Good Dog - Part 1

by Everett

Randy lay on his rough bed in his cage. He covered himself as much as he could with his threadbare blanket. The basement was cool and a little damp and this slight blanket was all he had to cover his naked body. He felt sure that if his master knew how chilly he was that he would provide him with a second blanket, but being only a dog, there was no way to let him know. He shivered slightly and rubbed his body, but even the leather paws that his master clamped over his hands were an impediment to warmth.

He stretched his arms and legs as much as he could in his small cage and looked around. The food and water bowls were empty, and there was a strong odor coming from the bucket he pissed in when he couldn't wait for his master to take him outside.

His master was a little late this morning. When he finally heard the door from the kitchen open, he crawled from under his blanket and got up on all fours. He was alert and ready. His master's slippered feet scuffed the treads of the stairs, each one closer and louder than the one before. Randy looked toward the stairs and waited.

"How's my boy this morning?" Christopher asked casually as he unlocked Randy's cage and swung open the door. Randy barked once and waited until he was told what to do. This was only his third day with his master and he still had a healthy sense of caution.

Christopher turned and sat on the old kitchen chair he kept in his basement - part kennel and part dungeon - and patted his knee. "Come here, Boy," he said.

Randy crawled on hands and knees to where his master sat and waited expectantly. "If you were really glad to see me," Christopher said, "you'd pant like a dog."

Randy began breathing through his mouth. "Stick out your tongue when you pant," Christopher instructed. Randy let his tongue loll from his mouth and he breathed in short, rapid breaths.

"Good dog," Christopher said. Randy continued his panting. He was happy to be in the company of his master and wanted him to be convinced of that fact.

"Good boy," Christopher said. He rubbed behind Randy's ears and ran his fingers through his auburn curls. "You going to be a good doggie today?" he asked. "Do you want some water?"

"Woof, woof," Randy said.

"There's your piss bucket. Lap up all you want."

Randy looked at the bucket and back at his master.

"Not that thirsty, huh?" Christopher laughed.

Randy shook his head, "No."

"Well, OK, Miss Priss," Christopher said and he reached for a shallow aluminum dish. He poured some fresh water into it. In his excitement to drink, Randy jostled the shiny bowl and water splashed onto the floor. He looked sheepishly at his master.

"I've told you to be careful when you drink," Christopher said. "Now you'll have to lick up what you spilled."

Randy lapped the water from the floor with his tongue and looked back at his master.

"Do you think you will be more careful now?" Christopher asked.

Randy barked twice to assure his master that he had learned his lesson.

Christopher sat on the sofa that was against the far basement wall. He sprawled on the soft cushions. "What are you waiting for, Boy?" he asked. "Get over here."

Randy crawled on all fours to where his master waited. Christopher looked at his dog's face, but Randy was staring at Christopher's crotch. "I know what you want," he said. "All right, then," and he lowered the zipper of his jeans. Randy resumed his panting. Christopher opened his pants completely, raised his hips from the seat and lowered his jeans and undershorts to his ankles. "Wanna sniff?" he asked. "Better make sure I'm not some imposter who came in during the night to take my place."

Randy knew his master well enough, but he loved this daily activity and sniffed his master's cock and balls for several minutes. "No licking," Christopher warned.

"Better check some more," Christopher said and he rolled so his ass was near Randy's nose. Randy sniffed the proffered ass. He would have loved to part the ass cheeks and lick the puckered opening but he would never do that unless Christopher explicitly ordered him to, and he had not.

Christopher rolled onto his back again, kicked his jeans and shorts to the floor and spread his legs by resting one foot on the back of the sofa. "Lick away, Old Boy," he said. "Make me hard."

Randy licked the soft cock. He took it in his mouth and stroked the sensitive underside with his tongue. "I told you to lick. Do as you're told." Randy went back to licking Christopher's cock.

"Suck my balls," Christopher ordered. Randy took each ball in turn into his mouth and caressed it with his tongue. Christopher's now turgid cock was bobbing around Randy's nose and cheeks.

After several minutes, Christopher said, "All right, Dog. Do whatever you want. Make me feel good." Randy moved his mouth lower. He licked and sucked at Randy's perineum. With his tongue, he traced the raised line that runs from his ball sack to where it disappears in his asshole.

Licking his way back to Christopher's cock, he found it raised and pulsing in the air. He opened his mouth and resumed sucking. He worked his tongue between foreskin and glans and began to suck hard. Christopher moaned his approval. After several minutes he said, "All right, Boy. It's about time for your morning load."

Randy increased his hard sucking. In a few moments Christopher stood and grabbed Randy's head roughly in his big hands. He began fucking Randy's mouth slowly, but soon he increased the speed. Randy tightened his lips around Christopher's shaft and Christopher fucked even more deeply. Soon Randy felt him tense and heard the familiar low growl he made just before he began to shoot. "I'm gonna come," he said. "Get ready. Open your throat."

Randy pushed his face hard into Christopher's crotch as Christopher began to spurt his cum deeply into his throat. Christopher cut Randy's air supply as he shot over and over. When he was spent, he slowly withdrew from Randy's mouth. "Clean me up," he said. Randy was gasping for air but he began to lick Christopher's cock. He licked away all traces of cum and saliva from cock and balls.

"Good boy," Christopher said. "You're the best damn cocksucker I've ever had. Come 'ere."

Randy crawled to his master and looked at him quizzically. Christopher placed Randy's face in his naked lap and stroked his hair. Randy nuzzled his face into Christopher's crotch and softly licked his cock and balls.

After a while, Christopher said, "There is going to be a change in your morning routine starting today. Are you ready?"

"Woof, woof," Randy replied eagerly, moving his hips from side to side causing his tail to wag.

"Good," said Christopher, and he clipped the end of Randy's chain leash to his collar and led his pet up the cellar stairs and through the kitchen to the his bathroom. Once there, he stopped the tub drain and turned on a flow of water, testing it until he got the temperature he wanted. He closed the toilet seat and sat.

"Come 'ere, Boy," he said. "Sit."

Randy sat back on his haunches in front of his master and panted through his open mouth. He waited patiently as Christopher removed his collar and leather paws. "Turn around," Christopher said.

Randy turned and Christopher pulled the butt plug tail out of his asshole. Christopher tested the water again and turned off the flow. "That'll do," he said. "Get in."

Randy crawled into the tub one paw at a time. He waited on all fours in the center of the tub for Christopher to begin his bath. "Wet your hair," Christopher said.

Randy lowered his head below the surface of the water and raised his dripping locks. He looked at Christopher. "Woof," he said.

Christopher applied a quantity of shampoo and worked up a rich lather in Randy's curls. "God, you've got beautiful hair," he said. "Good boy," he added knowing that these were among the only words Randy understood. "Good dog," he added as he vigorously rubbed his scalp."

Soon he took the sprayer off its hook and sprayed the warm water through Randy's curls until the water ran clear.

He then soaped a wash cloth and washed Randy's face, upper arms and back. He reached under him and washed his chest and abdomen. When he got to his crotch he laid the cloth aside and soaped his hands. He massaged Randy's cock and balls. As he expected, Randy's cock grew in his hand and got hard. "Like this, don't you, Boy?" he asked rhetorically.

"Woof, woof," Randy assured him.

"You'll like this, too," Christopher said.

He inserted a soapy finger into Randy's asshole. He finger fucked him while he massaged his balls. He encircled Randy's shaft with his fingers. Randy began a fucking motion, running his hard cock through Christopher's soapy fist. He began to pant rapidly and Christopher felt him close to orgasm. "No you don't," Christopher said. "Not yet. Maybe if you're a good dog I'll let you come later, but that's my decision, not yours."

Randy yipped and made a mournful crying sound. "Quiet," Christopher snapped. "It's too bad that you're unhappy, but I decide when you eat, when you shit and when you come."

Christopher drained the bath water from the tub, took the shower head in his hand and gave Randy a final rinse. "Get out and stand on the mat.

Randy obeyed and Christopher rubbed him dry with a large towel. Randy's cock was still hard and pulsing and Christopher jacked it a few more times before hanging up the towel.

"I know, you poor baby. I know you want to come, but living the life of a dog is accepting the fact that your master is in complete control.

"Such a hard life you lead!" he added, and he laughed as if he had made a funny joke.

"Now for the new part," Christopher said. "Roll over."

Randy rolled onto his back and held his arms and legs in the air doggie style. He watched as Christopher took a pair of blunt-ended scissors from his medicine cabinet. "Spread your legs," he said.

Randy obeyed his master immediately, but he wondered what he had in mind. Christopher snipped away most of Randy's pubic hair. Then he lathered his abdomen, crotch and scrotum. Christopher applied a safety razor to the line of hair that trailed from Randy's navel to his pubic bush and shaved it clean. He then shaved the pubic stubble that remained after the clipping. Lastly, he held Randy's balls tightly so that his scrotum became smooth and gleamed in the light. He shaved carefully getting even the few soft hairs that curled on his perineum. He wasn't satisfied until Randy was as smooth and hairless as the day he was born.

"Yes," He said, surveying his work. "I like that. From now on this will be part of your bath routine. Happily for you, your asshole is already hairless or I'd have to shave that, too."

Randy's cock remained turgid during the shaving routine. Christopher wiped the excess shaving cream from him and took his cock into his mouth. As he sucked, he tasted the precum that Randy was seeping. "Feel good?" he asked. "You like that?"

Randy gave a low bark and Christopher went back to sucking. He sucked until he felt Randy approach the brink of orgasm and stopped.

Randy cried briefly until Christopher said, "Back to the basement for you." He clipped the dog collar into place and then the paws. Lastly, he reinserted the dog tail.

He took the end of Randy's chain and walked him down the cellar stairs and to his open cage. "In you go."

Randy went into his cage, turned around and watched as Christopher closed the wire door. After he secured the lock, he turned his back on Randy and climbed the stairs to the kitchen above.

Randy was aching to whine, but he knew better than to do that. Instead, he watched the retreating form and listened mutely as Christopher moved about in the kitchen. Finally he returned to his bed and made himself as comfortable as he could.

* * *

It was more than an hour before Christopher reappeared at the top of the stairs. He descended and opened his dog's cage. He placed a clean bowl on the floor and filled it first with cold cereal and then milk. "Eat up," he said, and he sat on the sofa.

This was Randy's favorite meal of the day. It was most like a meal he was used to before he gave himself to Christopher to be his slave dog. Christopher watched his naked dog lap up his breakfast and idly rubbed his cock through the denim of his jeans. He was glad to have such a strikingly handsome man as Randy serve him as a slave dog. He was loyal, obedient, quick to serve - in short, everything he could hope to get in such a one.

When Randy lapped the last of the milk from his bowl, Christopher spoke. "Come here, Boy," he said. Randy crawled to his master and looked up at him. Christopher removed the studded collar from his neck. Then he took the black leather paws from his hands and the butt plug tail from his asshole. "Be a man," he said. "I need a few things from the store."

"Yes, Sir," Randy said. He stood upright, holding his hands behind his hips and hanging his head slightly, the way he had been trained to do.

"Get dressed," Christopher said. "When you're ready, go to the grocery and get a few things for me. The list, car keys and money are on the kitchen table.

"Yes, Sir," Randy repeated, and he climbed the stairs.

* * *

Christopher was sitting on the patio chaise when Randy opened the gate in the tall stockade fence. "Get naked and put those things away for me," Christopher said. "Then fetch your collar and paws from the kennel and come join me."

"Yes, Sir," Randy said. "I'll just be a minute, Sir."

When Randy emerged from the kitchen he was wearing nothing but a pair of knee pads. He went to Christopher on all fours and laid the studded dog collar, leather paws and butt plug tail at his feet. Christopher locked the collar in place and snapped on the paws. Last, he inserted the tail. Then he picked up a toy bone Randy had not noticed lying beside Christopher's chair and waved it in front of Randy's face. Randy growled and snapped playfully at the bone until he got a firm grasp of it with his teeth. He tossed his head from side to side trying to wrest it from Christopher's grasp.

"Fat chance," Christopher said, and he jerked the bone, Randy growling the while. Randy loosened his grip on the bone. "Fetch," Christopher said and he tossed the bone to the far corner of the yard. It disappeared into the thick growth of brush that grew there. To encourage Randy, Christopher said, "Go get it, Boy".

Randy scurried off as fast as he could manage and nosed around in the bushes until he found the bone. He barked excitedly a few times, picked it up with in teeth and returned to Christopher.

"Good boy," Christopher said taking the bone and tossing it into the center of the lawn. After they played fetch for a while, Christopher clipped the chain onto Randy's collar and rose from his chair.

He walked his dog to a large tree in the dividing line between lawn and brush. This was the tree Randy used to relieve himself. He sniffed its base briefly, lifted his right leg and held his knee near the rough bark. After a few seconds he let a stream of golden piss wet the bark and the ground. When he finished he sniffed the wet places and looked up at his master.

"Do you need to shit, too?" Christopher asked.

Randy barked twice and nodded his head eagerly.

Christopher laughed at his dog's enthusiasm. "Don't get too excited," he said. "It's only a shit." He knelt beside Randy and pulled the tail out of his asshole. "OK, now. Go to it," he said.

Randy squatted doggie style and dropped a pile of brown shit on the grass.

"Sniff it like the dog you are," Christopher said. Randy looked at Christopher and approached the pile. He sniffed at it timidly.

Christopher picked up the pile with a plastic bag he had brought for the purpose and led his dog back to the patio. He opened the nozzle of the garden hose and sprayed Randy's asshole until all traces of shit were gone. Randy wriggled to shake the water from his skin imitating the motions of a dog as best he could.

"Good boy," Christopher said. "You're getting to behave like a real dog." He pushed the butt plug tail back into Randy's asshole and led him into the house.



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