"It's good to be home," Christopher thought as he unpacked the small bag he had taken to Wilmington.

In his basement room, Randy was also unpacking. He was wondering if his life with Christopher would be any different now, after the events - the sex - of Wilmington.

"How's my good boy coming along?" Christopher asked as he descended the stairs. Randy didn't yet know what Christopher would want of him so he stood quietly at his opened closet door, holding his suit on its hanger, poised to return it to its accustomed place. "Are you ready?"

Randy hung up his suit, turned and saw that Christopher was holding his dog collar and black leather hand coverings that served as front paws. He took off the clothing he was wearing and put everything away. When he was naked, he closed his closet door, dropped to his hands and knees and crawled to where Christopher was waiting. Christopher attached the collar and paws and unceremoniously inserted the butt plug dog tail.

"Ready for bed?" Christopher asked. Randy wagged his tail and yipped softly, but Christopher apparently wasn't in the mood for play. "In you go," he said as he opened the wire cage door. Randy crawled in, circled twice in the small enclosure and lay on his sleeping mat. Christopher snapped the door shut. "Good night, Old Boy," he said and ascended the stairs to his own space.

* * *

"I have a surprise for you today, Boy," Christopher said by way of greeting the next morning. "I'll tell you all about it after breakfast."

He let his pet out to pee.

Randy returned to the house and ate his bowl of cereal. Christopher called him to sit in front of him. "I've hired a couple of guys, to come in today to add something to our playroom," he said.

Randy cocked his head to one side and looked quizzically at his master. "Don't be so nosy," Christopher laughed. He tussled Randy's curls and kissed the tip of his nose. "You'll figure it out soon enough.

"They'll be here around nine. I told them I'd leave the back door unlocked for them. They put in some equipment for Paul. He assures me that they can be trusted.

"I have to go in to the office today for a meeting with George. Good old George. He does love his meetings.

"You be a good boy and don't make a fuss when the workmen get here." He kissed his doggie's nose again, locked him in his cage and climbed the stairs. Randy listened as Christopher started the car and drove away.

Soon after nine, he heard the men come into the house. There were two of them. They came to the basement to look over the space where they were to assemble the new apparatus Christopher had ordered.

"Look what we have here," the younger of the two men said. "Jesus Christ."

Randy lay on his pad, covered with his blanket, his head on his paws. He looked through the wire cage at the men.

The man who had spoken went up to Randy's cage and peered in.

"Come on, Carl," the older man said. "These people have all kinds of fetishes. You'll get used to it when you've been on the job a little longer."

"Shit, man," Carl said. "This is nuthin' short of weird."

"We got work to do," the older man said. "Let's get the parts off the truck and lay them out on the floor."

They did as the older man suggested and soon had everything in the basement. Carl walked up to Randy's cage again. "Hey, Cocksucker," he said. He grabbed his genitals through the fabric of his work pants and jostled them up and down. "I got somethin' here for you ta suck. You'd like suckin' my cock. It's nice and fat."

"Come on, Carl," the older man said. "Forget it. We got work to do."

Carl went to help the older man assemble the frame. "D'jou see that?" he asked. "That guy's ass is hangin' out. He ain't got nuthin' on under that blanket. He's bare assed, except for a fake dog tail stuck up his ass."

Randy didn't know he wasn't completely covered. He adjusted his blanket to cover his butt.

"Not no more he ain't," the older man observed. "Now, can we get on with it?"

"Shit," Carl said as he worked. "I bet that guy takes it up his ass."

"So what if he does?" his coworker asked. "Do you want to poke him or somethin'?"

"Me?" asked Carl incredulously. "No way. I ain't no queer."

"You seem uncommonly interested," the other observed.

"Shit," Carl hissed low. They completed their work in relative silence. Carl glanced in Randy's direction only occasionally.

When they left the house, Randy got up to see as well as he could from his cage, what new thing it was that Christopher had bought. It was a leather sling in a sturdy metal frame. He was excited about what it portended.

* * *

"What do you think, Buddy?" Christopher asked when he went to the basement after work. We'll take this baby out for a test ride after supper."

Randy hadn't been out since early morning and was happy to visit his piss tree.

Christopher placed Randy's bowl on the kitchen floor beside his chair. He told Randy of his day in the city while they ate. "Be a man," he said. "Wash up these dishes for me."

"Yes, Sir," Randy said, and filled the basin with warm water and detergent.

When Randy was finished, man and pet went back to the basement. "Ready to play?" Christopher asked.

"Woof, woof," Randy replied.

"Let's see how this thing works." Randy got on his back in the sling while Christopher changed into his leather jockstrap and vest. He locked the cuffs to the rings that would spread Randy's wrists and ankles wide and render them immovable. Then he took the soft leather paddle from its peg.

Swat. He hit Randy softly on his chest.

Swat. Swat. The paddle landed on his nipples. His cock began to move from where it lay across his left thigh.

Swat. Swat. The blows were harder and hit Randy on his sides.

Swat. Swat. Swat. More of the same. Harder.

Christopher laid he paddle aside and picked up the flogger with its long soft leather tails. He brushed the tails softly over Randy's chest and abdomen. Then, unexpectedly, he flicked his wrist. The tails landed across Randy's left chest and nipple. Then - flash - the right.

He continued the stinging blows lower and lower on Randy's body. Then the inevitable hit to his cock. When it landed, his cock bobbed up and began to swell and lengthen.

"Like that, don't you, Boy? I know you'll like this."

He took up the paddle again and swatted Randy lightly with it across his abdomen and thighs. He repositioned himself at Randy's feet and hit his soles. Tap. Tap.

Randy's balls were tight against his pelvis. Christopher hit them. Tap. Tap. His cock grew and lifted.

Tap. Randy winced. Tap. Tap. "Ow," he cried.

"You can take it," Christopher said softly. Tap. This hit landed on the underside of his erection. Precum oozed from its slit. Christopher licked it off and smacked his tongue as he tasted it.

He took his pet's dog tail from his asshole and his own erection from the cup of his black leather jockstrap. He jabbed with his cock at Randy's vulnerable spot. "Do you want this in your cunt, Big Boy?"

Randy looked his master in the eyes. He lolled out his tongue and panted.

Jab. Jab. "Tell me you want it."

Randy growled.

Christopher lubed his fingers. He fucked Randy with one. He withdrew the finger and replaced it with two. He twisted his forearm and watched the rubbery ring open and close around his knuckles. He took the fingers out and made a cone of his four fingers. He pushed them in up to the second knuckles. "Look at me," he said.

Randy again looked in his master's eyes. Christopher fucked him some more with his fingers. He brought his thumb into the cone and continued to fuck. Randy's face twisted in pain as Christopher fucked deeper and deeper. He took out his fingers and jacked his cock, slicking its shaft with residual lube.

He pushed his hard cock in Randy's waiting hole until it was buried completely; deep and still. Then he began a slight grinding motion.

"Fuck me," Randy said softly.

Christopher pulled out, pushed Randy's ass so that he started a swinging motion with the sling. Randy swung away, his hole empty and gaping; and he swung back, becoming impaled on Christopher poised cock. "Aghhh," he cried as he was filled. Over and over he swung; away and back; and he cried out each time he was filled.

Christopher stopped the swinging motion, his cock buried deeply in Randy's ass. He hunched over him and fucked. "Yes," Randy cried. "Rroff, he barked. "Roff. Rrroff." He wanted to hug Christopher close but the restraints held his arms wide apart.

Christopher pulled out and walked to stand beside Randy's head. He aimed his cock at Randy's mouth. Randy turned his head and sucked. The taste of his own asshole was pungent, but he sucked and swallowed until the funky taste was gone. Christopher fucked his mouth deeply and made him gag.

"Open," he instructed, and when Randy's mouth was wide, he spit in it. Randy swallowed. "You're mine," Christopher reminded him.

He returned to Randy's ass. He knelt, opened his mouth and sucked at Randy's asshole. "Eat it," Randy said. "Eat my pussy."

Christopher licked and sucked. He spit in Randy's hole and licked the spit away. He made a small point of his tongue and again swung Randy away from him, letting his tongue enter his open hole when he swung back. He stood and pushed his cock in him again. He placed his hands on Randy's hips and resumed fucking. He fucked with a rhythm that was hard and deep. "Take my man cock," he grunted as he fucked.

"Fuck me deep," Randy cried.

Christopher leaned over and kissed Randy hard on his mouth. He grabbed his head in both hands and held it still as he kissed.

He pulled back and resumed his forceful fucking, grunting softly as he rammed his cock home over and over.

"God. Ohhh, god," Randy whimpered. "It feels so good."

"I'm going to come," Christopher cried. He breathed hard through his mouth.

"I want your seed up my pussy," Randy said. "Ahhhh," he cried softly with each of Christopher's deep stabs.

Randy could feel Christopher's cock begin to pulse. He could feel him filling him with his cum in five forceful jets. If only his arms were not tied!

Christopher pulled out. A dribble of his cum oozed from Randy's hole and slid from his ass to the floor. Christopher rammed his cock back into Randy. Randy rolled his eyes back in his head. "Yes," he sighed. "Keep it there. Keep it in me. Give me all you've got."

Christopher contracted his cock muscles again and again to give Randy what he wanted. He looked at his boy, his beautiful Randy, lowered his face and kissed him again.



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