, Hot Shot. What do you have to say? Are you going to be a good doggie and make me proud?"

Put that way, Randy was more amenable to the prospect. He would do anything to make his master proud of him. "Woof, woof," he answered. He lolled out his tongue and panted to show his eagerness to please.

"Good dog," Christopher said. He ran his fingers through Randy's curls and kissed his nose.

"Woof," Randy said.

"You will have to be naked from the time we leave here until the time we get back."

Randy cocked his head to one side and blinked his eyes.

"Not to worry," Christopher said. "Of course, no one will be able to see you in our driveway, and you may ride lying on the back seat to Paul's if you'd like."


"You've never been to Paul's place. His is the only house on a large property. It has a long lane leading up to the front portico. You'll think you're arriving at Tara. No one but the invited guests will be able to see you at that end. It will be very secluded."

Randy sighed audibly. "Woof, woof," he said.

* * *

The evening of Paul's party was balmy and mild. Christopher led Randy to his car by his chain leash. In addition to the usual dog accouterments, he was wearing his new brown leather dog hood.

"I know I've told you that when you are a dog you are to communicate only by barking or using other non-human means," Christopher said while driving to Paul's. "However, not all masters follow this convention. If another master asks you a direct question or it is obvious that he expects you to talk, you are to speak to him. Be as respectful as if you were talking to me as my human slave."

"Woof, woof," Randy said.

It was dusk when Christopher drove between the pillars at the end of Paul's driveway. There were several high end import sport cars and large SUVs clustered near the large garage. Randy was on all fours on the back seat gazing out of his window. "Here we are, Hot Shot," Christopher said as he parked under an ancient oak. He got out and opened the door for Randy to crawl out. "Let's join the others."

He led Randy by his chain through a tall hedge to the deck of a large swimming pool. Five men, obviously masters, were seated on chaises at the pool's edge or on stools near the bar. Paul got up and walked over to greet Christopher. "Come and met my friend from Savannah," he said and introduced him to a tall, dark muscle stud named Eric. His red plaid shirt was opened and his jeans were worn at the crotch and knees. The two shook hands.

"We're about ready to start the show," Paul said. "Why don't you get a drink. Then we can get under way."

"I didn't know there was to be a show," Christopher said.

"It's nothing much. Just our little answer to the Westminster Dog Show," Paul said waving his left hand in his best imitation of Bette Davis.

Christopher led Randy by his leash to the bar. He spoke to Marc, a man Randy didn't know but who was apparently an acquaintance of Christopher. Christopher ordered a beer from Justin, the bubble-butted blond beauty of a bartender who was wearing nothing but a cherry red jock strap.

Randy took a moment to look around. He was surprised to see a bitch a little way off, standing with Rowdy. He had expected this to be an all male party.

When Christopher joined the other masters, Paul said in a loud voice, "If I may have your attention, gentlemen, I'd like to introduce all the masters and their dogs."

Each master was called in turn to parade his dog in front of the others and to have his dog perform simple tasks. Of course, Eric showed both his male and his female. The female, Amy, received a warm, if condescending, round of applause.

When it was Christopher's turn, Randy followed the example of the other dogs. Even though he was unprepared, he performed well when Christopher commanded him to speak, sit, roll over and play dead. The guests clapped and cheered. Christopher smiled broadly as he rubbed Randy' shoulders and back.

Paul was the last to show off his pet. Rowdy's last command was to sniff the assholes of the other dogs which he did with much ceremony to the amusement of the masters.

After the show was over, the masters went back to socializing. The talk began to drift to the topic of dogs and which ones looked as if he could give great head or which might be a hot fuck.

Christopher had unhooked Randy's leash from his collar. He began to amble around the pool area. He noticed that there were tables here and there with things the guests might find convenient. In addition to napkins and plates for hors d'oeuvres, there were were boxes of tissues, jars and bottles of lubricants and bowls of foil wrapped condoms. On the bar he saw what he recognized as marijuana and papers for wrapping. Mr. Cimeneaux had apparently thought of everything.

Further off, Randy saw Rowdy standing with Amy at the far side of the pool. He went over to them.

"Hey, Randy," Rowdy said in a low voice so none of the masters could hear. "This is Amy. She's one of Eric's dogs."

"Yes," Randy said. "I remember her from the show."

"My master swings both ways," Amy said. "Right now he's apparently swinging in your direction."

Randy looked where Amy was looking. Eric had opened his fly and lowered his jeans to mid thigh. He was half sitting, half lying on a chaise and a dog was licking his exposed balls. Eric took hold of the dog's head and directed his mouth to his growing erection. The dog took the cue and began sucking.

Another master looked over, saw the action, and called his dog to service him.

"We'd better go over there," Rowdy said.

"Why?" Randy asked.

"To be there when we're wanted," Rowdy said. "That's why you're here, Randy boy. That's why you're here."

The three made their way toward the group of masters. As he passed a chaise Randy heard a deep bass voice call to him. He looked in the direction of the voice and saw the darkest complexioned man he had ever seen. The man stood. He was wearing a black leather vest and chaps with nothing under them. He was lifting his big balls with a meaty hand and said, "Yeah. You. Come here."

Randy approached and the man said, "Suck it." He lifted his fat cock.

Randy lolled his tongue through the mouth hole of his dog hood. The man slapped Randy's tongue with his cock several times. "What's your name, Dog?" he asked.

"Randy, Sir."

"Well, Randy, my name's Jesse, and you're going to make me a very happy man this evening."

"Yes, Sir," Randy said.

"Do you like my big, black cock?" Jesse asked.

"Yes, Sir."

"Then suck it good," Jesse said.

Randy opened his mouth and closed his lips around the thick shaft. He moved his head back and forth and felt the cock lengthen and grow hard in his mouth. He began to salivate and wet the shaft. The man thrust his hips forward and forced his bulbous head into Randy's throat. He held Randy's head still and forced his cock in and out. He fucked with little stabbing thrusts until Randy pulled back, gasping for air.

"Get back on it, Boy," Jesse ordered.

Randy went back down on Jesse's hard cock. He swirled his tongue over its surface and tasted his pungent precum for the first time. He pulled his mouth off his cock and licked down its side to the base and nibbled at the coarse hairs that grew there.

He was aware of groans coming from the next chaise. He glanced over and saw Christopher on his back with his legs spread. Another master's dog was eating his asshole. "Lick it," Christopher said. "Eat my ass."

Randy took one of Jesse's balls in his mouth. He thought he had never seen such big balls on a man. He was intensely aware of the warmth that emanated from Jesse's crotch. He buried his face between his ball sack and meaty thigh and breathed deeply of his musky smell. He licked the ball and moved to take the other one in his mouth. "Good," rumbled Jesse's deep voice. "You're doing a good job. Lick those man balls."

Randy nuzzled behind Jesse's ball sack and licked his perineum and the inside of his thighs. "Make my cock hard, Boy. I want to fuck your petty white boy ass."

Randy went back to Jesse's cock and deep-throated it.

Jesse sat and took a silver wrapped condom from the table beside his chaise. He rolled the condom down his shaft and smeared it with lube. He held it by the base making it stand at a right angle from his pelvis. "Sit on it," he said.

Randy crawled up on the chaise and put his feet on either side of Jesse's hips. He lowered himself until he felt his pucker grazing Jesse's glans. Jesse placed his hands on Randy's hips and raised his pelvis until the head of his cock forced its way through the ring of Randy's ass. "Yes," Randy said.

He sat, slowly lowering himself until he felt Jesse's pubes against his ass. He wriggled getting a good feel of the man. "Do it," Jesse said. "Fuck yourself on my big, black cock."

Randy lowered his mouth to Jesse's. Jesse pushed his tongue into Randy's mouth and the two tongues licked and darted against each other.

Randy began a rhythmic motion, raising and lowering himself on Jesse's shaft. He could feel juices from his ass seep out making Jesse's cock slippery. Jesse's cock filled his ass and Randy squirmed his butt, reveling in the sensation of being filled with a hard cock.

"Be still," Jesse said. Randy stopped moving, holding his hole open above Jesse's pelvis. Jesse started to thrust his cock upward. In and out. He picked up his rhythm and fucked Randy. "Take it," he cried.

"Ohh. Ahh," Randy sighed. "Fuck me with that hard cock."

Someone placed his hands on Randy's shoulders and pushed him forward. He was pressed against Jesse's sweating chest. He felt a second cock touching his stuffed hole. Jesse stopped his fucking as the intruder tried to push into Randy. He had never been double fucked before, but it was about to happen now. Randy managed to look over his shoulder and recognized the second man as Marc.

Marc pushed and pushed, and Randy pushed out trying to make his hole larger. Finally it happened. Marc entered Randy and began fucking, sliding against the sensitive underside of Jesse's hard cock. Randy thought his asshole was being ripped apart. He put his arms around Jesse's shoulders and held on.

Jesse resumed his upward thrusting as Marc fucked. Soon they synchronized a rhythm. Marc pushed in as Jesse pulled out. The sensation was too much for Jesse. "Christ," he cried. "You're gonna make me come."

Randy felt Jesse push hard, burying his cock deeply into him as he shot his first jet of cum.

"Cream his hole," Marc said. Jesse shot again and again filling the end of the condom as Marc increased the pace of his fucking. Jesse's cock grew soft and slipped out of Randy as Marc fucked even faster and deeper. He pushed down on Randy's shoulders, pinning him uncomfortably against Jesse.

Marc increased the pace of his fucking until he too cried out. "God. I'm gonna come." Randy felt Marc's cock swell as he shot jet after jet of hot cum into his condom. He fell against Randy and slowly pulled his cock out of him. He ripped his condom off and smeared his load over Randy's back and ass.

Finally Marc stood and wandered off. Randy pushed himself off Jesse and stood. He stooped and kissed Jesse one last time and walked away. He passed Amy as Paul pushed his cock into her asshole and began to fuck. And further on, another master Randy didn't remember was plowing the bubble but of Justin, grasping the elastic waistband of his cherry red jock strap like a cowboy riding a bucking bronco.

"He's fucked her before," Rowdy told Randy when they were alone together on the far side of the pool. "I don't know what the attraction is. She's a nice girl, but, I mean, she is a girl. I just don't get it."

"Justin's a hot number," Randy said. "I'd take his cock if it were offered."

"Amen to that," Rowdy answered. "He's not only pretty as a picture, but he throws a mean fuck."

"You sound like the voice of experience."

"I am, and I hope to experience him again sometime."

* * *

"So, what did you think of your first dog show?" Christopher asked as he turned onto the road at the end of Paul's long lane.

"It was pretty much as I expected it would be," Randy answered. "Except for the show part.

"And for being double fucked," he added. "I'll have to get prepared for that before the next time."

"I could help with that," Christopher said and he gave a low laugh.

"Yeah," Randy said. "You could do that. It sounds like it might be fun."



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